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Oakland, California, US of A, November 27, 2005.
Divine Mother (Nebadonia).
Subject: "Live In My Love, And Grow In My Womb."

Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Mother: "The universe is My Womb, and you are safely secure in it. Greetings, My children! This is your Mother, the Life Force coursing through your breath and veins. My energy is bathing this world in pure Spirit—the substance filled with love, light, peace, harmony, and healing—and you are the sure recipients of it. Take this into your body. This is My gift to you.

"Simplify your lives by slowing down your pace of living. Enjoy yourselves more. Find pleasures in each day that will lift your spirits. Each time you do this, you add more spirit value into your lives, and you get more of Me to keep you strong and centered. This is now something that you need each day, My children. The pace of change is so strong now on your world that you require stabilization in spirit to keep you mentally capable of withstanding all of what is shifting in your consciousness.

"Why fight the pace of change? Accept what is happening in your life by inviting Me into your being. I will change your perceptions and lead you in experiences, which simplify and grace your life. You will find this highly appealing and give you something to ponder: What kind of life do I now want to lead? You alone know the answer, yet it is My spirit that answers the call of your heart and leads you into the greater awareness of what you truly desire.

"I am your Mother. I know you. There is nothing in you that I do not perceive. Hide nothing from yourself now, for I love even your most dark secrets. I will keep you safe and calm while you face your deepest and most troubling memories and feelings. I will lead you out of darkness into the light that wants to burst open from your heart and soul. This is the change that I wish to make within you, and the more you embrace this, will you find happiness, joy, love and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. It is all happening now, My children, and I do this for you because I love you. Live in My Love and grow in My Womb."

The 11:11 Progress Group