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Washington State, US of A, December 14, 2005.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Live The Dream"

Received by Sunday Rain.

Teacher: "Please, begin to live the dreams that seem to spring up suddenly from nowhere into your mind’s Soul -- the ones where you so wish that you could be a genuine part of it all! We are truly here with you, waiting for you, and reminding you, of your very own original plan for yourself, given by God. All Love is at hand to help you with your inner growth, and to help you realize that these, your dreams of existing in a truer state of Love, are possible.

"Love is the special tendering of your heart. Listen . . . as it calls you back to the days -- the days, when as a child you knew how . . . how to feel and live inside this Beautiful Treasure-able moment, called Now.

"Don’t let all the thoughts of your weather-worn adult life ruin your chances at your life’s opportunities, to be born again, alive, in this Now.

"When you let Love in, you change the world, my dear friends! Just imagine the power of Love’s Truth! Nothing and No one can stand in the way, because Hearts melt at the sight of the Electric Reality of Love’s Natural Honest Presence.

"Take heed, and don’t hesitate to live the dreams you want to dream, with all your truest heart’s ‘desiring’. The Father is with you, always."

Receiver: And then these words I heard:

"Come unto me, and I will show you how cherished you really are. This is my promise."

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