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Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil

Session of 26 July 2005

Message XXXI – We "Will" Soon Be Visible

Teachers: Intergalactic Confederation and Brilliant Evening Star

T/R: Marcelo Crosio

We send greetings from the vessels of light present on this orb.

You must understand the dimension of Creation, for a deep-rooted mental pattern is being broken in this era. There is a mistake in your understanding of the cosmic dimension and consequently an enormous distortion in the understanding of what you call Creation. Humanity has stuck to very limited beliefs about Creation and the supreme work of the Creator and His co-creators, the order you belong to. Humanity has stuck to beliefs of an absurd limitation, in which man and God were reduced to limits that suffocated your evolution. This left you with a mental pattern of limited action, mentally small and including a process of guilt and punishment that left you with scant possibilities.

Beacons of light and understanding have been sent here along the eras. Even a Creator Son came to this world. It was necessary to reach balance and also to take a loving advantage of this situation to make here a great school for beings interested and in need. During these latest times, since the departure of the Supreme Light, we have been working more and more to break your limiting beliefs. Understand that we have no access to the beginning, because there never was a beginning; Creation is infinite and continuous. There are beings whose light shines so strongly and whose love is so inebriating that you would think you were before God. Your idea of God itself is distorted and limited. We know that God is adored and loved according to the moment lived by His children. We only try to expand this understanding, for the current one is getting obsolete and draining much energy from you through guilt, punishment and conflict.

God, who is unique and multiple, possesses mysteries undecipherable even to us. His love-waves that nourish everything travel throughout all universes. He provides us with the raw material for us to act as co-creators and participants of His immense work. You have no idea of all the possibilities for life or of the variations and combinations possible in the universes and in the different dimensions. Life is always possible anywhere, in a dimension or another. Everything is inhabited, in everything there is consciousness, nobody is alone. Your planet is like an enormous cell whose permeable surface you inhabit; its active liquid interior you ignore. The nucleus of a cell is fundamental and in its inside all the structure is controlled. We must say that the same happens with your planet: the great cell is alive. It moves and even sustains a gaseous structure around it, like an aura of energy and life.

Do not forget that these smallest atoms of energy are combinations of the same energy and that they interact all the time. You are included in this system, for you inhabit physical bodies forged with the energy of this planet. You are, as physical beings, children of Earth and nourished by it. Love this planet and you will witness the generous retribution it will give you back. This cell is inserted in a great system and so on, all interconnected and attached by invisible systems of force maintained by the Creator. These divine laws can be transformed but never neutralized, even less ignored. We want to open your consciousness to your planet in the first place. After that, my children, look at the universe and know that there are thousands of universes and dimensions of existence. Know that God is practically infinite in His Creation and that He lovingly gave us the permission and the right to co-create with Him.

When you look at the sky, remember that what you observe is only 1% of all that really exists. There will be a time when you will be able to see much more. Look back and see how much you have evolved, how blind you were 100 years ago, and imagine what still remains to be discovered! Things do not exist only when you can see them. Do not be naïve, nor hide behind a pseudo-science sheltered under what is physically provable. This separation is also illusive. The moment approaches when we will unite the slopes of the same road. Knowledge transcends physical limits and enters the dimensions of cosmic life. We insist upon this because you are cosmic beings, you belong to the universe and not to a single planet. Urantia mirrors these multiplicities. Look around yourselves: your planet is inhabited by millions of different beings, in different dimensions. There are microscopic and giant beings. It is not because you cannot see them that they do not exist. Your equipment is already able to detect them. And so many are discovered every day!

Be assured that the universes surrounding you exist in the same way and even more broadly. Awaken from the sleep of ignorance and stagnation. See Divine Creation and start to understand God as the source of a supreme love, perceive that God is everything and everyone and that He never punishes. On the contrary, He loves you as you are and understands each part of your being. He knows how beautiful is the duality you live in, and that it is a part of the learning process you go through in this era. There is no judgement or accusing fingers, no condemnation. You just harvest as you have planted. Free will is given as the seed of freedom and independence. Mistakes are a part of learning, so you may err enough. You are alive, learning and evolving. Our teams are more and more anchored on Earth, the bridges are being built; we are closer and closer to you. Many of us will soon be visible. Be ready and flexible, with an open heart and free from prejudice to recognize us.

We bring the emblem of goodwill and hope, of love and service. We believe in you and in the mission through which the love of the Supreme Light of this universe is being showered among you. The presence I AM has been here for a long, long time; it has never forsaken you. It has always been acting on Earth. The only limit was your mind, the free will given by this same Being who respected it. The Great Maternal Being who nourishes you has maintained a dynamic and vibrating energetic nucleus on your planet. This nucleus has equivalents in the physical plan. You are supported by the creators of this universe. There is a countless number of beings involved in this system who are responsible for you. They are working for the awakening of humanity. In this process, the more alert consciousness, the more active can we be. We have dressed many clothes, we have been called by many names, we have adopted many ways to come to you. In order to be accepted and understood, we wear many uniforms.

We are now beginning to show you our faces and our true nature. We are leveling all orders of beings. Accept everything that passes through the screen of your hearts and know that evaluating, pondering, rejecting is a right and duty of yours. There are orders of beings of highest vibration working among you, in uniforms of the utmost humility. Benefits have been immense, for there has been little resistance. We ask you to be always open to the beings working in the light, on the planet and out of it. Keep calm and serene, for agitation does not help you. Keep your internal balance and the feeling of cooperating with the divine work, even when you plant a rose. Sometimes one does much while doing little. Thankful for having you, we ask you to accept our peace and our love. We are amongst you.

Intergalactic Confederation and Brilliant Evening Star

Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005.

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