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Conference - IC05 Philidelphia PA Villanova University -Aug 04, 2005 - John the Apostle - Celebration - IC05

Location: IC05

The Apostle John

The Time for the Incarnation of Monjoronson Has Arrived

August, 2005

Rick Voss T/R


[The original message was given during the IC05 (Fellowship Conference ran approximately from July 30 to Aug 4) in Philadelphia. Correction of the transcript is of record as of September 7, 2005. The disagreement about the original text was the wording, and the T/R asked for a clarification which was forthcoming from John the Apostle. Additional remarks were made by Monjoronson. The corrected edition of the transcription is what is archived. TMA Editor]

The Apostle John:

"Greetings, this is the Apostle John who speaks to you now. At this time I would like to honor your request to repeat the message given to you at the Villanova Conference known as IC05. The message I gave to you then and the message I give to you now are one and the same. As you know, as you heard me say before, there is much celebration on high. For this is a great time in the history of your world. We, who bring you this message, have much joy in our hearts, for the time has come for a great Magisterial Son to incarnate on your planet in the likeness of mortal man. At this time we would like to announce that this has occurred. Rejoice in this news as we rejoice with you. For this is a time of great correction. And now we would like to bring to you the voice of Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son."

"Greetings dear Rick. This is Monjoronson, your friend and brother, who speaks to you now. I come hear today to let you know that the good news that John brings you is very real. And we would like you to present this news to all your brothers and sisters who have the ears to hear. This is a great time in your world. Great changes are continuing to take place. We are honored to be here and to join with you in this monumental effort to bring your world into light and life. Be in my Light"

I would also like to share part of a personal transmission to me recently received thru an experienced T/R.

Additional Comments by Monjoronson


T/R Donna D'Ingillo

(My question to Monjoronson} In regards to the personal transmission I received from you about you being here in physical form, did I hear you correctly, and if not, what part of the message did I get wrong? I would like you to please help me have a better understanding of the message.

(Monjoronson) As you know, the process of transmitting and receiving is not without human involvement, and there are always some overlays of the human mind patterns and thoughts that leak through the purity of the information we wish to convey to you as a individual and as a group.

With this said, I wish to inform you that it was I who spoke to you during this exchange. I will not speak to the question of whether I am physically present or not. What does it matter to you because I am not physically in front of you at this time in material form, in flesh and body? And so, what I say to you is that you can partake of me through the Spirit, through the inner knowing, and the inner perceiving of my presence. And when the time is right, you will see me in the flesh standing before you. You will be able to embrace me and I will embrace you. And we will look into each other's eyes, and you will know the truth of who I am because your heart will have perceived me in Spirit.

And all this is a prerequisite for you to perceive me in the flesh. You could have ten men walk up to you and say, "I am Monjoronson, I am the Magisterial Son", and they could be sincere of heart in believing that they were. But how would you know which one was the real one and which ones where the imposters? It must happen in the Spirit. And so for you now to come to me more in Spirit, will you come to know me. And then when I am indeed physically present in front of you, will know me. And you will know!

The times of change on Urantia are affecting the human thought patterns. There is much agitation in the mind and even in the emotions of individuals now. Your ability to rely on your intellect is shifting so that you are more interested in perceiving things from your intuitive sensing mechanisms, primarily the heart. And I would encourage you to one, educate yourself as to the importance of perceiving your reality from the heart, and two, to practice receiving reality from the heart center. This will steady you and give you more emotional equilibrium. And it would have the added benefit of giving your over stimulated intellect an ability to feel and be at peace. And this is what you need now my brother is a deep unburdening and peace. For the changes that are to come and are coming and are here are very tumultuous to the fragile human psyche. And you now must be anchored in a peace so firm and so unwavering that nothing will be able to sway you. Do you understand what I am describing for you?