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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Level Spiritual Life,
  2. Clear the Path to the Gate.

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson

December 11, 2005

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): I greet you, this is Elyon. Today I will speak about living an even, level spiritual life, perhaps more accurately, whole life. As you have invested many years in active pursuit of truth and have been willing to apply many lessons life brings to you for growth, you have not been afraid to encounter great difficulty to face many an obstacle. This encounter with difficulty has proven beneficial. You have risen to new heights, new awareness, greater vision that when things appear to crumble you have through faith and experience come to realize that you always are able to reemerge, and you reemerge stronger, better adapted to what lies ahead. I applaud you for your persistence and for your aggressiveness. You are willing to encounter such strenuous uplifting experiences. There are those who would rather retreat to soothing plateaus that hold one apart from any counter which is... [interruption when TR discovers his phone is muted.] This is Elyon. I will proceed as you have a record of what I have said, as your trusty transcriber so faithfully is capable of distributing. I speak of the strength gathered through difficulty and how much you have witnessed in your life struggles, the growth that has been the reward of such strenuous encounters.

Many do not relish such a vigorous approach to growth and, to avoid the lows which are your obstacles, will retreat to safe plateaus from which they may safeguard themselves, providing a false assurance of spiritual safety which only serves to hinder further growth. You know so well my continual admonition to seek stillness. This is not an avoidance of reality; it is not the wish to retreat from life's difficulties. It is rather the servicing station wherein you are refueled and retuned for your living encounters. I will offer the balanced approach to running the race of life by illustrating the actions of a hurdle sprinter. He who runs such a race has trained and has learned that to win that race one goes straight ahead. One does not go up and over a hurdle, that one's trajectory is a flat, horizontal, straight line, for if one were to rise up and over a hurdle and sink to the ground again and up and over another, the path becomes much longer. So, the runner learns to lift the lower body to that straight line.

Likewise, that runner learns to drop the upper body down to that straight line. When you are in your areas of life where you are surrounded by hurdles, that is when you lift your lower self. That is also when you lower your high self. If you avoid your obstacles and hold your head too high, you miss your lessons. If you do not elevate your lower self you crash into your hurdles. The art of spirit living is bringing the two together on the same plane in the same trajectory working harmoniously towards your goal. There are times when you will feel that the bliss and joy and exaltation of a spiritual high have slipped, but know that if you are in harmonious working arrangement within your being and the presence of God, you are merely ducking your head for the next hurdle that you may stay in balance and streamlined for the obstacles that strengthen you.

Every obstacle must be crossed to finish the race. Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." Peacemakers do not avoid conflict. Peacemakers know how to hurdle the obstacle. Troublemakers knock every obstacle over in aggression and destruction. Peacemakers observe the difficulty, discern the solution, and sail right over them. It is an active application to confrontation.

* Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. I engage with you in this circuit wherein we are associated and assembled as an active unit in this mission wherein Urantia will attain to the era of a new age. I have spoken much of resting at base camp in preparation for the ascent. You who are gathered attentively to my presence have for your first task the role of a gatekeeper. I do not speak of you as a gatekeeper in the manner of one who is the guardian of the gate who prevents entry. I speak of you as one who opens the gate, who makes clear the passage for the many who seek to enter. In the age to come, if Urantia is to attain such an age, all will enter. There is confusion upon Urantia, conflicting ideologies, selfish wars, and there are many on your world who are hungry for an answer, praying for peace. Many grope along the walls that separate this present era from the next looking for the portal. It is you, my associates, who are the ones who will say, "Come. This is the way. Here is the door, let me open it. Take a look." So, our first mile in this ascent is to clear the path to the gate, to reveal to others its presence. You will point out this way by being visible on this newly cleared path. Those struggling in the brambles will find you in the clearing and will approach you. So, there will be a passage of time wherein all our effort is going to merely attracting many more to the open clearing wherein the gate is visible.

Each one must pass of their own free will. Even my presence on this world is not a cure of magic, will not overlay Urantia with a new age of instant cure to all your problems. I do encourage each of you to put within your travel pack the tools required to clear the path to the gate of the new era.

These tools are the ones that can cut through delusion, through greed. They are tools that can illuminate truth when it is obscured by active falsification. Some of you will find the path rough and of difficult travel as it is freshly laid. But you, my fine ascenders, will compact this path and make the way an easy passage for those who follow. Your reward is the joy of recognizing the many ascending behind you who can proceed readily because of your efforts. Teach. Let your awareness of the values of spirit be known. Let your perspective of the order of the universe be known.

Opinions prevail upon your planet, as many as there are minds to create them. Yours is as valuable in its expression as any others as you refine your view of cosmic reality and your position within it. The greater your alignment to truth, the more I admonish you to express your view, for, as the master said, you do not hide your light under a bushel. Place your floodlight upon the gate and let it be known that it is there that others may reorient their paths that they may proceed forthright. Once we have entered into this new realm, Urantia will seem quite different.

* Elyon: This is Elyon again. I offer the opportunity for dialogue.

Jada: Elyon, you spoke of obstacles building our strength, then Monjoronson spoke of clearing away the obstacles to make it easier for others. Can you help resolve the apparent contradiction?

* Elyon: I have spoken of the obstacles that rise within the personal life and how they are beneficial to your growth. Monjoronson speaks of the obstacles, perhaps more appropriately the hindrances to the planet's entry into a new phase of living. This clearing of those obstacles are not the obstacles of personal upliftment but the entanglements which hinder planetary growth. You have spoken of late of the value of discarding unnecessary baggage. That is what Monjoronson speaks of, those lifestyles of the current age. Those frameworks within which many think, the behavioral patterns, hold Urantia back from progress.

The path you clear is the removal of dead patterns and the revelation of new means for living. Monjoronson's presence on this world is to widen the path leading to the gate, and all will have to crawl through their brambles to find their clear road. None will be forced; all will be encouraged. In the wisdom of the divine the hurdles of life are provided for your growth as a child of God. The planet progresses as each one of you discovers the means whereby you may transition through your hurdles smoothly.

Clearing the path demonstrates to others your ability to pass over these hurdles. If I may return to my analogy of the runner, those who run the race of hurdles do not run randomly all about the field; they run a course and they stay in their lanes. By clearing the path you make known the path, you make clear the lane, but each person still has their personal hurdles to travel over. I hope this has illuminated.

Jada: Thank you.

* Elyon: I will draw our class to a close today. I encourage you to go confidently about your week fully aware of the grace of God. You have the knowledge and you have the experience of His presence. Let the strength of spirit within you give power to your actions. Be ready to be transformed from weakness to strength. Fearlessly face your obstacles; let them be challenges. You are not alone. The power of divinity stands with you. Farewell.