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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Born in Spirit

Teachers: Lantarnek

December 18, 2005

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): I greet you. This is Lantarnek.

You, born in spirit, have discovered and learned to use your legs of faith, your eyes of discernment. You have through time and dedication developed a spiritual coordination between the various aspects of your spirit constitution. As with the physical form you currently indwell, the makeup of your spirit being also benefits through the development of coordination. The hand and the foot assist the whole self in accomplishing the will and desire. So do faith, discernment, trust. These appendages of your being also coordinate to enrich your life and to effect the will of God. Being born in spirit is merely to recognize your belonging to the universe family.

Father is ever inclusive and holds you in His arms even before you have opened your eyes to see Him. But this birth still requires a great deal of development, and I note the many years you have applied yourselves. Your coordination, agility, your spiritual dexterity have progressed well.

These skills are being applied to many needs that are present on your planet. Within the assembly of all in this Correcting Time every one of you provides an important and meaningful contribution. We in this mission as an assembly are likewise born into our potentials. Corporately we are developing coordination as well. Spread across this globe are various centers of activity with the goal to better the planet, to help mankind. Just as the individual self learns to use his hands, feet, eyes, and ears in harmony, so each center on this world is likewise developing its abilities and advancing toward a unified coordination, all of which will be assisted and augmented by the Magisterial staff. You have been taught that each has talents and that you may compound those talents through application, through spiritual investment. So it is true with you who associate yourselves as a group. You have a corporate talent, and you may also compound this talent through application, through investment.

Michael made his appearance on your world. He arrived alone. He discovered how to live on a world such as yours. He drew unto himself many souls who could sense his mission.

While each in his service was not fully aware of that which he pursued for God, they were sensitive to his dedication and determination and could trust his vision and his ideals. While Jesus never once forced himself upon his followers, as a managing overseer he superbly coordinated the efforts of these followers by inspiring in them the will to act. Each one chose the way through which they might best carry on the message he taught. Each one found within themselves their own potential, their own inclinations, and their own skills. Jesus did not have to manage the minutia, for he knew full well of the presence of the Father's spirit in every soul.

That is the true manager, the overseer. Michael, contained within human form, was not here to make all others his soldiers. His simple act was to inspire through example that others would follow. He asked those mired in doubt and uncertainty, confused, to be simply born again. To prepare for such a birth is not to apply yourself to years of study that you may understand the truths of reality.

There is no diploma to earn to be born. It is simply the willingness to enter into spirit, to trust the care-givers of those already living on a spiritual level to tend to you, to nurture, to point the way, and to encourage. Your birth in spirit has opened the adventurous pathway to Paradise. While you are here on this world in the nursery of the universe, you are gaining many abilities that will have great significance in the realms above and beyond Urantia.

As you apply yourself to ministry on this world you will meet with relative success and some failures as did Jesus. But you know that this is a world for training. In the long course of time even your failures will be an asset to you in the great efforts of eternity. As the ages pass and you reflect back upon your episodes of life on this world, you will have two profound observations, the first being the recognition of how important physical living was to your spiritual advancement. Secondly, you will discover how persistent and patient the Father's plan for your planet was as you see, from what for you is the future today, a world of beauty and harmony slowly and laboriously built by devoted souls who believed in truth, who lived in light. I will receive any questions you may have.

Evelyn: Did I get it right that you were talking about the coordination we develop between faith, discernment, and trust? Understanding how they differ and how they work together?

* Lantarnek: Yes, but I must clarify that these three words, faith, trust, and discernment are illustrative of many elements to be coordinated. You may look to the fruits of the spirit for more. A young soul may exhibit abilities reflective of one of these traits of spirit, but as the soul matures these fruit, each one appears in your life and each one does interact with the other. As an example, it takes trust to have faith, but faith is sound and sane if it has discernment. Each of these three coupled with patience leads to wisdom. Wisdom is the coordination of all other traits, of all your spiritual abilities. While your planet focuses attention upon the event of the birth of Jesus and many praise and worship him for his gift of bestowal, pause to consider and reflect upon the joy and the respect that is felt toward your world by all in Nebadon who know of this birth of Jesus. Many, many, have benefitted from this episode; not only the few who walked with him, and not only the followers who walked behind him in the centuries that followed, and not only the people on your world; it marks a significant change in Nebadon. This celebration is the celebration had throughout this local universe. We all join in. We join in thankfulness to Michael and to your world. I now draw a close to this session. Thank you.