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Serenia - Distress in Missions - Agondonter Life - Oct 14, 2005 - Oregon


LinEL Teaching MIssion Group Adair Village, Oregon

October 14, 2005

Serenia (TR Thea)

  1. Distress over Differences of Opinion -
  2. Early Mission Experimentation Universe Unfoldment Process Timetables -
  3. Agondonter Life -
  4. Teacher Presence -
  5. Human Role in the Supreme Upward Reach -
  6. Different Experiences of Effort Issues Concerning Balance -
  7. Teacher Joy in Student Growth Agondonter Realities -
  8. Bringing Forth Our Hopes More on Balance -
  9. Michael's Serpent/Dove Metaphor for Balance
  10. More Teacher Appreciation -
  11. Urantia Children Surrounded by Love Unity Possible Despite Problems -
  12. Moving Towards Tolerance
  13. The Father Is Our Home


Greetings, dear ones, it is I, Serenia, a teacher associated with the LinEL group in Adair Village, Oregon. I have been with this group since the early days and I am both grateful and well-pleased to be able to have an opportunity to share with you on this occasion. I know there is some distress throughout the mission about various approaches to living a more fully spiritual life and enhancing service capabilities in a number of different ways. My elder brother LinEL long ago informed our group of the fact that in those early stages of the mission, it was important for different teachers to approach groups in different ways in order to gather experience in the manner of teaching you that could be most effective. This need has not changed. It will be many years yet before light and life is accomplished on Urantia, many centuries, and from our perspectives of time, these are yet early days.

It is hard for mortals to bear with the time-table for unfoldment when your world suffers so from its rebellion heritage. Hope is essential for all evolving mortals, and all the more so for agondonters, who must use hope to keep faith alive through the darkest hours. We are here in part to be hope to you, to be companions in your isolation, for even though the circuits now sing with the love and life of a vast universe, as a general rule, the hearts of most on your world will remain frequently parched and dry for some generations yet as the ramifications of healing move through your world culture. You who have chosen to have benefit of this process you call the teaching mission do not generally suffer as do so many of your fellows spread across a vast, still lonely world. This is why it is so critical that you strengthen your own reach for the Father so that you may reach out to those who can not yet lift their hands up to take their birthright as children of that most loving Father of All. As each of you rises upward in your path, your hands draw up yet others along the way, and in their turn, they do likewise, until a vast tree of life reaching for Father's love and down-reaching to those in need illumines the very growth of the Supreme in miniature.

You can only manage your own hands - what they reach for, upwards and downwards is determined by your own choices. It is not so important that your choices are perfect today as that they are increasingly informed by a growing desire in your hearts to attain your true destinies, to unfold as your true selves. Do not be discouraged by the faltering moments. These are inevitable in the young creaturehood of which you are a part.

It is still the case that you so often recreate the patternings of your earlier years, and the blame that you received for your lack of perfection then becomes a pattern that you repeat without wishing to. It will take effort and multiple decisions to turn your path, your pattern of movement, into one whose direction is more in the upward direction of Paradise. Even as you are born again, effort does not cease. I can tell you from experience that it does not cease for some time yet. But the difference between effort on behalf of a joyous vision calling you onward is nothing like the effort and struggle when you can barely envision through the fog and darkness what direction in which you must go, much less what you will inhabit in the times to come. When life seems too much, a season of rest in close contact with your inner spirit and other celestial companions is called for, no, is prescribed. This is a medicine to your weary souls. Take it and heal.

There is a balance on this journey that is sometimes difficult to understand. You do far better than you know, yet you are troubled by this need for balance that sometimes seems too delicate for security. Many of you have been talking of this recently in different ways, and we watch with profound love for you all, regardless of your beliefs and positions. For with the limitations that you have inherited on your world, both by genetics and culture, it is hard to see clearly. You do literally see through darkened glass until the eyes of the soul are fully lit, and for most this will not happen in the first life.

Your lives are filled with the challenges of living. You are asked to rise to these challenges. It is difficult if not impossible to rise to challenges you do not understand. And yet, on a world such as this, you must do precisely that. And you are indeed doing it! You are incredible in our eyes, brave and stalwart, even where you see yourselves and others as fumbling back and forth. We see you with wiser eyes and larger love, and our hearts are full watching your courage and your dedication to high ideals even in the face of much distress.

There is no visible planetary government to turn to for conceptual arbitration, for clarification of administrative directions. This is one of the special challenges of life as agondonters. Even seeing us face to face would not truly alter that status in the blink of an eye. For it is not until your very being KNOWS the truth of this, takes it almost for granted, that you move past that restriction, that sublime faith in the presence of only subjective proof. And forever, you will carry with you the shapings of this agondonter life - not as a restriction, but as a badge of bright honor.

On the day when the Magisterial Son does arrive, whatever that day may be, there is no magic that can totally overcome what you have lived without the unfoldment of time. This, too, therefore, will take its time to settle into you, to alter the brain paths you have built in adversity. The peace and joy of that day will prevail, but it will not mean immediate healing for all. No world moves to light and life in an instant.

Yet no world moves there without the endless choices of hope and faith made by its inhabitants. And while the mistakes and errors of you who have sought with all your hearts to dwell in the realities presented to you in this mission will in no way retard your planet’s forward motion, even so the faith and hope that you cherish and extend to others is even now bringing forth the reality of your hopes that light and life will flourish here on this world of your origins, the world of Michael's bestowal.

So the delicate balance, which is not so delicate as it appears, is found in neither turning your backs on the pursuit of the understanding of problems or the deeper definitions of difficulties, nor is it found in allowing yourselves to become lost in the dark woods of despair, seeing no blue sky and no end to the overcast of sorrow.

When the Master spoke of the wisdom of serpents and the harmlessness of doves, his meanings were vast and multi-layered. Simple of statement, they nonetheless reached us all across Nebadon and beyond, in the depth of their meanings to us.

As he spoke to you in the language of his people, so he simultaneously spoke to us in the tongue of Nebadon. And in this simple parable-like metaphor are to be found the many facets of balance - he did not say be EITHER serpents OR doves, but rather both at once, forever dispelling the dualist notions of an all-but-equal fight of good versus evil, notions whose distortions have so plagued your developing world and its yet primitive religions and culture.

So often, in your quarrels and disagreements, you are all correct. Where we stand this is so clear. But for you it is more difficult to see. You have not yet understood how to put your differing truths together to make a more powerful and more complete whole. You have not even truly understood yet that this is a primary goal of your communications with one another, of your discourse about this most important of topics - living a more spiritual life. And so it is with children of the realm. We do not learn our highest skills for Supreme building automatically, but by our navigation through the challenges that are posed by the realities of life, whether here or there.

And yet, considering your origins, you do extraordinarily well, and our pride in you cannot be diminished by your behaving as you must in the inevitable irregularities of the upward path. We are not dismayed by the missteps down highways and byways as you so often are. This is the way of developing creatures in the first life, even on more normal worlds. That it is exaggerated for you on Urantia does not alter the fact that it is not different in kind, only in degree. You are still beautiful children of the Father seeking love and light with hearts sometimes wounded and sometimes soaring as you strive your way onward and upward. And even when you have temporarily lost your way with the inevitable stubbed toes of the journey, you are filled and surrounded with more love than you can imagine even in your highest moments of direct contact with the Loving Creator. If you could but see as we are able to do, you would know your true and lasting security, and your fears concerning one another would diminish greatly. But you cannot see as we do - for moments, yes, but not yet continually. This is the lot of evolving beings, of children of any species. Yet you do far better than you imagine. And we love you with a depth of affection that will never stop growing. Our destinies are bound together. And we feel a humble gratitude for the opportunities of service that this mission has meant for us. Something that has already transformed our entire universe careers, working in partnership with you to heal Urantia.

Ease your hearts with the knowledge that your different beliefs are not truly a lasting impediment to your unity. The ways of the more primitive times are yet upon you from your lack of genetic and cultural support. And from this stance, you will sometimes find yourselves arguing for something you share with others past even your own belief in it in this patterning of tribal culture. I say this to you all, with all your different perspectives. You are experiencing the ways of the early cultures on your world, for you have yet to move as far beyond these as you will eventually move and you are often puzzled with one another and with yourselves, finding yourselves in an apparent impasse, a quandary that seems impossible of resolution. But dear ones, it is not impossible. Bear with one another. Even if you must see another as younger than you, it is no matter if you seek tolerance and patience.

In time, the way to resolution will be made more plain. In the meantime, cultivate patience, seek tolerance by looking within, both for your own impediments, and for the source of all healing in the blaze of glory that resides within each of your beings. And remember, we are ever your friends and elder brothers and sisters. You are indeed a part of a family much larger than you sometimes realize. For every one of our own elders, there are dozens and hundreds and thousands of us, by your sides, watching with love and tenderness as you take every step. You have arms around you in multiple layers, like the colors in a rainbow, holding you fast in endless love.

We came to help you, we are here, and we are not leaving you. It is up to you to define who we are, and who else will come and when, but you can rest assured you are not and never will be left alone. Hold this truth in your hearts and be filled.

The love of our Heavenly Father is home to all our hearts. Your home lives within your very being - go there for much needed rest and renewal. From the repetition of this choice you will repeatedly rise up on the wings of rekindled love.

I will speak again with you, and thank you again for the opportunity to share my own heart and thoughts with you.



(TR note - Serenia volunteered to bring messages to the correcting time list but to be shared with all in the mission)