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Scribe-Sananda - Meanings of The Divine - 5 Transcripts - Apr 19, 2005 - Helen Whitworth;  Illawarra, AU


Receive Dates:

  1. 01-19-05 Intro to Revelations List
  2. 01-24-05 Still in The Storm
  3. 01-31-05 Identity of Being
  4. 03-22-05 Sphere of Creation
  5. 04-19-05 Meanings of Divine

Cheshire, UK, January 19, 2005.The Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: "Introduction to the 11:11 Revelations List"

Received by Helen Whitworth.


The Scribe:

"It is of no concern to the spirit world whether or not you intellectually understand a lesson. It is only of concern that you feel the truth of a lesson, and allow it to resonate within your own heart.

"Much of the way we teach is clouded and cloaked for good reason. It is difficult for us to translate fully the energetic experiences of which we speak and partake. To those of you who are in human form, and who are living in a different reality, the paradigms do not transfer well, and so, often we talk by using analogy, and we simplify in order to make ourselves felt.

"A further problem is that within your reality much of the truth has no meaning. It cannot be expressed in words or sentences, or drawn in a picture. It can only be felt.

"Beware then of attaching too much significance to each word that is stated. For by doing so, you can lose the meaning within those words.

"Always then, when you read revelations and messages, allow yourself to 'sit within' calm space. Clear your mind of thoughts. Ensure you are open to yourself and to your guides, and begin to read, allowing every nuance of energy to filter through your systems.

"There will at times be paragraphs you do not initially comprehend. Do not hold back on these, or mull them too much within your own mind, but continue, and allow the flow to continue with you. You can always go back later, re-read that paragraph, and take it with you to dream-state, to understand if you feel more of its truth.

"You may find that it is not meant to make sense to you at that first point in time, and at reading the message again in future months, it may give further clarification. In all ways you will comprehend and feel that which you are ready to comprehend, and you can speed your growth by taking these very simple steps.

"We encourage you always to question, to push the limits and boundaries of your own minds, and of those who work with you. Your true question, honestly asked from the center of your heart, will rarely be ignored.

"We are glad to see you all taking this brave step into the unknown, into those areas which may bring fear, but which can also give great rewards. We honor you for your searching, for your inquisitive minds, for they are people like yourselves that change the world.

"Expect much of many different subjects, some which will fall closer to your heart than others. Be tolerant where there are those, which fall away from your areas of interest. Know that they are there for a reason, too, and someone else will gain that benefit.

"And so, wishing you welcome once again, we thank you for your dedication and look forward to getting to know many of you personally in the interactions in the following Now’s.

"We say, those of you who approach with open mind and open heart will not be able to go adrift. We know each and everyone of you. You have all been called. This is no mistake. The heights to which your learning may progress is not yet apparent, but know there is no accident within the timing within these messages, and within the group with which we work.

"Do not try to force others to join this group. You may, of course, mention it to those you feel may have resonance, but it is a personal path, and as such each individual's path should be honored, regardless of whether it resembles your own or not.

"There is no 'better than' associated with this list. It is merely for individuals of a different character. We bid you to remember this, as arrogance is never pretty, nor does it bring you closer to your Master within.

"We encourage questioning, we encourage you to listen to you own answers, and to share when you receive insight upon information posted to you. In this way, the list may grow together and in full co-operation between all.

"I shall be teaching many of the lessons through this receiver, but others will join at times—specialists.

"I leave you now, with a fond farewell and a gladness in my heart at the insemination of this new project.

"I Am The Scribe."

11:11 Revelationary List ©


Cheshire, UK, January 24, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Still In The Storm."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe:

"Still your mind and allow peace within your heart.

"There is much to speak of today; the wheel turns ever faster, spinning the Earth on its axis faster, so that this is even noted within your physical reality. The movement of such Earth-bound forces manifest themselves in many ways within your collective consciousness, or the subconscious psyche of all humanity.

"By being at peace, by holding yourself within a point of stillness, it is possible to weather these storms with grace and calm. The motions brought about cause a similar movement within your own energetic systems, and within your own thoughts and perceptions of the world of reality.

"As we shift across into higher dimensional realities, and into a reality which is closer to the truth, and of less illusion, then there will be fits and starts as the veil ruptures, and then reforms. Currently there are pockets, which are located fully within the entirety of reality as will be known within the new world. However, these are pockets, often temporary pockets, as well as within fixed location.

"However, from these seeds there will be ripples, as the underlying energetic forces of your current realities are no longer able to be sustained upon this Earth. Within your heart you are already at the higher reality levels, and indeed higher than where it is going to be shifted to within the current changes. It is therefore this place from within by which you are able to weather the storm.

"Hold true the light within your heart. Feel it being steady, and know all else to be mere disturbances, static and noise, around the point of real truth, and of real beauty. Soon the point of 'now' will be upon you. You will no longer be caught up in the dramas of the world, of changing events, but you will be able to reside fully within your own peace, and find the constancy, which is to walk with your Master within. "

© 11:11 Progress Group


Cheshire, UK, January 31, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Identity of Being."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe:

"As you as individuals have signatures; your auras, your physicality, your emotional and thought patterns, so too does every article, every being, every atom, every cell and each life-form within your Universe. Think on this for a while.

"An atom holds its own print, not only of the energy which designates it as Oxygen or Hydrogen, but also one which makes it identifiable as each individual print which contains the history of that atom and its place and function within the Now.

"It has been understood recently within Physics that particles are merely a collection of frequency waves, of probability and of harmony, yet within this simple structure it is still possible to identify each atom and its place and function within this world.

"As atoms organize themselves into molecules, so a molecule contains its print, its unique signature which defines it and its place within the world. And so the molecules fall together to create cells, or solid material. Solid in only so much as you perceive, for truly these molecules and these cells have their print created as an accumulation of the prints, which sit at the atoms that make them, and of the molecules that make the cell.

"Yet as each oxygen atom can be defined as different to the next, so too a molecule of two oxygen atoms will have a different print to the oxygen molecule elsewhere within the world. Each is fully an individual.

"Consider then how the frequency patterns, the harmonies and the probabilities add within greater and greater complexity, to form higher and higher levels of complex life-form. A plant contains many types of molecule, many types of cell, many different structures of tissue. A rose will hold the frequency of 'Rose', yet also of its individual nature, and its position within the world.

"The complexity within these structures is immense, each holding the blueprint to its own growth, its own evolution. And consider now how this relates to the human being. You too are a collection of tissues, of organs, and you too hold your history, your purpose and your place within the world, within your signature. Yet, also, your signature is a sum of its parts, and a sum of the history of the building blocks, which fit together to make 'You'.

"Consider now the world. Is it not also a collection of such building blocks—the vibration of harmony and probability, which adds together to make the world all that it is. It will contain the print that says 'planet' but also that which makes it 'Earth', within your Solar System, within your Universe, as a unique planet with its own identity, its own purpose and its own history. It is also a sum of all its parts, and its identity is created from the building blocks within it.

"Do you see now that all you are, and as much as you are, as an individual human being, is part of Earth, part of your society, part of the Universe, but also a sum of all the life which goes to make you up, and so how can you say one being is better than another, or worse than a second?

"Each of you are collections of harmonies, collections of probabilities, which weave together to make 'You', the individual. But you also have your place within the wider world, and within the greater structures created by the Divine force of God.

"Consider this for a while, and wonder whether humility has a place above arrogance, and whether peace has a place above war. Truly all is connected. Everything that exists within the vastness of 'All Universes' relies upon these fundamental laws of harmony and probability, and within that structure it becomes easier to see how the ripples of an individual may change the course of the evolution of a race, yet how each individual is merely a cog within a much larger system of wheels.

"By considering yourself and your own make-up, the frequencies which fit to define 'You', and aligning these definitions with the world around you, then soon your path in front of you becomes clear. It is no longer possible whilst thinking in this way to walk counter to your own self and your own identity.

"This also will explain to you why we talk to you at times as individual beings, and at times as humanity, for in truth there is little difference. Your waves, that adhere together on all levels of being to create who you are, physical, emotional, spiritual, are true, your calling signs, but we too have such calling signs, and have our own energetic place within the universe.

"Consider the names, the numbers, of your celestial brethren alongside this explanation, and it may become more apparent why we use numbers often, rather than names which translate more easily into your human reality.

"Your greatest task is to find your own. You need not term these as numbers, or as colors, but to find the traits within you, which fully create who You Are, within your history, within your Now, and within your Identity (Id-entity).

"And when you spend time in nature, talking to others, or simply seated in your dining room, then consider the vast array of building blocks that create you, that create the walls, that create the grass you walk upon, and the clothes you wear. See each as containing their own essence, and then there is no limit to the light and beauty you will perceive within this world.

"This is not an easy concept for many of you to comprehend. Understanding is just a first point upon that path. So look into yourself, think of the way you work, see the way you relate, find your true self through observation, every day, without attachment and without judgment and you may come to understand this teaching from your heart as truth.

"I leave you now, and bless you all for your courage, on this world, within these identities, as Spiritual-Being.

I AM Yours and I AM You.

The Scribe.

© 11:11 Progress Group


Cheshire, UK, March 22, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Sphere Of Creation."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe:

"In the beginning of time was explosion. Time had no meaning before this point. Yet time is a phenomenon only experienced by certain classes of creation. So what then of the rest of creation at that point of explosion? You may see this explosion as a rippling out of creation, and from within Divine point, much as was discussed with the Rainbow in a previous lesson.

"Imagine a sphere, perfect, everything emanating from one point, all equi-distant from the center of this point. This perfect sphere is then used as a football, is used to play tennis, and is batted around, thrown into different circumstances.

"Soon each point of the sphere becomes to look different. Some will be pitted where small amounts of material have been removed. Others will be grown upon as it collects from the environment. Some may be dirty, some may be clean, but each point starts to gain character, which makes it unique, so that you can orientate the sphere and recognise one side or another, whereas previously, however you held this ball it would all look identical.

"This sphere, or rather the surface of this sphere, is that which you experience, is that which was created from the explosion of time. You, as humans, live upon the surface of this sphere, exploring how the outer reaches of Divine light, and the Divine spark, can experience creation through the separation of All That Is into Every-Thing.

"Consider though the surface of the sphere in not All that Is. Inside that sphere there is also matter—matter that is protected from its direct conjunction with the environment by the surface. As the surface gets colored in different paints it collects mud and it gets worn away, and the interior of the sphere remains as perfect as always before. This is where Spirit is located—the non-ascendant aspects of God's creation.

"You can see now, too, how disruptions within the world of man may manifest throughout spirituality, that of All Spirit, for if the wearing on the surface of the sphere becomes extreme then cracks may be created, material which was not at surface becomes at surface, and how, if there is deep gouging into this ball, then that removes part of the volume within. Thus events such as the Rebellion can send ripples throughout all of God's creation.

"There is re-generation available, and without the aspect of time, although these ripples are felt, they do not form deep and lasting impact. This may only be seen from your perspective, for from the eyes of Spirit, the ball is ever perfect, and also ever flawed. Spirit sees the ball as a pristine, new, virgin sphere, and it knows all on that sphere, whether on the surface or whether in the interior as perfection of the Divine made manifest.

"It also sees, too, the knocks and bumps, but watches the journey of the ball as it is played with, as it is explored, and as it explores what its own potentials are. So it sees the conjunction of the two.

"And know that mountains and hills, valleys, troughs, scarring on the surface of the ball are not considered within negativity by Celestial Beings, but as a wonderful explosion of the possibilities that are inherent when the Divine Spark splits itself through explosion, and allows itself to forget who it truly is.

"I ask you to ponder this concept for a while, and consider how it fits with the previous teachings, especially that of the rainbow of Light of previous transmissions concerning the nature of time, and of resonance. And so you may come to a better understanding of how these concepts allow you, as humanity, to be so weak within your powerfulness, and so powerful within your weakness, and also why we hold you so very dearly within our hands.

"I leave you now. I AM Yours, all of yours. The Scribe."

© 11:11 Progress Group


North Yorkshire, England, April 19, 2005.
The (Damascus) Scribe.
Subject: "The Meanings of Divine."
Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe:

"Let me infuse fully within your body. You will find a regular routine of much use during your travels. We do not wish you to burn out, nor to become unbalanced, especially at this difficult time of transition for you. This is partly selfish, since we have much work to do through you, and gratefully accept your offer of all assistance in service of the Divine.

"The word Divine itself is interesting, is it not? You know it to have two meanings, yet rarely do you consider how these may be related. Divine as a Supreme God Source, that which is of God. And divine, as used in divination, to divine the meaning, the truth, of hidden information within circumstance, and within the surroundings. All divination is to find the spark of the Divine within each and every moment, and to use that as guidance within your own world. It is the Divine made tangible, through Divination of Man. So indeed, yes, you may divine in any moment, in any time, from any circumstance, from any object, since All is fundamentally of God.

"Do not then restrict your divining to those moments when somebody requests information from the tarot or from the pendulum, for these are only tools, and when used for others, of less use than when used to look within to your own Divine self, for whilst they may provide guidance, is it not better to teach others to discover the guidance within their own self, for that will be more truly theirs. You may divine the presence of God at every moment of every day, and indeed this is a goal to work for throughout your lifetime, that you may never feel the divide which appears when you see yourself as separate from all that is God, all that is good, and all that is Divine.

"Think also of the joy inherent within the word, also used in trivial manner to discuss the nature of food, but also of art, of creativity, of full expression, which brings within you an ecstasy of joy and understanding, as you allow yourself to merge with the thoughts of the creator of that object when they have created it within moments of divine inspiration. This is what true art is—the creation and bringing forth of Divine inspiration into the material world of Man through any medium. This may be sound, as well as touch, sight, or taste. It may be the simplicity of well-made and crafted material, made with tenderness, love and joy. It may be the mountains and scenery of nature. It may be the taste of chocolate that has been created from the finest.

"They are all indications of 'divine-ness', if creations are made from the finest and the best, from the most pure of inspiration, and from the willing of an individual or group to work with impeccability and to not settle for less than perfection. Is this not indicative, too, of the nature of the Divine, Who has created your world within all perfection, Who has imbibed you all with the Spirit of Himself, and Who, as an Artist, loathes to see people disregard and misunderstand His work? So, too, the Divine feels this grief upon the disregard that much of humanity pours upon the Earth. It would be considered vandalism to throw paint or scissors at a masterpiece of painting. Vandalism, truly, indeed, yet you vandalize God's art systemically, and many do not even turn to consider or pay attention to such acts.

"Think then of your own relation to the Divine within the world. Do you divine the presence of God within every moment, within every action and circumstance around you, or do you disregard? Is it possible to see the Divine if the previous moment you have been dropping litter, or polluting? All is linked, as well you know. And if you truly saw the creation of this world as extension of the Divine, and yourself, too, created from that same spark, then would you be so willing to act with ignorance, and cause harm upon your beautiful planet?

"This is a stern message, but sent with kindness. You have been children long enough. Now it is time to grow, and to take responsibility for all your actions, and at this point, at this crux between being a child and an adult, it is important that guidance be given in order that you may improve yourself for both the betterment of yourself and others, as individuals, as humanity, and as part of the wider races of spiritual beings within this universe. I bid you therefore, all, to consider the ways with which you celebrate the Divine, and the ways by which you ignore or scar it, that you may find your triumphant way of living in balance with your surroundings, and with the Creator that formed all that you are, and Is all that you are.

"You understood today of the nature of trees. This is a subject we will discuss further, at length, as you understand more how these become the cellular nervous structure of the Earth, but there has been much new information for you already today, with the introduction of your new teacher Simeon. I do not wish to over-stress your system, which is not currently at the peak of its condition. I request in service to us, that you do not trouble yourself to complete the work with which you have set yourself this evening, but instead relax, and attend to yourself with full healing. Your condition limits the amount we may discuss at any point in time, so this is the most important thing you may do for us at this juncture. Whilst the world is in urgency, remember nows expand and contract alongside the waves and ripples of time, and so, on some days, grace will have little effect here. Let me now flow through you again more fully, and wrap you within my arms, and thank you for your dedication. I Am You, and You Are Me. And I love you always. The Scribe. "

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