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Simeon - The New Pope and About Structures of Belief - Apr 19, 2005 - Helen Whitworth; Illawarra, AU

North Yorkshire, England,

April 19, 2005.

Personal Teacher, Simeon.

Subject: " Introduction and the New Papacy."

Received by Helen Whitworth.


Two Transmissions -


"I say hello, and move first to introduce myself. My name in this world is Simeon, and I am a friend and brother to many of the Teachers within your group. I have been allocated to work with you for some time, much in the way my brother Samuel works with George Barnard within his understanding of the more personal aspects of spiritual growth and development, alongside teachings that are able to be shared with all.

"In the middle of these teachings shall be the core of your own way of moving forwards, onwards and upwards through your own spiritual journey, but surrounding this I shall cover many topics with you, from science and psychology through philosophy and the understanding of the nature of All that Is.

"I, myself, have specific interests within the worlds of religion, and how these manifest within the minds of man, and how true religion may be formed from within the debris of more dogmatic aspects of this part of life. Many of your religions have chosen to be corrupted through the wish of individuals to regain power for themselves, and through the willingness of others to hand their power over to these people in order to gain 'salvation' at little 'cost' to themselves.

"There still will lie many strata of truth within almost all religious practices within this world, and by discernment, and by reading beyond the superficial value of the words within the scriptures, within the other Holy books and writings, then it is possible to come to a truth that resounds within your own heart. This is not an easy path, it has never been an easy path, which is why handing over your power to others may seem an easy option, but this does not reward with gainful dividend.

"Most timely, my first conversation with you, on the ascension of a new Pope to head the religious practice you know as Catholic. This is a strong group within the world, and one that has held much political and religious sway over many centuries. There has been much evil done in the name of this religion, as there has in the name of many of the world's religions, yet it, too, at its center, is founded upon truth. The man who has been elected by God, by the conclave, to preside as Pope for the duration of the rest of his life is a good man. He truly does know God within his heart, and he will be a fitting example for those who wish to seek him as example, rather than as regent.

"No man at base is holier than any other. Each of you Are God (see note). And religion is only useful in that it may bring you closer to God, both with-in and with-out (internally and externally). Look therefore on this historic day for it to be a point of Peace, as indeed is his chosen name. And take this word, and to bring it out from within your own selves into the world around. This is a choice each individual must make for themselves, but with guidance from people with experience, and from your own spiritual mentors, you may all find this way.

"Much has been discussed with you previously through your lessons with Armesh and The Scribe, about the nature of leadership, and the nature of your own mastery—you see I have been filled in on your past curriculum—so I shall not go into greater detail on this now. Needless to say my message is always the same, as every message does boil down and reduce to the fundamental teaching that you are all your own masters, and to allow the light of your God-self to shine forth within this world.

"It surprises you somewhat that the goings on within the Catholic faith are of importance to you, since you have never been part of this faith, and considering the information Sananda imparted to you during your recent visit to the Vatican, however, as a representative of the Human race, the affairs of religion that affect so many people must affect you as well, as it affects All in this world, whether of Islam, whether of Buddhism, whether of one of the many Christian faiths, or indeed whether of Paganism or no fixed religion.

"It is in the world events that you may mark how the progress of this world turns. And we say that the choice of this man, whilst not immediately exciting perhaps to those of you on the outside, is a good choice indeed, and one with which humanity should be well proud. The name of Peace has been chosen. Let it be chosen elsewhere throughout humanity, also.

"This thought concludes my first conversation with you, and I trust and hope that we shall know and enjoy each other's energy with greater depth and understanding over the coming weeks months and years. I am well pleased to be working with you individually and as part of the Progress Group, and request that for some time you call upon me on a daily basis in stillness, that you may come to more fully know my voice and feel my support in co-operation. This need not be formal, but I request this, and in all honesty, it will serve you well to concur, as there is much I may teach you. I say now goodbye, and pass you now to your master, The Scribe.

Note: Here refers to our being indwelt by a Thought Adjuster, Which is God.

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Bala, North Wales, June 1, 2005.
Teacher Simeon.
Subject:"Structures of Belief. "
Received by Helen Whitworth.


"In time, all of the preconceptions of the world will be shown to be just that; preconceptions—structures of belief, which have created reality, some of which is beautiful, some of which leaves much to be desired. The greatest ( i.e. largest) form of this construction is that which removes you from the knowledge of Divine Love. It is the saddest, most heart-rending part of your own creation, yet it is also that which has been necessary in order for us to discover how fully a Divine Being feels their own Divinity within themselves, and feels the necessary pull back towards Divine, and towards the knowledge of Divine within self, in order to progress and to evolve and to further map out the unknown territory of the manifest universe.

"In doing so, you experience many things, some good, some bad, some painful, some truthful, but all of these can assist you in learning, and can assist the entirety of the universe in learning, also. It is a difficult job, a difficult position, but one which in the fullness of time will reap the greatest rewards. Know that we never abandoned you. Know that all that has happened in your history, as a race and as a planet, has happened for Good reason. Know that Nothing has been by accident, and that no course taken was unpredicted or unknown.

"Over the millennia, much untruth has been told in the name of Religion. We say now it is time to unmask those truths, and those truths can be found within the heart and soul of every one of you. You do not need the Bible, the Koran, or indeed the Urantia Book to tell you what you know is true, and if you distill this knowledge to its briefest elements, perhaps the knowledge that Divine Love is All, then you will be able to read all Holy texts within the light in which they are meant; as allegory, as teachings, but not to be held as inviolable truth, for by doing so, you will miss the meaning, and you will lose the truth within your own heart.

I owe you the greatest of love. I Am Simeon."

Receiver's notes: We are called 'Divine Beings' here by virtue of our indwelling Father Fragments. This session was hurriedly brought to a close by loud and sustained noise outside.

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