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Message from Serena

Your Participation In The Dawning New Day

Received by Marshall

December 26, 2005 9 AM MST

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. This is Serena. It is with great joy that I address you on this new day of awakening within your hearts to the thrilling times in which you have enlisted. It is through your great faith and unwavering doubt that you have allowed yourselves to become emissaries of light to those who have not yet awakened to the dawning new day of enlightenment that is here to greet all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Open you hearts and minds to the great change and transformation that is now underway, and know for a certainty that you have indeed heard and accepted the call of our materializing Magisterial Son. Allow his peace and mercy to empower you to become great reflectors of his presence to your brethren in the flesh.

Accept those who are desirous of working with you in capacities which are beyond what you are currently able to perceive or visualize. Feel the presence of those who desire to become one with you and reveal themselves to the great depths of your being. Ask for new conscious awareness of those who desire your cheerful cooperation. It is through you, my faithful ones, that we will make ourselves known.

Rejoice, as you prepare to receive the great gifts of abundance we so desire for you to receive. Trust yourselves and doubt not, dear apostles of change, for it is time to walk with new confidence and joy, as you allow yourselves to become all that you are being prepared for. Accept the great peace and abundance that is yours for the taking. Listen deep within, dear children of light, for all will be revealed.

I take my leave, but not before touching the depths of your hearts with my love. Farewell.