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Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Session of 27 July 2005

Message XXXII – Repairing Lucifer’s Rebellion

Teacher: An Archangel

T/R: Marcelo Crosio

Greetings from the Stellar Forces and Space Beings.

We bring you our desire and intention to provide enlightenment. We received permission from the orders responsible for this system and came upon Edentia’s authorization, after a request by those responsible for this planet.

When a Son of Supreme Light, endowed with responsibilities proportional to his high vibration and with wisdom surpassing the imagination of human beings; when a being forged in love becomes a victim of himself and falls prey to a tendency that could have been evaluated and treated, if he had requested; when this Son adopts decisions contrary to the plans established by the superior hierarchies of light, the impact on all that is under the responsibility of this being is devastating.

An earthquake shook this system. But free-will needed to be respected. Do not think that that being did not receive loving, respectful and friendly advices and warnings. One already suspected the tendencies of this brilliant personality who tended to self-aggrandizement. Power and freedom many times inebriate even some beings of much light. For this reason freedom and power are gradual acquisitions of the soul, not being given as gifts or distributed randomly.

There was no despair in Michael’s court, just merciful glances and changes in the conduction of actions. It was intrinsically known that such a rebellious decision would also bring great opportunities for an evolutional leap by all those involved, in the same proportion of the destructiveness it brought about.

The universe is equipped with balancing mechanisms. Enlightenment is a right of all, so there were many attempts to enlighten, support and help. Isolation was a measure adopted to save defenseless worlds which did not deserve to be involved simply because they were nearby. Urantia’s time is not universal time; millennia for you are just years for us.

The rebellion, as you call it, is finished. Many came back and now work to correct and rebuild; many of you are part of these. The beings involved adopted their positions and shouldered consequences. You must not nourish hatred or resentment against those beings; they acted out of love. They just left their personalities get inebriated with themselves. Responsibilities are now enormous and this must be taken into account. Efforts have been made to rebuild and find the lost balance.

Everything is now coming back to order. Channels are being opened and the system is once more opening to the universe. We just cannot awaken you from this long sleep at once; we would destroy your minds. Then, out of respect, we are awakening you little by little and helping you to get used to the new light that floods the room.

Thousand of beings were involved in the rebellion lead by the being you call Lucifer; much was at stake. The actions taken by Michael were always loving and immensely respectful of the son who had rebelled. He acted during the rebellion with the same love and humility that he brought to the small Urantia. Many beings showed bravery and a strong force of personality. Faith was then terribly exacted. Many succumbed, because they were under the direct influence of the bright personalities heading the insurgence. With time, that action was controlled and their mental waves neutralized.

We are now rebuilding. You are a part of this process. Time is short, because all the system is in evolution and you must come together. This awakening happens in the quickest proportion; leaps have been enormous and you walk toward a crossroad. I ask you, brothers: keep your faith during the good moments and the difficult ones. Be strong and believe in your Master, whose light is here and now shining inside and around you! Love Christ in his earthly and cosmic dimensions; open yourselves to him, for he is the way, the truth and the light, as it has been said. Do not doubt!

We need you in this critical and decisive moment. We are all here; we have always been together. The veil of separation is just a veil. We are united in mind and in action. I now leave you the light of my being.

I am an Archangel and work for enlightenment and instruction.

Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005