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Daniel; Iruka - Delight - Oct 02, 2005 - SE Idaho

SE Idaho TeaM

Teachers: Iruka, Daniel

Subject: Delight

October 02, 2005


IRUKA (Pam S.): Hello my friends, this is Iruka, Pam’s teacher. I will open with a prayer.

Creator Parents we come to you tonight to adore and worship you and to learn, to learn from you and your teachers and to learn from each other. For we all have much to teach and learn. And so, help us keep this balance. Help us stay open. Help us stay "in-tune." Because we want to learn, and we want to grow, even as much as we resist it, as much as it is painful or embarrassing, we want to stay on track.

DANIEL (Nancy): Greetings, my dear friends, I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, friend, colleague and admirer, enjoying your camaraderie and mirth.

Tonight we wish to "lighten" the subject matter somewhat to allow for relaxation in the knowledge of your eternal safety while engaging in playful reversion. PamElla exclaims: "Oh-No! Where is he going with this?" My words to you, my dear, are to relax and go with the flow. Yes, this will be an interactive format, but with a light content.

The topic tonight is "delight." What is it that brings you great joy, that thrills you, that your heart yearns for? Is it creative expression? Is it particular activities? Is it socializing in a particular way with certain friends? These questions are meant to stimulate your own thinking about yourself.

This world is such that often the inner being, created by God, a delightful personality bestowed by God upon you, is squelched by the demands of society and living. And that self who yearns for expression is muffled to the point that many people no longer know themselves, for they are not in touch with that core-of-delight which is a part of your essence. You can observe this delight in young children as they experience the world, as they engage in favorite expressions or activities.

So, I ask you now to take a few minutes to see if you can connect to what would bring you sheer delight, if you were to remove the conditioning thoughts that become limiting. Such as "I’m not good enough," "young enough," "smart enough," [Bob P.: "strike three"] "thin enough," [Pam: "old enough"] or whatever the case might be.

[Directed toward Bob P] My friend, it is a delight to have you with us. If I may be so bold as to say: "I appreciate your presence."

And now, please think about this and when you are ready, if you are willing, if you are able, share this delight or share the process that might help you discover it.

Virginia: Daniel, while the TR has had her eyes closed, we all had a moment of delight here as we looked at the very colorful sunset. And all of us were smiling from delight. That’s lovely. A beautiful illustration of what brings delight.

DANIEL: Thank you Virginia, God’s world indeed has delight abundant.

[ED NOTE: TR opened her eyes to see this beautiful sunset.]

Virginia: It’s gorgeous honey, I don’t blame you.

DANIEL: The second part of the question is: "if you are able to name your areas of delight, do you pursue them, and if you do not, why not?" While light, yes, we always have the serious side. The levity of the format is up to you. And now, the ball is in your court.

[ED NOTE: Even though there were just a few members of this TeaM family gathered this evening, we were of a happy and joyful attitude. There was much bantering and humor between us, causing us, including Daniel, to break out in laughter many times.]

Virginia: Well, Daniel, when you first said the topic was going to be delight, being my non-humorous self most of the time, I thought in terms of the Bible verse that says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart" which is of course an Old Testament promise. But I’ve often thought, at that time... I thought in terms of whatever you think that what you want, God is going to give it to you if you delight yourself in the Lord. And I’ve decided that’s not really the way it is. But if you delight yourself in the Lord, you desire that which is very different. He gives you better desires than you have had. And so, I hope ! I’ve changed a bit for the better. But definitely delight in the nature that we find, is just wonderful.

And in the spring I’m delighted when I find my favorite spring flower, which is the Steer Head. And I am delighted when somebody wins a silly game on television. And they are just so thrilled that I just find myself giggling for their happiness. And one thing that I delight in doing is playing games. And that’s not been very much a part of my life lately. And why not probably is obvious in that Bill didn’t especially enjoy games, but he did tolerate them with me. And I actually, oh brother! Well go ahead and say it now Virginia. I’m actually thinking in terms of sending out a letter and saying, you know, which one of you, friends, can play games for a first, second, third or fourth Friday of the month? So that I’m able to find that pleasure once again. And I am taking Beginning Bridge. So, I’m trying.

DANIEL: Thank you, my dear. It is a delight to listen to your response and to see that this lesson is already in motion. You do well. Continue to look for God’s delights and to share the delight of your being, the blessing of your personality, bestowed by our Grand Parent.

Virginia: Daniel, may I mention two other things I really get enjoyment from. And that is giving children the opportunity to work with clay. And when they’re so satisfied with what they’ve done and they... just... you know, they’re just exuberant. And it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece at all because they’re so satisfied. That’s a child that delights in what they’ve done. And the other thing, of course, is my granddaughter that delights me with the things she says. Incredible little mind, and you wonder how is it working.

DANIEL: We all delight in the joys of youth. And while we have shared this many times, I will again remind you that we, your teachers, delight in you very much, as do you delight in the small children. And while this image is not intended to be patronizing, rather, we wish you to have perspective and find humor in your state of affairs.

Virginia: That is a little tougher.

Pam: Daniel, I find that I really enjoy arts and crafts. And the more colorful the better. And it can be paper or yarn or anything. And it is even more fun when I’m not critical of myself. And it’s even more fun when I can share it with someone else. I too, enjoy my grandchildren and looking at things the way they see them; and my pets and people. And I guess the reason that I don’t spend a lot of time, it doesn’t seem like I have a lot of time. It seems like there are too many other things to do and I have to make time. But I have found that when I get real grumpy, if I just take some time out and play with my colors and play with the paper, I’m in a much better mood, easier to be around.

DANIEL: Thank you, Pam, for sharing the obvious that is so often forgotten in this culture, the true need for reversion, play, creativity, self-expression. These are as important to well being as is food and water. And so, we encourage you all to make certain that you are fed this most important nutrient. It should not be treated as dessert.

Ken, my friend…

Bob P.: I knew he was going to call on you.

Ken: Are you sure this isn’t Aaron? [Group joking and laughing.]

Ken: Yes, Daniel, I’m here.

DANIEL: As am I.

Virginia: That was a delightful answer Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you, my friends, for your humor and responding to my attempts.

….My friend!

Ken: OH! I’m still on, huh. [Group is joking and teasing – something about rap music.]

Well, Daniel, I find joy and delight in you. And it is more than an attempt at humor; it is humor, thank you. I find joy and delight in my wife. I find joy and delight in people that I know; new people that I encounter, if I can get them to smile. If I can look for the positive in things. Unfortunately, like most of us lowly mortals, I find negative things in people. I’m trying to ignore those and look for the happy place, the smiles, the giggles. I enjoy watching young children play and their imaginations. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the visualizations I have that enlighten me, especially in the Mother’s garden. I feel I am beginning to enjoy life more as I look for these positive aspects.

So many things crossed my mind as you were speaking, as when my brothers and sister were speaking, I do not recall them. But I enjoy being here with this family. Do you want more?

Bob P.: NO! [Much more laughing]

Ken : THANK YOU! I ran out.

DANIEL: I want you to delight in yourself. While I did invite your commentary…yes, that is quite sufficient, my friend!

Virginia: May I add another delight, Bob’s humor.

[ED NOTE: There was much bantering and joking with each other and the tears of laughter flowed. I am sorry I could not express in this transcript all the things that were said and replied to. It happened very fast and was garbled on the recorder. You had to be there.]

DANIEL: My friends, thank you, you have outdone yourselves. [Continuing group laughter] Our desire tonight was indeed that you experience reversion, that you experience lightness, mirth.

Bob P: He didn’t say perversion. [His comment was in reference to an earlier part of the comments that was lost in uproarious laughter, and this comment then put the group into another round of laughter]

DANIEL: We still have several more opportunities.

Ken: Pat!

Pat: I don’t think I can top anything. [Group continues its merriment]

DANIEL: We would indeed, enjoy, hearing from you, my dear, but of course the choice is yours.

Ken: It all depends if she wants to walk home tonight.

Pat: It has been a delightful evening. I enjoy small things, little things that come with everyday. I certainly enjoy my grandchildren. And I enjoy my backyard. Ken does a very good job. I do enjoy that, and I take several walks around my yard in the summer, daily. I enjoy the blue sky and the clouds. I enjoy doing things with my hands, such as Pam mentioned.

You talked about the inner being and the demands of living, of things that you don’t do or had not thought about in a long time. It made me realize there are some delights that I’ve forgotten about. I’m at that point in my life where I have more time to maybe pursue these things. So, thank you for reminding me that I need to explore more avenues. But life is good and I do enjoy it. I am very thankful for you and the team of teachers and other beings that are here with us. I thank you all.

DANIEL: My dear, I thank you for hearing my suggestion. I am thrilled and delighted that you intend to explore further. And I will look forward to participating with you as you take this on.

Pat: Thank you, Daniel. I hope I can be open to your impressions or your input. I would like that. Thank you.

DANIEL: You are very open. Just because you do not hear word-for-word in the way that some others can does not mean that you do not receive and respond. You do extremely well, my dear.

Pat: Thank you for those encouraging words.

DANIEL You are welcome.

[The group looks at Bob P to respond.]

Bob P: Ok!

DANIEL: You spared me from saying "Mister P." Mister P….., please proceed.

Bob P: Well, I guess what I delight in is my music. And I delight in celebrating others, the music of my friends. I really don’t do that nearly enough or probably mine either. But I also delight in Virginia’s granddaughter, and my wife. I’ve been finding myself delighting more in my job too which is unusual, at least over the last several years. So that’s not a bad thing for me.

I don’t have a problem finding things to do. I delight in outdoors. I delight in a lot of different things. The things that I really have to do are the music things. Otherwise, that’s what gets me cranky and ornery. I’m going to have to find a way to make some of that happen a little bit more. But I don’t understand people that say that they don’t know what they will do with themselves when they’re retired, because I could retire tomorrow and be delighted with that. If I had the time I could add to some of these other things and occasional fun. 10-4 [signs off]

DANIEL: Thank you, my friend, for your participation. We appreciate your addition to the group dynamic as does PamElla and the other group participants. You, my son, are a delight, indeed.

No, PamElla does not get off the hook. I release her.

Nancy: It’s dark. Well, in that basic delight, I’m a performer. I’ve always loved having an audience, dancing, taking stage. I think that is what I loved about teaching, was walking in and having to generate so much energy to just get everybody interested and involved there with me. And it was a performance. And I didn’t necessarily… you know like the play day after day. Hi… [Young, 4 year old Abby comes in and sits on her mother’s lap;]

And I also love to dance and that is separate from the performance aspect of it. It’s the sheer movement and grace and expression of certain types of dance and the energy and vitality of other types of dance. And those are a couple of my soul expressions I think. (Abby: I love you mom.) And I love you too. And of course Abby delights me every day. (Abby: I sure do.) [This breaks the group up again.]

Virginia: Yes, you do Abby.

Abby: You’re right Nana.

Nancy: I think that is enough tonight from me.

DANIEL: My friends, tonight has been a true delight, for we your teachers and the myriads of other beings here in observance. This week, take this lightheartedness into your week. Be of good cheer and seek to express that personality bestowed upon you, that being, created by the Father. Go in peace. Please stand. Another will close in prayer.

[As we stand together, Bob and I stand together on the same side of the circle. Comments made reflecting the tectonic plate is rising and we are getting higher. He says he is feeling light-headed.]


LYNDA: I am Linda, I have been tapped to offer this evening’s close.

Father, Mother, we thank you for joy. We thank you for humor. We thank you for laughter. We thank you for love and delight. Help us this week to experience Your humor, to share Your laughter, to be joyous in the moments of our daily lives.