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Unknown - Listen Up and Listen Well - Oct 17, 2005 - Washington State

Unknown 2005

Washington State, US of A, October 17, 2005.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: "Listen Up and Listen Well."

Received by Sunday Rain.


Teacher: "The Tempo of Life is set to accommodate the well being of a truer existence within the realm of True light. You are no more the wiser for all your trials and triumphs than is the wise man, who follows the lead of what once was, and who heeds not the lessons of today.

"We are real teachers, who offer our guidance with profound astuteness on behalf of all who listen. We willingly offer ourselves up for the whimsical "goings on" of what it is called to be ‘human.’

"Your task at hand is to listen astutely to what we are trying to talk to you about. Won’t you listen, and hear these words? Listening requires forethought and effort on your part to become a willing participant of the process. And what is this process? It is to heed to this Love, to feel this Love, and to adhere to the practice of Love.

"Come now and listen up, and listen well. Your ideas of what Love is cannot touch upon the genuine greatness of that which is All that Is, and will ever be.

"Time brings about changes that cannot be pre-destined, or pre-determined by you. Love is already in the making, and simply needs willing participants in the cause. The cause being the ability to harness such actions as these as to be a viable force upon the bringing about of the Universal Laws of Life, and upon all who play an intricate part within the cosmos.

"We are simply trying to awaken you to the fact that all is within the reaches and confines of a soul, who is ready to listen with an open heart and open ears."

(This part was suddenly added in a gentle voice as my significant other walked into the room):

"Love each other for who you are, and not for what you wish one another to be."

Receiver’s note: This lesson started out with a joke between my self and the spirit as I realized new reverence and new respect for the powers that be when turning to the clock prompting me. I was about to feel down about myself bowing my head in prayer, when the joke popped into my mind: "Keep your chin up, with your head bowed down."

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