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Unknown - Free or Zero Energy - May 17, 2004 - Helen Whitworth; Illawaraa, AU

[Zero Energy]

Free Energy by Unknown

Guernsey, UK, May 17, 2004.

[An interrupted Transmission].

Received by Helen Whitworth.



"Feel and it will be moving the flow from one place to another, accelerating the molecules as they transmit the energy into matter allowing faster movement with loss of mass thus continuing the cycle forever. This is the basis of free energy and it can be used in myriad ways, from transport to computers, healing works, and many other devices of such nature.

"Gravity can also assist by bending the substrates of many areas of the space-time fabric. Again, there is (an) acceleration. This is done by increasing the density of the void areas and allowing movement through the grids.

"You must understand that this mechanism will only occur naturally in places with many positive ions and heavy metals, and whilst it is possible to replicate this on a small scale, the mining of such elements is not useful to assist humanity.

"Instead, concentrate on the free power available through the magnetic crust at any point on the Earth's surface, and utilize it for life-enhancing reasons.

"Without a spiritual aspect, the magnetic lines will not sustain the movement. They require less dense thought patterns in order to assist the acceleration patterns and ultimately allow the movement by easy travel off this earth plane, and physically through into other dimensions.

"The water cooler is a little device I never had a chance to make available. It requires an amount of ice remaining in ice (form) for many moons by the use of a magnetic cooling plate.

"The plate is a series of concentric circles of aluminum oxide and potassium oxide, forming a grid pattern by the use of a diagonal through the circles. These elements are combined with a small initial charge, which continues to build as it circles the system, interacting with chemicals to form more free ions and perpetuating the magnetic field.

"These hold in crystalline form the water, which, trapped in an insulating layer, will maintain low temperature over time with minimal fuss.

"The oxides will become metals, and then (go) back (to oxides) as they oscillate through cycles of . . . [abrupt break to the transmission].

Receiver's note: This information about how to harness the Earth itself to create free energy came somewhat out of the blue. The details on the water cooler advice mean little to me, though I have some feelings towards it. Accompanying the transmission was a diagram of concentric circles with a line through it, and seeing the directions of magnetic field through each section of 'wire' changing direction in a regular manner. This would indicate that the reaction could somehow instigate an e-m oscillating field.

How the chemistry works, and why this would be endothermic, I have much less idea.

If anyone has any thoughts on this subject, please do contact us. As often stated, where a receiver has little knowledge of a subject, it is much more likely that human error will creep in, but there is often still an essence of truth, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated—Helen.

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