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Prayer: Michael who we see as our system Sovereign, as our local universe Sovereign, then our planetary Sovereign who stands instead above all of the strife and rebellion that has battered us about, we honor you and we trust you but most of all we look to you as our Father/Brother and trust you personally that we will receive the spiritual nourishment that you have for us and wish us to take in and to become. May your ministry speak to us today and may we all grow in insight and in the desire to serve our Father on high. So be it.

Elyon: Greetings to all of you, this is Elyon. It is warming to the soul to have you all with me in this focus for on Urantia little expectation is made of the opportunity to receive such counsel as you seek tonight. I am most happy to be available and to continue building an experiential background with you wherein you will be better able as the years unfold to receive, acknowledge and accommodate the messages from many teachers who have chosen to uplift this planet.

Our great Michael has long sought for Urantia's rehabilitation. In order that truth prevail and that the light shines unhindered, he has wisely and mercifully granted the freedom for personal challenge to his authority. In so doing there has been demonstrated the value of truth and the folly of selfishness and so there now stands with great allegiance, ministering bodies of angels and sons of God who are ready and willing to finish the recovery and to move positively forward in this planets advancement to light and life.

You can imagine the complexities of the interrelations of not only personalities but of corps of administrators and ministers for not only are there considerations regarding human culture and the standing and status of civilization on this world, but there is the consideration of the planets belonging to an entire system of worlds. Light and life on Urantia is in conjunction with light and life throughout your system and so the growth of one world proceeds in relation to the growth of others. In a system wherein no quarantine has been placed, worlds begin to gain knowledge of the progress of other planets and when the maturity of the inhabitants has reached the point wherein it is beneficial, such information is allowed to be received.

And so we teachers who are residing on Urantia are also very much interconnected with teachers on other worlds who are emerging from rebellion. And you my friends are part of the grand ascension for you are the corps of human ministers. You are the light beings who tread the soil. You are the direct interface with all other personalities on this world. I could be doubted for I am beyond your sense range but your fellows cannot doubt you, especially when you exemplify the manner of Michael, the way that he lived as Jesus. I know it is a tall order to expect of yourself such representability, but remember Michael said "follow me". Picture each one of you as a sprinkler head. Every one of you is connected. You are plumbed in to the master controller, Michael, and in this complex network there are such junctures wherein personalities like Monjoronson and Machiventa direct the flow. But what pours through this system, it is the water of life. It is the spirit energy that is bestowed by Michael and you who have volunteered to be servants for the great cause of the correcting time are distributors of this water, this living energy, the luminous truth.

Every one of you is configured differently. Your spray pattern is unique and your reach is limited, but where you reach and your effectiveness ends, your fellows in this mission pick up and continue to nourish those who seek to be filled with this living water. To be a representative of Michael is not to be a copycat but to be a distributor, an orifice through which his presence may flow and by which your fellows will absorb, sense his presence, and recognize the truth that He is.

There is a great field that we all may give this water unto. Many will join the system, will connect up in this network of ministry. Others will simply receive the refreshment and continue to live a more private spiritual life, but those of you who have chosen to reach out for the welfare of everyone on this world and for the planet itself, you are blessed with the additional assistance of those like myself who also see Urantia in its ideal state and work toward that attainment.

I cannot express my appreciation enough for your willingness to be so bold as to assume that you are even minutely capable of providing assistance to all the planetary administrators. Remember that many of us, in a sense, hover and wait, but you are intricately integrated into this world and therefore within you resides the power for change. I am willing at this time to receive your questions and your comments. Thank you for your attention to my address.

Q: Thank you Elyon, that was lovely and I just appreciate the opportunity to be in touch, in concert and in contact with you all through Rick and this message so clear and so lovely. Thanks for being around and I just feel embraced by you all and Father. Thank you so much.

Elyon: I welcome your appreciation and I too relish the opportunity to be in communion with each one of you and to enjoy the communal recognition of fellowship and our common bond to our Michael Son.

Q: Elyon this is *****, thank you for taking my question. I'd like to ask what might I do aside from stillness, prayer and trying to be of service, what I might do to be of more help via this correcting time.

Elyon: Stillness in my foremost request of anyone who is desirous of not only personal advancement in spiritual growth and supremacy, but also as preparation for active service, and it is with service that you are working for the correcting time. Conjoining these two through the development of the ability of the mind to recognize potential that you will find yourself increasingly effective and more greatly alerted to the channels wherein you may function more efficiently and greatly.

When in stillness, the Father's perfect presence is able to prepare you in the high levels of mind and when you willingly choose an avenue whereby service may be conducted, Father unfolds from your high mind his preparations and you will at that time receive the revelation of the purpose and how you may proceed. And so I repeat, learn to recognize the potential, and I add additionally, that you also welcome the waiting of trust for Father is the greatest teacher you have and knows you so thoroughly that you will be prepared and you will then function according to his will. Remember Michael said, " whatever you do to the least of these you do for me", and so no one task in this mission may be seen as greater in worth or import than another and due to the nature of the supremacy of time and space, you likewise are a director of what transpires. You have the leeway to choose your avenue and to invite Father to guide, to adjust, and to energize you. I hope this helps.

Q: Thank you so much Elyon, yes it does help. I will persevere and thank you again.

Q: Hello Elyon, this is *****. I would just like to say it's an honor and a privilege to be of service and it's beautiful every time that one has the opportunity to do some personal ministry. I had such an opportunity today and I found this person receptive so I pray to God that this person continues to be illuminated and continues to grow spiritually and I also would like to add that I'm looking forward to more service on this planet and beyond. This is truly beautiful and one could not aspire to more than this.

Elyon: My brother I am filled with joy at your dedication and your desire and to recognize that one of your fellows has benefitted from your input and is further stimulated to spiritual growth is truly a treasure and I see that you have enjoyed such a treasure. It is a gift in return for your humble service.

Q: Thank you for your words and I'm just looking for more service like I said before.

Elyon: On behalf of all of my associates, I extend again our appreciation for your willingness to be about the business of Michael. I know for I once dwelt in human form, that life is busy enough simply being about the business of Father, growing and ascending in the eons of preparation ahead of you to attain Paradise. But you have likewise adopted the additional task of working for Michael while you reside in Nebadon and you are on a world of great interest and of great need. I have not the words to convey how valuable you are to Michael, not only as his child but also as a minister in his universe. I will close this session and look forward to the opportunity to address you again, thank you.