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Thought Adjuster Speaks - Lesson Number 352 - Our Journey - Nov 27, 2005 - Illawarra, AU


Not Just Your Journey, But Our Journey.
A Thought Adjuster Speaks—352—July 11, 2004.


Dear one, the timing of the fulfillment of your secret desires is known only to Me. You also cannot fully comprehend what these desires might be. All you know is that they are not material ones, but those pertaining to eternal life, and therefore of lasting value.

All things material are fleeting, temporary, and shall therefore fall away like your temporal physical body, no matter how much time and money is spent on outer embellishment in order to stave of the effects of the ageing processes.

Your days would be far better spent if an equal amount of time, or even more, would be allocated to contemplating eternal values, which are lasting, for in eternal life there is no aging. That which you accomplish in life on earth, like subduing your lower animal instincts, controlling your impulses, and overcoming superstitious beliefs, is of far greater importance.

Your character must grow strong, and become victorious in overcoming enslaving habits, which truly warrant careful scrutiny and discernment, as there are numerous of these habits that mankind is heir to. Do overcome the negative habits by replacing them with the positive, with confident living, and with cultivating traits like unconditional love and forgiveness, tolerance and compassion towards all others, and in loving service towards all.

These positive habits you will carry with you into the next stage of existence, as they will be the builders of a pure and sincere heart, and therefore willingly open your heart, soul and mind, so more of My stabilizing influence may be experienced in your daily life. Allow My Light in you to strengthen yours. Cultivate faith and trust in the goodness of God, for these will help you to overcome your lower self.

It is entirely up to you which one you cultivate, your higher self or your lower animal self. Think about these things, for these are truly worthy of your contemplation. The decisions you make today and the actions resulting therefrom, are what your future will bring you.

Live consciously and joyously in My Presence, feeling secure in My loving leadings. For this is not just your journey. It is our journey. Breathe deeply and let these, My words, settle into the deepest of the deep of your consciousness.

Trust and have faith.

© The 11:11 Progress Group