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Thought Adjuster Speaks - No Lesson Numbers - Jun 1 and Nov 1 , 2, 3, 6, 9, 2005 - Helen Whitworth; Illawarra, AU


Six Transmissions

No Number

North Wales, UK, June 1, 2005.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Personal Guidance."

Received by Helen Whitworth.


(Receiver’s note: Whilst this transmission was received as personal guidance, it may be of use to others, so is shared now.)


Thought Adjuster: "In the fullness of time you will understand more clearly where your path leads you. You will see the threads that run through your life and through your work, and you will recognise that much of your work in service was done without you even recognizing its existence at the time. I bid you not to worry on your path, and not to worry as to whether you are fulfilling all the terms of your agreements at this point in time. Know that we are well satisfied.

"The learning you are undergoing at this moment is perhaps more subtle than previous courses that you have enrolled upon, yet through its subtlety it is deeply profound and changes are being wrought in your soul, the full implications of which are far from known to you. There are indeed new teachers, new guidance factors, and new beings around you at this time, but you are wise to use discernment, as you are, and indeed this is part of your learning as you correctly surmised. By using this discernment, you shall remain true to your path, for you know that it is a perilous path with cliffs either side that you may stumble and fall, should you deny the discernment within your own heart.

"For this you require the utmost of trust within yourself, and that of those who are dear to you, who are guiding you every step of your way, and will shout loud enough if you should come within danger. It is like walking down that path blindfolded, we know, but you must trust we are there to hold a hand if required when you falter, and to loudly signal when you veer too close to the edge of that path. If you trust then you are in the utmost of safety. If you doubt then your path becomes more perilous.

"For now, as daily guidance, spend your moments in quiet time to feel. You have done much in the way of intellectual work over past years, and this time is to assist in addressing the balance such that your heart and soul may open more fully to what is around you, and what you experience within daily life. As always, these changes feel tumultuous, and groundbreaking, and they cause you to question all you have learnt to this point, but I bid you to not do this. Instead to spend each moment of feeling knowing that what has gone before was necessary, what is experienced now is a result of it, and that more learning will always be yours in the future.

"Therefore do not come to come to task with yourself each day, asking, ‘How do I act in service this day?’ Just know that the process is as it should be, and all is well with the world. I guide you lovingly, always."

© The 11:11 Progress Group


No Number
North Yorkshire, UK, November 1, 2005.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Love and Inclusiveness."

Thought Adjuster: "In the mind of God there is only inclusiveness and love. It is through being aware of, and practicing, inclusiveness and love that you will come closer to God and to the God Within.

"Allow each thought that is not within this encompassing whole to disappear gently, and without regard, and focus purely on the moments in which these perspectives arise, and you shall find a deep, permeating sense of the truth of this teaching, and your light shall burn more brightly in response.

"Truly gladness of heat can only arise when setting aside all else, you focus upon this love of all, and the inclusiveness that allows this to all beings you encounter in every state. Be still and with this thought, and thus its teachings cannot fail. This is your true nature.

"Feel the warmth in your heart expand, spreading throughout your being, filling the room and increasing beyond that boundary, flowing over the town and all its inhabitants; be they standing quietly washing up, laughing with children, or in a blazing row with their spouse. Let the beauty of humanity feed the expansion of love, and fill your being with this truth. Expand more and feel this love, as blanket, spread over fields, hills, river and forest, touching and merging with each tree, each worm, each bird, and each blade of grass, and sit sometime in stillness allowing the folds of love to encompass the planet and beyond in joy, peace and healing.

"Practice this every day and you will have great rewards, as yourself, and as all else that you touch in this way. This concludes today’s lesson."

Receivers Note: For my first attempt at this exercise I could not expand much beyond the county. I hold the planet as a target, not something expected to be obtained instantly. Following the exercise I received one further sentence:

Thought Adjuster: "This is the potential scope when blessings are requested for ‘all sentient beings’" (A phrase often used within Buddhist prayer).

© The 11:11 Progress Group


Thought Adjuster & Great Mother
North Yorkshire, UK, November 2, 2005.
Thought Adjuster and Great Mother.

Subject: "The Divine Feminine."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: "It is with an unusual image that today’s lesson begins—the tree, growing on a grassy hill, with cave beneath, roots entwined, and a brilliant crystal in the center. Your body becomes the solid tree trunk, and sap rises, bringing with it healing energy from the crystal below. Your leaves and branches rise upwards into the clear night sky of indigo, punctuated by the bright jewels of starlight, and at their apex; welcoming the Divine light symbolized by the crescent moon.

"Yes, today is a lesson in the Divine Feminine, of the Mother that resides in and throughout you all, that is the source of healing, of comfort and of nurturing creativity within your hearts.

"The crystal glows strongly, a showing that Spirit can be found deep within the Earth, and within your physical forms, not just within the heavens. Indeed, for the trunk to be strong, you must find your spirituality within the densest of your form, within your body and within your actions upon the Earth plane. To deny this is to deny the Spirit of the Mother, who through her grace births the Sons of God as creatures of both matter and spirit. Two forms combined as one.

"The night sky reminds you that there is still beauty in darkness, and indeed during the day, the sun eclipses all other stars which shine so brightly in the clear night skies. Stars which serve to remind you that as you are one of many humans upon your beautiful planet, so your planet, and your Sun, are one of many within the inhabited Universe, and give greater cause to reflect upon the vast and infinite beauty of the Creator’s vision.

"With the darkness, too, is space. The space that is required in order to turn your thoughts inward towards their inception, and to recognise who you are. You who thinks these thoughts, who sees these sights, and who feels the emotion of each moment.

"The moon, as feminine principle, brings the guidance of Her light at this time. The comfort of a Mother over-watching her child, who delights at new sights and sounds and feeling, but who oft-times weeps at a grazed knee, or sits in confusion as a dog that was previously friendly snaps at her fingers, attempting to find rhyme, reason and direction where only chaos is perceived.

"Is this not a fitting image for you now? Muddled by cold, which you feel through your less tangible bodies, as well as in your physical form? Feeling off-track, tried and unsure?

"Yet, I say to you that you are doing well. You are hearing my words clearer than ever and looking to me for answers within your quandary of how to proceed back into the light you recognise.

"Do you not see that this is the lesson? To find the light in the darkness. To see the detail of other worlds, by whose starlight you can set your compass as with the great sea explorers of the past. You look to re-find the joyous light that engulfed your vision in the summer brightness, but now is winter, and the light you search is different, a new one, and at variance to that which you already know. What would be the value of repeating a lesson already learnt?

"You know the small girl child (within), you have passing acquaintance of the mother-type. Now is time for you to explore the ancient feminine aspect of the Wise Woman, or Crone, with her teachings, often harsh, often painful, but from whose frankness comes the true illumination of wisdom.

"The disquiet you feel at this time is merely adjustment to the next phase of learning, and if you are prepared to come honestly to the Mother in humility and lay your concerns at Her door, then She will readily invite you in to sit at the warmth of Her hearth, and teach you to embrace the chaos of creation, to accept it without moving to change it, and to find solace in its unfolding beauty as all of creation continues along its evolutionary route.

"Stop now, and drink in the emanations of crystal and moon, and know yourself as Woman, you, who so often walk the masculine path.

(pause for deep meditative state, strong energies flowing)

"Go back, my dear, into the womb of your birth, and know that not all darkness is of destruction, and know yourself, your all time, held in the womb of the Great Mother, who holds all beings within such care."

Great Mother: "You are safer and more secure within me than you could possibly know. I hold you tight within each turning of the wheel, giving you space to grow your light towards all perfection. And even as you emerge triumphant, at One with your God-Self, I will hold you still for all eternity. Take your nutrient from me, and you shall grow strong and healthy."

(Unspoken reminder to bless all food and drink and to thank the Great Mother for her bounty.)

© 11:11 Progress Group.



Scribe & Thought Adjuster
No Number
North Yorkshire, UK,
November 3, 2005.

The Scribe and Thought Adjuster.

Subject: "Light Chords."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: "The color you perceived upon ‘drawing up the light’ in your opening ritual today does indeed have no name. It is of both magenta and indigo, shining with the deep intensity of each, inextricable, yet not blended to create a new color such as you would find with pigments. There are many such combinations of colors, which intertwine to create new, un-nameable shades within the paradise realms. Analogous to chords within your musical notations, two resonances, which when played together form the combination of each, yet also trigger higher harmonics which form that sound into a deeply resonant whole which reverberates as much more than the sum of the parts.

"Is it a surprise that light may work similarly? When you know that it, too, is formed as wavelengths from particular perspectives, (aside; ‘did you like that?’…see Receiver’s Note)

"It is the lack of clarity of light that arrests these light chords from being perceived physically upon your plane, the denseness of which, and the linearity of time, forcing them back into constituent parts, as when you listen to a musical chord over time, when first the highest note, then the next, until the lowest, sound clearly as individual tones.

"When you align your soul with your Divine part, then truly heavenly sound and light may be perceived by your soul, by your non-physical senses, and that may bring you just a hint of the glory of Divine Manifestation, and the delights that await you upon your ‘heavenly career’.

"Let these chords run up and down your spine, cleansing your entire system and setting alight the sparkling crystal within each cell, each organ, each chakra, each channel and each layer of mind/form/body.

"And let the emotions that arise be felt fully and washed away, without attempting to explain in reasoned terms how such joy and grief can co-exist, but accept that they do, in the same manner there can be a color without name in your world."


Thought Adjuster: "See now how such emotions subside to leave a peaceful and energy-filled bliss, so contrasted with the tired, hopeless lethargy with which you came to speak with us this night. And whilst we have discussed with you profound teachings on the inter-relatedness of all phenomenon, The Scribe and I, this is the true teaching -- the peace that can be found when you allow yourself to reside within the hand of your Guiding Light, your Divine Being.

"Sit now some more, and drink your fill, and I drink with you in gladness of your willingness to cement our bond more closely, and delight in the unfolding of your understanding in each and every day.

"I have waited long for you to make a regular commitment to spend time communing with Me, and I am glad you recognized the call today as ‘time to spend time’. Now hush your excitement, and be, with Me."

Receiver’s Note: This is an example of celestial humor. Within modern Physics, light is understood as both a wave and a particle. The Scribe is therefore making a gentle pun with this sentence, and seemed quite delighted by it Himself.

© 11:11 Progress Group.



North Yorkshire, UK, November 6, 2005.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Working For The Glory Of All."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: "The Midwayers are well pleased that you remembered them within your prayers tonight. Such intercessions are always welcome by all spirit beings as it promotes stronger ties of love and caring between the realms, which so often has been one-way. They do not ‘need’ or require them, but it gladdens their hearts regardless, as it does yourself when you are aware that you are in another’s kind and loving thoughts or prayers.

"Their job is one of ceaseless toil and little gratitude, working in their desire to further God’s creation and to assist humanity, and the Earth that is also their home, to evolve into its own blueprint perfection. For as you grow, so too do they, working tirelessly to become ever closer to God.

"Think upon your own wishes and desires with regards to this matter; is your ambition always aligned towards true perfection of the Divine? Or are there selfish elements within your wishes? A part, perhaps, that wishes to ‘become the best’ or to be recognised for your work and achievements?

"It is, of course, only natural for such human concerns to occasionally cloud the reasons for your zeal; moments when your ambition may not be as purely motivated as you wish. It is also difficult, at times, for you to balance the absolute requirement within the eyes of the Divine to ‘Be your Best’, without succumbing to the temptation to be ‘better than’. Of course, for you to truly be your best, all others must be their best, too, and then true heartfelt communion with all becomes possible.

"By recognizing the times that your motivation becomes less than pure, and by sincerely desiring that such clouding thoughts vaporize to leave an unending desire to serve God regardless of thanks, recognition, or personal gain, then it becomes easier for this desire to manifest in actuality.

"I am not berating you, but pointing out that this is a stumbling block in us becoming ever closer for you, as it is for many. It is a remnant of your ego attempting to remain in control of you, rather than working with you for the Glory of All.

"As you look into the eyes of another, remember that within them, too, resides a Fragment of the Divine much as Myself, differing only in Its specific appointed tasks. Then you will find it much harder to retain any notion of false pride within your own accomplishments, as you recognise that to be ‘better than’ simply is not possible within True Nature.

"Each person performs the best they are able to perform, all search knowingly or unknowingly for Union of Spirit, and all are guided more or less consciously by their Divine Selves to undertake the lessons and challenges which allow them to unfold their own perfect plan.

"So be grateful instead that you have been blessed with a plan which allows so much joy, so much exploration and so much interaction with the unseen reality realms and give thanks, and know this plan is perfect for you, as every other’s is perfect for them.

"Strive to remain in stillness each moment of each day, through every act, so your heart beat becomes a moment of awareness in the hand of the Divine, and at this point negativity will become impossible to sustain.

"Sit back now and allow my energy to flow completely into yours, filling your heart with warmth, and allowing it to flow over and extend all around as I taught you. I love you all ways. I AM."

© The 11:11 Progress Group


Michael & Adjuster
North Yorkshire, UK,
November 9, 2005.
Michael and Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Creativity and Bile."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Michael: "Find your voice My Child, and be not afraid to sing it from the rooftops. When a being, such as yourself, truly feels the love of life, and allows this to shine through them in facial expression, bodily movement or rippling laughter, the joy of love is infused within the hearts of each who lays witness.

"What can bring more Glory to God than that—an unashamed appreciation of all of His creation.

"And creativity lies at the heart of this. In each spare moment, when you ponder ‘what to do?’ turn to your own creativity and know it is God expressing himself through your body, whether in music, poetry, arts or craft. Each acts as the same, a conduit for the expression of all, and the creation of something new and miraculous, however long lasting.

"Through these delights you may come close to the world of the Father/Mother/Creator and understand more of their sincere to desire to create with, and through you.

Thought Adjuster: "Allow the crystalline energy to run up and down through your bodies, dissolving residual resistance to Me, your Divine aspect, as it goes. It sends you to such bliss, such warmth, that you know your entire being to be aflame, and immune to the chills of the night.

"Now let those noxious fumes that arise, tasting acidic in the back of your mouth, be expelled by your breath from your being. This substance is as of bile, smelt by your inner sense, and like bile, a carrier of vitriolic anger and fear. It no longer has a place within your body, and is being slowly expunged by natural processes as we come closer, you and I. Expect it often over the next few weeks, and release each outpouring with Grace and acknowledgment that such energies are no longer necessary within your life.

"Then let the crystalline flow engulf you once more, washing away all trace of that outpouring, and sending it back to the Mother.

"Your ‘mission’ tonight is to seek out Arna once more, to follow the celestial trail to her door. She will be waiting."

Receiver’s Note: Imagine my surprise when I sit down to read an hour later, about traditional Mexican healers, and discover that in that tradition there is a condition known as ‘bilis’, which is an excess of bile, giving rise to anger. Such confirmations are always welcome as I fight against doubt.

© The 11:11 Progress Group