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Serenia - Celebrate The Varied Songs - Apr 24, 2000 - Corvallis, OR

Corvallis, OR


April 24, 2000

  1. Use Our Words -
  2. Live it and Share it Best Teachers Are Livers -
  3. Celebrate the Varied Songs-
  4. Challenge One Another
  5. The Father in Creative Partnership -
  6. Reach Higher We Bless Your Efforts -
  7. You Do Well Father's Will the Way of Abundance and Joy

T/R Thea Hardy


Dear children, whom we all love so well, in this process of the uplift of your world, our words are not so much the important thing as the concepts we have come to teach you - it is of little matter if you use our words or your own, which is why some of this discussion is irrelevant to us. As with the UB, the point is to get across the vital concepts of preparation for morontia living, concepts that you have lost here on Urantia due to the rebellion and loss of the true government of the Planetary Prince, and the default of Adam and Eve - the loss of the Garden culture that would have guided you all in the face of the evolutionary struggles. If our words are used, this is good. If our words are not used, but your own, this is good. If a combination of your words and ours are used, this is good. If the gospel gets out in whatsoever words, this is excellent. If it is our hearts and yours in shared service of this needy world, what does it matter whose words are used? Truly, it does not. The point is that it you live it and then share it.

We are teachers; you are or can be teachers if you so desire; the more teachers the better. And the best teachers are livers - those who seek to live the concepts they teach. You have been given a marvelous opportunity to enlarge your own conceptual base and to share that enlargement with others. There are literally as many ways for this to be done as there are loving human hearts who creatively seek to help. Enjoy the differing dances of the heart as you each find your own ways of service. Celebrate the fact that you do not sing one song, for those who hear you will be many and varied. They need, the world needs, ALL of your songs. Together in your varied and diverse ways you will create a bigger truth than you can ever create with any one way, or any few ways. Challenge one another to be more creative in your instructional approaches, to reach further and higher and deeper and wider than you think possible. To sincerely restructure what we give you in any useful ways you can. To use what we give you as the jumping-off points for as much truth as you can grasp, live and share again outwardly.

The father lies ever within you, ready to meet any and all challenges by your side, AS the god-part of the future self you are yet now on the path of becoming. With your personality, ever creative, in partnership with this marvelous gift of the Father on Paradise, there is no end to the new ways that can arise for service. Do not limit yourselves so early out of the gate. Run hard with the wind, in the sun, and the rush of joyous knowing in your ears. Run to the goals of personal reconstruction. And know that for every piece of work that you do in sincere desire to heed the call to be ye perfect as the Father is perfect, to that degree will you also be enabled to share with others, to teach others, how to do likewise.

We bless your efforts on this world. We do not fret that you are yet young, all of you, in this venture, and that you struggle to understand which ways to turn, struggle to learn how to work with one another, struggle to know what is truly right and wrong versus what is part of old and outworn cultural limitations. How could it be otherwise, dear ones! Be not distressed at your own imperfections, nor with the imperfections of one another. This is how it must be at the beginning evolutionary stages. Even for those of us who come from advanced worlds, we are not born without experience, and must needs learn our ways. Even with perfect role models, perfection is yet an attainment and requires the efforts of mind and heart. You have all put forth valiant efforts, and will continue to do so in the future. Our hearts are full of gladness and gratitude that you have made the attempts to hear us and that you are seeking to learn the concepts we have given you. Be patient, and all that you desire will come to pass.

We love you with a tireless affection. To us, you are most marvelous, and what you see as faults, we see as obstacles that you bravely try to move beyond. We see the challenges that sometimes result in failure as the necessary episodes of learning that cannot be had without mistakes. Seek ever the path of the Father's will, that marvelous way of abundance and joy, not narrow as was thought in older times, but as broad as reality itself. Wean yourselves from the taste for unreality that your culture has deeply inculcated in you. The Father's path may look narrow from the perspective of distortion, but once you are plainly upon it, you will see that there is room for every God-given variation in the universe of universes - for this true road you are on is the path to the Supreme of which each of you are a co-creative aspect. The Father's love is forever the way forward and the sure and certain hope of the future you so desire for your home world. Remember, the Father's love never fails, therefore, when in his will, nor can you!

Farewell, dear ones,