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Paulo - The Pink Stain of Rebellion - Sep 29. 2005 - Lightline

LIGHT LINE - Teleconference

September 29, 2005

T/R: Gerdean


"Pink Stain of Rebellion"


Prayer: Thank you, precious Michael Son for the opportunity to serve you in this capacity. Thank you for my brothers and sisters who join me in our longing to be your associate, your loyal workers in the field, of bringing truth and beauty and goodness and the love of God to our world.

Guide and direct our session this evening. Clear my mind of prejudices, distracting emotions, personal agendas, anything that would stand in the way of a clear transmission of what you would have us take in as food for our spiritual nourishment.

Thank you for whatever teacher you send us. Amen.

PAULO: Gerdean, you wear yourself out for nothing. We know your sincerity. It reaches into the realms of space as a beacon of light.

This is your friend, Paulo. And greetings you who join us in this format of communications. I am a teacher in the Teacher Corps under Melchizedek. I have been around awhile. I have introduced myself as a Phase II teacher, mostly because there was a time in your development where you felt hell bent to graduate to another plateau, and so I introduced myself as a Phase Two teacher, however, the lines drawn between phase one, phase two, elementary, advanced, and so forth are so indistinct as to be negligible. The ongoing quest continues and we are all in it together.

Granted, there are some who are geared up for higher capacity, but those who are geared up, only have heavier backpacks to carry. And so we trudge what we're given to carry in this army of advancing the light of truth into the age of light and life and beyond in our eternal careers

I have been awfully busy. My specialty, for those of you who don’t know me, is rebellion, and on a world such as this, I have many opportunities to serve. Indeed, as I have stated before, in earlier visits, you are products of rebellion and so there is not one of you who is not intimately familiar with the nature of rebellion, and so it has been my pleasure to find value in that which you have become as a result of that which you have been exposed to.

I have (been presented with) a picture to show you. It's a picture of a load of laundry, wherein there are two dozen brand new baby socks -- those little slippery things that slide off and on babies' feet … not booties. Socks -- and they are tossed into the laundry with a red sweater. No matter what soap you use and no matter what temperature you set your machine at, chances are the socks will come out pink. And this is how you are, Baby Socks: pink, from having been in the washing machine with the Lucifer legacy

Your future will render you pink for aeons to come, even though the dye will fade over many washings, but not until you are pulled completely out of your animal legacy will you be rendered white, as you were when you were first created. With that understanding, then, it hardly serves to measure who has more pink, for all of you are stained by that vibrant red. And thus you have many of the red fibers in you. That is to say you have much of Lucifer in you. And all of Lucifer was not evil, remember. He was charming; he was brilliant. He had tremendous potential. He was given custody of a system, a universe if you will.

He opted not to realize God's mercy, which rendered him moot -- except for all that red dye that remains. There is no getting rid of it except through many, many washings and so we come back again and again and again and again to the living water that renders us pure and clean and as we were. Indeed, in the Father's eyes we are unsullied, we are unstained, we are perfect, we are fused already, and so we need not feel badly about ourselves.

There are other illustrations I could use to hammer home that point, that just because you have been rendered pink as a result of being under the influence all your lives (and I don’t mean just your individual lives; I mean your entire planetary existence), your planetary life has been influenced by the red dye that was cast upon you back in the days of Dalamatia, at the first epochal revelation to your world.

In the face of the various shades of pink that humanity is, there have been noble leaders emerge who have recognized their flaws and their failings but who have nonetheless forged ahead in courage and in conviction to reign supreme in their own lives, masters over the beast, but always mindful of the effects of the red dye for it affects everything and everyone. You can't escape it. You must inculcate that into your thinking without fear and without shame.

To recognize the tremendous influence of the Lucifer rebellion on your world is simply to accept a fact. It does not make you a lesser being. It does not give you cause for shame. It simply enables you to see the challenge ahead for those of you who see the light of truth about the indwelling god fragment of each and every normal-minded human being - which is pure white.

I speak illustratively, for there are black people and brown people and red people and yellow people and white people and all shades and combinations thereof, remnants of the races of time. I am not speaking racially, I am saying you are all pink, but I could have as easily said the dye was blue or green or brown. It doesn't matter; you see my point. The point is that there are elements in you now because of your legacy, one of which is rebellion. You rebel over the slightest little thing. You may not speak up about it, but your mind is always on the alert -- if you are awake -- to object to this, to take exception to that, to question this, to judge that.

It is the sheep, the docile, unthinking, that doesn't question, that follows meekly. Now, this is appropriate for you when you are following the Master, when you are following your inner connection to the divine Source, but in all your worldly affairs, as you work your way through the psychic circles of attainment, as you work with your fellow mortals who are largely working through the adjutants -- all seven of the adjutant, I give them credit -- but very few are acting actively and constantly with the Spirit of Truth, even yourselves. Because your legacy is so powerful and so with you.

This, again, is part of who you are. Now, we have come to tell you that you are loved. We have to come to reassure you how precious you are in God's sight. Make no mistake, you are loved. As Nebadonia has said, "What's not to love?" because of their unconditional love for their children, even their children who turn away and rebuke them because such the nature of the divine parent

But there are degrees of this kind of perfection. A review of the Foreword of the text will indicate to you that there are degrees of perfection and imperfection and you are largely imperfect. Plus, you are pink! But this is not to discourage you; this is to help you realize that we know what you have to do with. We know what you have to deal with! This is one of the reasons that we are here! Not because everything is all cheerful and golden glow, no, but because you have work to do!

You have work to do in serving others. You have work to do in working through your own legacy and your own, what is it? Shooting from the hip knee jerk reactions to life's play (play/stage play/drama). The tendency for you to enjoy debate is in large part of your legacy on a world that is forged in rebellion. Intellects enjoy other occupations, but they seem to thrive on debate because it puts their tendency to rebel, their need to rebel, into something constructive.

The field of sports is also fraught with this (fraught; not a good word in this case)… Sports and mountain climbing and any challenge where you overcome the physical is a challenge and some of you rebel against your limitations. You rebel against the victory that is someone else's and you charge yourself to overcome that, to surpass that. You drive yourself. This is rebellion against the status quo, against yesterday's winner.

These are some of the things that have come from the Lucifer Rebellion that are affirmative, that are good for you, that have been beneficial, that promise to be effective in future, but there are so many things, too, that are not worked through yet, that are unresolved, and therefore we have rebellion at every crossroads, every choice you make, which is, as you know from you studies, the way you ascend, the way you get enlightenment. The way you get closer to your adjuster is to make decisions and more decisions and more decisions until you finally get that nugget of truth that brings you closer to the divine nature of God. And you do it again, and you do it again, and you do it again.

There is no graduating here! There are plateaus you can reach, but as I said earlier, it just means you have a bigger backpack to carry, because once you have attained a certain level of growth, you have attained certain capacities and what are we going to do with those capacities? We are going to put them to work, of course! You can't not give back what you have received and so the more you work to receive, the more you are called upon to give.

When you find yourself giving to the point where you are being drained, rest. Take time out from your rebellious nature and rest in the arms of your loving, divine Parents. Rest in your faith. Rest in the assurance that in God's eyes you have already accomplished your goal, but in your eyes, recognize your appropriate smallness. Draw strength from your Parents in heaven. Listen to the counsel of your elders. Appreciate the experience of those who have walked the second mile and have something to share.

Rebellion is a wonderful thing unless and until it is destructive. When it becomes destructive, intervention is required. I have to admit here that intervention is not always the solution. Sometimes there is death and destruction. This is the way it is on the material worlds. It is the way it is on primitive material worlds whether or not there has been rebellion, for the early evolving races go through periods of testing their limits and involved in that is, you know, territoriality and carnage and all those things that history will tell you about and the movies will illustrate to you in graphic depiction.

I have perhaps not been very … well received. I have not brought flowery words. I have not feel-good vibes. I have brought truth. And I know that you have it within yourself to recognize truth. And to appreciate it. For where there is truth, there is also beauty and the potential for goodness.

I will step back now and open the floor to discourse with you if any of you have questions regarding my specialty and my talk for this evening or anything else you would like to discuss. As I told you before, I am a teacher in the Teacher Corps under Machiventa. I am trained to serve, and so I shall, if you let me.

Kelly: Paulo, I very much enjoyed your illustration of the pink socks representing the stain of rebellion that affects us all, and it brings to mind some olden and wrong idea of the idea of original sin and I know your talking about something different and I would like to discuss and contrast these two ideas. It seems to me the stain of rebellion comes down to us in terms of our cultural heritage. Everything we touch seems to be affected by it, but perhaps not our inmost spiritual nature. I think I heard you say our spiritual nature is pure and we even have a spark of divine inside us…


Kelly: … and so we don’t forfeit in order to gain but somehow trying to emerge from this stain of rebellion and I would appreciate it if you would elucidate something on the contrast between rebellion and this idea of original sin.

PAULO: You did not commit any sin. There is no original sin. If there were an original sin, it would be Lucifer's and, thus, you are affected by that; it was not Adam's sin, however. And so it is not in your blood plasma as much as it is in your civilization, for the first epochal revelation here was a civilization. It was to establish a cultural base in which the races could learn to develop those fields of interest that would create a place for the tribes, the evolving tribes, to develop. It's the infrastructure of your world that is the original sin.

When so many went with Lucifer, and the divisions of labor and study and application, were affected. Lucifer took with him many of your foundation stones. The sin ascribed to you through Christianity (if I understand it right) has to do with Adam disobeying the injunction to not eat the apple, but if he were to eat from the tree of good and evil he would surely die. And thus it came to pass that he died, and women experience painful childbirth. They lost their divine stature. This (default) affected your genetic component, but again, it had nothing to do with your spirit - which still is a white sock.

So your society is flawed and your bodies are flawed but your spirit still has the potential of being pure. Flawed is not a reason for condemnation because everyone is flawed. Everyone is imperfect. It is established that way ~ on purpose. The idea of falling from grace has nothing to do with you. You are in search of grace. You are seeking to attain grace. Only as you find God within you, only as you recognize your own white sock, will you find this grace, because the material worlds are imperfect. Even after they attain light and life they are still not perfect completely. Perfection is certainly a relative thing and I will not argue that there are perfect moments, perfect sunsets, perfect communions, perfect babies, and so forth. But from a cosmic sense, the only thing perfect about you is the potential inherent in your betrothal with your Adjuster - which is your white sock.

Now, your own innocence, your own naivete, your own childlikeness is certainly a white sock as well, and when you were born, you have no original sin. You are perfect as a babe. You do exactly what babies are supposed to do. You cry when you are hungry. You babble and coo when you are happy. You soil yourself without shame. These are the perfect occupations of a perfect child. Even reaching for the hot burner or poking your kitchen knife in an electric socket is part of the perfect child because it is part of the learning process.

You haven't fallen from grace. You are in a state of grace. It is as you enter into conscious awareness of your rather I should say it is when you enter into your society and your body with out consciousness of what has gone before, that your grace is somehow stolen from you. It evades you, because you haven't time now to focus on your innocence; you are engaged in the practice of surviving, in developing relationships, in earning a living, in attaining perfection through self-mastery. These are your tasks. And grace in these tasks is found in and through your divine nature.

There is no grace in the material world without the divine hand, without the Creator's smile. Thus God is overlooking your growth and involved in your arena. He accompanies you and companions you in your walk, in your development, in your struggles, in your growth. That’s where the divine is; that’s where the grace is; that’s what you reach for. You have not fallen from it; you are reaching for it as a conscious being. Not by accident of having been born, but through your will, through your choices to find the divine and become part of it, become one with it.

It is very difficult to attempt to convey this concept to those who have been so steeped in the legacy of Lucifer that has deprived you and your world of the brilliant civilized infrastructure possible when a planetary prince obeys the rules and establishes the kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."

It was Lucifer's folly that so much of your legacy seems so fallen, but as I mentioned earlier, there are many things emerging from that odd swamp that contribute to your strength and your tenacity. The spirit within you that yearns to know the divine, even when everyone around you tells you it’s a joke to think about such things as truth, beauty and goodness; when everyone around you tells you that when you die you are dead, you become food for worms; and that the only reason you are here is to make money, and have pleasure, and to destroy those who would keep you from it.

So you reach for grace. You reach for grace. And then, God willing and the beast mastered, you walk within it. I suggest you rebel against the theory and teach otherwise. Teach these pathetic souls to reach for grace, even if they feel they have fallen from it, it is within their power to reclaim it. No excuses. God has not abandoned you.

Has that given you food for thought?

Kelly: Yes, indeed, a great deal. And I very much appreciate your words tonight.

Felix: Good evening, dear teacher. I have questions on Lucifer, if I may?

PAULO: Yes! Who is this I'm speaking with?

Felix: Yes, This is Felix.

PAULO: Yes, Felix.

Felix: I'm always asking questions so, bear with me.

PAULO: By all means.

Felix: I have a couple of questions regarding Lucifer. Did he, deep inside his heart, did he really believe there was no Universal Father or did he make that up to spear other celestials into rebellion. And my second question was, just before he was going to be annihilated, what were his thoughts? I mean were there any sign of remorse and repentance?

PAULO: Well, you ask a couple of interesting questions and I am not sure I have a cut and dried response. Let's discuss the first one. Did he know what he was doing, basically, is what you are asking?

Felix: Yes.

PAULO: He fell in love with himself, Felix. Have you any idea of what that means?

Felix: I have a slight idea, but in terms of celestial beings, it could be far off of reality.

PAULO: Well, even so, I can only teach you what you have the capacity to understand and so I have to speak to you in that context. Have you known times when you felt you were all powerful and that you didn’t need God, that you were perfectly able to make those decisions and do those deeds without his help.

Felix: Absolutely not. Not in my case.

PAULO: There is not one of you that has not done that, Felix. Not one of you. Any time you manifest determination, self-determination ("I think I can; I think I can")

Felix: Well, maybe it was through ignorance, so maybe I wasn't aware of it, so…

PAULO: This is a common ploy of humankind, to do the deed but feign ignorance of it and by not acknowledging what they are doing, they assume their own innocence. And as they persist and as they pursue their dream, they may begin to believe it and. in fact, this happens all the time. Most people talk themselves into things because they have no one to tell them otherwise. And to the extent that people can get others to agree with them, that adds fuel to their fire.

All things that you determine for yourself to do, of course, are not evil. But when you are so set on doing it your way that you refuse to counsel with the divine aspects and reflect on the effects of your causes, you do major damage to your fellows and your world. The problem is that most everyone is doing it, and have been doing it for not just centuries but for millennia on this world. The Lucifer legacy is so apparent in everything all of you do, you don’t even notice it because it is so … pink. It is so much a part of this world.

And so, when you are setting out to accomplish a goal, a task, when you are approaching a deal to be made, or a relationship to be committed unto, question your own motives. None of you will get out of this unscathed because of the inherent imperfection on Urantia, in your world, in your culture, in your society, in your psyches, but if you are aware of the possibility of default at every turn in the road, you will be more mindful of your decisions, and more decisions, in your attempt to follow the divine path, rather than the path of least resistance, which has been laid for you for these many millennia by the fallen prince, Caligastia, and Lucifer and Satan.

Your other question was what? [Silence] Have I lost you?

Felix: No, I'm still here. It's just that I didn't realize … Yes, my last question regarding was what was probably going through his mind just before his annihilation and if there was any remorse, repentance, after what he's done ---

PAULO: You have a show business mentality when you think about his last moment. You think about the firing squad. You think about the gavel pounding on the bench of the God of Judgment. This is not the way it works. When someone commits cosmic suicide by rejecting divine mercy, they simply cease to be. It would be like having a large balloon that had a slow leak ~ that refused a patch ~ that simply deflated ~ and so it is no more a balloon but a heap of rubber, still possibly lying there on the floor deluding itself that it's something. It destroys itself. Not with a weapon of mass destruction, but it fades off insignificantly, since it has no reality to hold it in the light.

Thus, its thoughts, they may be similar to … I'm seeing the picture of Hal, the computer on the movie 2001. As they disconnect the computer, it's singing "Bicycle Built For Two" until it becomes a mere echo of what it once was, unconscious of its not being, because it was not ever truly conscious of its being. It was conscious only of what it was through its own sense of its own creation of its own self.

Do you see?

Felix: Yes, I understand. I believe I still have much to learn about this particular subject.

PAULO: Well, you have many happy experiences ahead of you as you learn, for you are companioned. You have many happy trails that lie ahead in your destiny path. I encourage you to stay alert to all of them, for in your awareness, you will enjoy it ever so much more than if you merely float from one scene to the next asking God to show you more and give you more, when there is, as they say, more pleasure in giving than in receiving. There is the vibrancy. There is the sense of purpose. There is the sense of humble exuberance in the vitality of the life you life. But with it comes sometimes the pain of insight and the recognition that there is evil, there is sin, there is iniquity, there is sheer stupidity, there is tremendous density, but knowing this will help you mark your steps as you follow the path set before you by the Wayshower.

I am going to help you return to your initial cheerful countenance, for I know you approached this session this evening in good faith and good cheer and I have a tendency to drag down those lofty spirits by my discussion of my specialty, but this is just who I am and what I have to offer. It would be similar to a brain surgeon who thoroughly enjoys what he does, although to many, it would make their stomach squeamish.

I had not been around much lately and thought I'd come in since there was nothing prearranged on this channel. Is there anything else I can do for you while I am here?

Marty: I would just like to thank you very much for such a profound lesson that you gave us this evening.

PAULO: You are very welcome. I am glad it has been well received

Jim: Yes, I have to say it was exactly what I needed to hear today, so I am very glad for the lesson.

PAULO: Are you the fellow who asked me the first question?

Jim: No, this is Jim in Arizona.

PAULO: Jim in Arizona. And who was the fellow who asked the first question?

Jim: That was Kelly.

PAULO: That was Kelly. Very fine. I am glad to make your acquaintance and am always happy to develop relationship, and in these exchanges, relationship is forged. You know, you have been taught, that you develop a relationship with God in a similar way. You talk with him and listen to him and spend time with him, just as you do with a friend or a sweetheart. The Family of God is involved in service and in relationship. The more we know each other and the more we know what we can expect from each other, the more effective we can be if and when we do mutual service. If we have varying/ differing branches of service, even so, if we know one another, I can empathize with your challenges as you can with mine, and we are united in purpose, even though out tasks may differ, thus it pleases me greatly to make the acquaintance of those of you who have come forth and shared with me your personality as I have shared mine with yours. I thus am going to call it a day unless there is one more question.

Marty: How did you get interested in studying rebellion?

PAULO: Well, I came from a rebellion world and I have naturally an interest in it, similar to how kids who are born in the barrio often return to do drug and alcohol counseling there. Since I know something about it, I though I might as well teach it.

Marty: So you are also pink.

PAULO: I am pink. Yes. I know whereof I speak.

Gloria: Not baby pink

PAULO: Not baby pink, no. I'll be pink for awhile, however.

In fact, this reminds me of the destiny of us all. We take vestiges with us all the way to the Father. Perhaps not the pink part, but the memory of the value of having come up through a pink laundry cycle, is with us even as we approach the Father in Paradise. It will dissolve for that time that we spend in oneness with him, as it does with you in your moment of oneness with Him in worship, and becomes again a part of you as you return to the task as a finaliter. You will always be who you are, and who you are has much to do with where you come from, what you have had to contend with, what has forged you into what you will become. You can never completely get away from what you have been born into here, but you can rise above it sufficiently that it need not control you when you set out to be about the Father's business.

Happy trails to you, my comrades, as we do that now. And in keeping with the moment, I will thank Christ Michael for the opportunity to serve in this mission and to work with the ones who will forge the way for those to come and to minister to those behind. Blessed be art thou, sons and daughters of our Father and Mother. Amen.

Group: Thank you. Amen.