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Sun of Knowing - Hidden Agendas and Power Plays -  Mar 31, 2005 - JaDe, O'jibwa Tribe Canada; Illawarra, AU

[Sun of Knowing]

Ontario, Canada,

March 31, 2005.

Teacher Brother (Via the Sun Circuit).

Subject: "Hidden Agendas, Power Plays.

"Received by JaDe of the O'jibwa Tribe. (White Buffalo Elder).


Teacher Brother:

"During the last while we have been discussing the seemingly easy life of people on the American plate, and their friends connected through to the Roman dynasty, and how they seem to be able to continue to have a materialistic-centered philosophy as well as the inbred feeling that they are far above the rank and file on the planet. That they have the right to consume a far vaster percentage of the resources relative to the number of people they are.

"This has been allowed to continue to maximize the evolution of the intelligence quotient within the human psyche as an interesting experiment to see the limitations of the cranial capacity, as well as to get a feeling as to how far the self-centeredness could and would progress as the specie becomes more intelligent. It has been noticed that very few of the specie have been able to reach a level of intelligence to be able to conceptualize ramifications beyond a very small number of variables, and while they can continue to evolve and develop hypotheses relating to very small areas of interest, they have almost in total been unable to do this (whilst) looking at a broader picture.

"They have been able to do a certain amount of this in 'think-tank' environments by putting a number of cranial capacities together to postulate theorems based on the inputs of many, but even doing this they have been relatively unsuccessful at combining these into a homogeneous picture that they can totally understand themselves and communicate to others in such a simplistic and demonstrative manner that they could cause any amount of realistic change in the thought patterns of the majority of the people, particularly those in a position to orchestrate major changes to the direction and wants of the populations.

"It was thought that this might have started to have evolved out of the specie, as the ramifications of what was being caused by their wanton neglect of the basic support systems that are in place to help them became more apparent. However, it is becoming, and is now very, very obvious that the specie is unable to do this, as it is fundamentally unable to be honest amongst itself, and has evolved to an ongoing psyche which keeps huge amounts of thought processes away from other groups, resulting in very large numbers of hidden agendas, power plays, working for very selfish end results, etc. This has also become very dominant between the 'ruling race' and those supporting them in their endeavors, and as such the 'ruling race' thinks nothing of overusing and manipulating the populace, which looks up to them for direction.

"As is quite obvious to anybody that can take a broad view, the situation is becoming vastly exacerbated, and is on the verge of going through another major climatic change as well as a major psychological change, which will affect almost the total population of humanity on the planet in such a manner that at the end of the period most of them will no longer be physical bodies on the planet but will have transcended to the area of soul-spirit where they will be retained for further processing in a manner very similar to that outlined in the Urantia papers.

"This process will no doubt take considerable time as related to the human concept of time, but each spirit/soul entity will definitely have an opportunity to think through its mortal existence and postulate upon different outcomes that could have resulted from different actions on its part.

"A large majority of the souls will find that this is a very difficult and gut-wrenching process, particularly as they try to postulate what they personally would do to change the negative outcomes of their actions while on the planet in mortal form, or to put this another way, to reconcile their almost total disregard for the many spiritual philosophies which they knew, and which outlined the preferred attitudes of the people, and outlined a fundamental system which would have resulted in and maintained a peaceful society within the planet, which could have then evolved down a very different path, resulting in a very different type of thought process—one, which could easily have overcome the fundamentally unnecessary animalistic 'fight or flight' tendencies, which have continued to be very evident within the specie. I think this is the end of what we are going to discuss for the moment.

"I am glad everything is going well with you on the planet's surface. I realize it's not the nicest environment for your personality to try and exist in. Your Brother."

Teacher Mike:

"This has been a very tiring process for us.

"We are used to interacting with JaDe in a much more personal way and have found that we have tended to couch his Brother's (Michael of Nebadon) thoughts in a certain amount of generality in that we are nervous have made public a number of the pieces of knowledge, which are resident within JaDe's thought system, and which we have full authority to discuss with him and to edify him as to the macro activities which will be undertaken to move the planet into another era, and eliminate the animalistic tendency, which has continued to evolve within the humanoid specie, as well as to propagate complimentary tendencies within the other physical specie within or on the planet, so as to produce a more peaceful and amicable society which can continue to evolve and optimize the utilization of the resources of the planet.

"Although this is a very long, long-term picture which will be the result of a total restructuring of the physical aspects of the planet over a relatively short period of time, the process will result in large amounts of trauma being experienced by the residents of the planet. This will also result in a large and challenging process for the spirit realm to evolve satisfactory and meaningful methods of helping these spirit/souls to work through the results of the trauma in such a manner that they will be able to reach decisions as to what they would like to do with their future possibilities and choices.

"This is alluded to in the Urantia papers but has to date not been manifested to a large degree upon the planet as it is not considered that the planet is at a level of maturity to be able to handle the thought processes related thereto, as well as the obvious ramifications to the spirit/souls in that the spirituality has not managed to evolve past a very rudimentary and selfish nature, and has not been able to view the good of the total as being totally relevant to the good of the individual on a global basis.

"For the moment that is the end of this communication and we wish you a very good night and we wish JaDe all the best and we think he's just a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful being to be able to work with.

"Good Night to all. "

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