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Beloved One - A Lesson On Subliminal Input - Aug 22, 2005 - ProgressGroup, AU

Urantia, August 22, 2005.
A Teacher named : The Beloved One."
Subject: "A Lesson on Subliminal Input."

Contributing Receiver.


The Beloved One: "Subliminal input is about influences you are not even aware of. This is a most interesting subject to discuss, as it will serve you to become more aware of the effects you are daily subject to, especially via the modem of your technologies, and of all media through which your ideas and views of the world are shaped. Subliminal input can be a very dangerous thing because popular opinion often becomes swayed by the concealed messages the news conveys.

"The more the world gets into your living rooms, the more hidden technologies consisting of different vibrations along different frequencies, can be used. It is now, more than ever before in this time of great changes in the world—changes you can now learn about in a few minutes or even seconds of your time—that it behooves you seek your own personal and private connection to the All That Is.

"It will become ever more important to steer a steady course of hope, faith and trust in the unseen Creator of all, Whom you shall all face in the eternal future. Much depends on all of you, individually, how you shall react to all the messages with which you are bombarded every day. It is best to stay the course and develop the habit of going within to find that Pure Center of God, which inhabits every thinking human being. Do not ever be too busy in your doing, in case you get stressed out with no time left to contact Me within you. It is now more important than ever to seek and maintain your connection to Me, so I can unerringly guide you as to the best path to pursue in the doing of the Creator’s Will, which is always the way with the most love in it.

"There will come a time when you need to chose between war or peace. Which will you choose? The warring factions within yourselves need to be sorted out first of all, and this can only be done with a growing into a greater self-awareness, so you will be less under the influence of undesirable vibrations. You will better understand these negative vibrations when you come into a greater awareness, which, to some extent, you now have when someone 'rubs you the wrong way.' This is one way of realizing that certain vibrations do not mash. It is much like being among like-minded people, or kindred spirits, for even then there are differences in vibration and in understanding. It is a time to become very fluid and it takes great flexibility of mind to flow around potential obstacles, which might arise as misunderstandings.

"It is not required that you all should see and think alike, but it is required for you to grow in patience and become able to see each other's viewpoints without coercion, as so often happens, especially in the domain of religion and its hold upon the masses who really need to learn, and liberate themselves from the necessity of rote prayers, which fall on deaf ears.

"Prayers need the involvement of the heart. In this state of mind, there can be an earnest interaction between human and the Divine. Your Master Jesus said: 'Ask and you shall receive.' This you can only do when heart, soul and mind together are involved. It is a certain state of mind in worship towards your Creator, which protects you from the winds of change that blow about you. Your soul is then safely ensconced in the citadel of your spirit. This is the greatest protection you can have, even against subliminal input and mass hysteria."

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