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I AM - The Reward Within Self - Nov 18, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Washington State, US of A, November 18, 2005
Teacher: I Am.
Subject: "Love—The Reward Within Itself."

Received by Sunday Rain.


I Am: "Let Love override in any situation. To reach out further, and far enough to be able to see through to the hidden beauty in everything, is to discover a profound gift awaiting you—Love—the reward within itself.


"Love; that which heats the chambers of your heart, reminding you once again of how glorious is the natural harmonious song of Peace!


"Even in the most difficult of moments when you are faced on all sides with ambiguity, know that My positivism is intuitively and creatively endless! Yes, smile with certainty, and walk with faith in your labors of Love! For when all is said and done, My love is irresistible to all.


"So completely natural is the expression of My dear Love, you only need to make the connection, and the rest simply tumbles gently into place. To be alive is an incredible gift to behold!


"You have traveled so far away, just to find yourselves at the back door, where you only need to turn around and come back inside to Me—into My Home filled with Love.


"Home is where the heart is. You have heard this before, but I tell you these words carry the whole and entire meaning of existence within them."


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