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SLC Utah Teaching Mission Group Meeting #41

At Marshall’s and Ryan’s Home



Tonsah: T/R Ryan

Serena: T/R Marshall

Prayer (Marshall): Dear Father, it is wonderful to get together here tonight on this first day of the new year as we fellowship in spirit and enjoy our unseen friends, who I clearly discern are assembling. Welcome, dear brothers and sisters. Yes, Father, allow us to release all that serves us not and feel your presence, Mother Spirit’s and Michael’s, as we come together to receive all that our dear celestial friends desire to impart. Nevertheless, Father, not our desires, but your will be done, for indeed, our will is that your will be done. Thank you, Father.

Tonsah (T/R Ryan): Good evening, my friends, this is Tonsah. I am glad to be here with you again. I have noticed many changes in this past week in both of you. I feel that the two of you have made very wise and beneficial decisions in putting together your new personalized schedules. This is a very large step. It will require effort to fulfill these schedules and make them last.

Both of you have made very large decisions to take on such a challenge. As you get familiar with your schedules, you should add more. Do not overload yourself on what you add, but make sure you are not sitting in stagnant water. Challenge yourself and maintain balance along with doing so. Let stillness be the key factor in your daily doings, and try not to be led astray. Stillness is the key, and will take you to great heights.

You must not be afraid of challenges that will take place, and be careful not to overwhelm yourselves with taking on too much at once. Again, this is such an important and critical time for the two of you. You are each facing your own challenges, as well as challenges that you face together. Let this be a time for learning. Do not entertain fear, for if you are on the high road, if you are doing Father’s way, then all will be revealed.

So many people live in a world of fear…. fear of how they will get things done or what they have not done. This only clutters the mind, and does not allow a clear channel to go through you. You must release this clutter, and all fear, and embrace what we have to give you.

My friends, you have been through so much that I feel will only help you more. The challenges you have gone through and what you have had to face in the past, and at present, will only make you stronger. Everyone has their challenges and times of hardship, but just because you are not living the "high life", as you have in the past, doesn’t mean you were better off before. You can make this a much better time than any other you have experienced. See your present situation as one that will be extremely helpful. Do not entertain fear, as you go forth with courage out into the unknown. You simply must have confidence, for you are totally capable of doing all that you need to. Let this be a wonderful new time for growth and development, and enjoy yourselves, for it is only going to get better as you continue Father’s way.

Soon enough, other celestials will be wanting to actively join these meetings. Be open to whoever desires to come through, whether it be a personality like myself, or other entirely different orders of being.

I will pass on taking questions this evening, but do take in what I have said, for this can truly be a greater time than any other you have experienced. Again, I am very happy to see your growth, my friends, and I continue to watch over you, along with many others. I now take my leave.

Serena (T/R Marshall): Hello, my friends. This is Serena. A joy it is to be in your company this first evening of the new year. Know that many are here with us tonight, as each week the audience grows with beings of many orders assembled to enjoy our time together.

As Tonsah duly expressed, I likewise applaud both of you for the great effort you have exhibited here just in this last week. You have chosen wisely, my brothers, and as you continue to reach within the stillness mind, beginning your days this way, and ending your days this way…. as well as filling in the between time with "mini-stillnesses", you will find yourselves being able to take on increasingly challenging tasks that you would have found overwhelming in the past.

You are each becoming more dedicated to practicing these times of "mini-stillness" throughout the day, and I so encourage you to diligently strive to be in a constant "stillness mind". Of course, this happens not overnight, but as you continue upon the path you are upon, I assure you that you will eventually reach such a level of communication with your indwelling Father Fragment, Universe Parents and those who guide, assist and watch over you in your journey to become one with your indwelling Father Fragment.

My brothers, along this path there will be great opportunities to serve your brothers and sisters. Both of you are being expertly trained, prepared, rehearsed and readied to become increasingly the servers of all. There are many who will be coming and going during your training, ones who are highly specialized in their areas…. experts, shall we say, who have much to impart in the way of new teachings. Accept these teachers, as they will come and go.

Know that I am working very closely with each of you, and during your "mini-stillness" times throughout the day, become increasingly aware of my presence. Feel yourself being enveloped by my energy as you allow this energy to flow through you, for this ongoing "circuitry bonding" process occurring between us is just as successful as you allow it to become.

During these times of stillness to begin your day, to end your day and throughout the times in between, focus upon me and allow the blending and bonding to occur between us that you are each indeed progressively allowing. Reach for it, my brothers, embrace it, for I am here. As this process occurs, each of you, too, will be experiencing enhanced bonding between one another.

I am so pleased to observe your sincere dedication, commitment and increasingly pure intentions grow by the week. You know not what you are making possible, but I assure you that it is most magnificent. The process that you are each experiencing with me, let it be in the forefront of your minds throughout the day, for your willful desire to accelerate this "circuitry bonding" process surely allows it to progress and grow into whole new and unknown areas.

Again, during these times of stillness, open your minds and hearts to receive others who will be coming in. You need not know their names, but allow yourselves to become increasingly aware of their presence and what they are desirous of imparting. I will be helping you, for I do act as a coordinator between those who are coming and going. As you allow the "circuitry bonding" process between us to grow and progress, you make available great new "miracles" to occur that can only be described as exquisite. Miraculous times these are indeed, my dear brothers, and as you allow yourselves to reach fearlessly into the unknown, you allow yourselves to become prepared as evermore capable guides and beacons of light to your brethren in the flesh.

This said, I conclude my address…. but not before extending my morontia touch and imbuing my ever-abiding love into your ever-growing hearts. Good evening, my dear ones.