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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Phase Change in Growth,
  2. Love.

Teachers: Elyon, Miriam

December 4, 2005

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): I enter into your company, this is Elyon. Once again we share in fellowship; once again we acknowledge our divine Parent, and we acknowledge the spirit of one another, the love resident within that we can so freely give. It is truly a blessing to be in the path of the flow of Father's love to receive and to give, to receive His love from each other, to recognize His presence among us. We are ever expanding in our reach to God, growing in our comprehension of the functioning of the universe in its many dimensions, understanding better our relationship to all things by paying attention to every little thing. You have noticed that prior to a critical change in your life there is much building activity, a mounting of pressure, the accrual of many considerations, and an assortment of episodes which contribute to guiding you into a new way of being.

It is like the physical phenomenon of bringing water to a boil. While you are in a liquid phase, so to speak, the temperature can rise and rise rapidly, and you feel the surge of the change of phase; growth is strong. However, the most important step or stage in your growth is that boiling point. Beyond it again you experience rapid growth, but at that phase the temperature does not change; it appears stable, but in reality a very significant transformation is occurring: liquid changes to gas, and in your spiritual life at this point of apparent stagnation when the temperature is not rising, when you do not feel elevation of soul, you are making the critical transformation, the phase change.

This is true for the individual at every transformative point in growth, and this is true for the entire civilization of the planet, and it is true for the outworking of the celestial administration and their plans and purposes for this world. We, in this time of correction, are in that phase change. The day appears to transpire as the day of the past, and the day of tomorrow appears the same, but within spirit is changing, each receptive soul, into the being of the new era. This is the base camp Monjoronson speaks of where much preparation is taking place, though no apparent move up the mountain seems to occur. Without this critical phase change no one may enter the new era, and those who strive to do so unprepared discover great difficulty and must by force retreat and retrain. This is the time for patience and the application of your energies to preparedness. Look within your day packs. Note your assets. Note your faults. Assemble what you need; order what you have that you may be ready, for when the phase change is finished there will be an acceleration; there will be joy in the recognition that the transformation has occurred, and the future yet undefined will begin to dawn on the minds and the hearts of all. These are my words. I remain in your presence.

* Miriam: I am Miriam, good to be with you again; it has been much time. I am here to encourage you to love. It is not my place to make you love; it is my place to foster the avenues wherein you may love, to indicate that love may be shared so broadly. It may be shared quite narrowly from one to one other. It may be simple as in the joy in beholding the beauty of a single flower. It may be complex as in the awe derived from the recognition of the splendor of a vast universe. It may blanket many as the master who stood before the crowds to teach of his Father in heaven. And it may be a love for yourself, as he has said, "Love one another as you love yourself." All moments of every day are an opportunity for this love to come forth from you. It is the one omnipresent ingredient in every episode of life. Never is there a situation where love does not fit within the structure. You achieve this love by way of ever deepening your personal relationship with the spirit within, by keeping the gate open between your human being and the divine source. You are ever able to bring love to any situation. I will make contact again. I withdraw by saying I love you.

* Elyon: My friends, this is Elyon again. I wish to receive from you any question or comment.

Evelyn: It's interesting that if we're feeling stagnant it's possible that we're at a critical point and we just need to be patient. I think the admonition to be prepared because we won't be able to venture forth, we'll be sent back if we aren't ready, may be more relevant than sitting quietly being patient.

* Elyon: This point of the cycle of growth I speak of is the most important phase of any growth cycle; for, while it appears stationary, while there is not the accumulation, there is the reorganization and establishment of a new patterning in your spiritual makeup. This pause is quite important, for it makes you prepared for the future movement of your being to higher levels. Yes, I do admonish you to tend well to this phase that you may be equipped, that you will have paid attention to what has accumulated within your soul on a deep level, that you have an intuitive sense of your personal inventory, for when you experience movement again you will be happy to have a firm grip upon that which is your skill, your talent, your attainment. Thank you for your attention to me, to Miriam, to one another, and to God. I take my leave, farewell.