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Lantarnek; Jessona - Peace Which Passes Understanding - Aug 07, 2005 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Peace Which Passes Understanding.

Teachers: Lantarnek, Jessona

August 7, 2005


* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings to each of you, this is Lantarnek. I will make some comments regarding a familiar phrase, "peace which passes understanding". You are familiar with the accurate interpretation that this peace spoken of is a peace that transcends all understanding, that on the level of spirit you have the confidence, a sense of belonging, and divine care which prevails in spite of difficulties, in spite of confusion, and that while you seek to comprehend the nature of reality, the order of the universe, to grow in enlightenment and wisdom, regardless of your attainment, of your insight, of your knowledge that peace reigns supreme, overlays all. It makes up for the deficiencies and crowns your attainments.

Today I will adjust this phrase in light of our ever constant urge to you to be of service to your fellows. Many a soul prays to the God they trust, reaches out to the Divine Source for guidance, for help, for assurance. Many, far too many, wish for the divine voice to speak directly to their ear to confirm, to comfort, and to uplift. Yet with the apparent silence to the material mind the faith of the child of God grows ever stronger and learns to discern in the everyday episodes the answer to the prayer, learns to sense the divine presence warming the soul, learns to act upon the guidance without overt and direct phraseology, no orders from above written in contract. There are those however who lose that faith or perhaps have never initiated the faith, and there is your mission.

You are the ones who pass understanding to your fellows. You are the microphone in which they may speak to Father. They may not know it at the time, and you in all humble stature do not broadcast such a condition. You simply sit as does the master for all his children and listen and honor and love. In so doing this soul receives the touch of God, begins to respond to reality's adjustments, makes discerning choices, trusts a fellow's advice, and begins to believe in their own ability to correct what needs adjustment or to venture forward into the unknown. While the spirit of the Father rises within, the spirit of a brother or sister approaches from outside, and many personalities require your tangible external presence for them to recognize the presence in the soul of Father Spirit. It is a circuitry, one within the great circuitry of the Father's personality. It is the energy of love, of brotherhood.

This prepares the mind of another to come into a deeper understanding. It is yours to give. It is an easy gift to give, for much of it entails simply being compassionate, receptive, and accepting. You need not be prepared with great discourse; it is that arm of love around another that opens the channel for their own upliftment. In lightness I say I hope this has passed understanding your way. I open the floor to your comments, and there are others with me who also are willing to address you.

Ginny: We were talking earlier about progress being delayed on this planet. Can you explain a little how that works? Is it something we need to pay attention to? I know the divine plans are progressing. What weight does this warning have?

* Lantarnek: We have spent many years in your awareness preparing for the transition of Urantia from a world in quarantine to a world in the path of normal progress. It has been to date successful. While all celestial assistants are ever busy about the work of the world, there still remains one critical factor that will impede or foster this ongoing transition, and that is the willingness of humankind. Many upon your world are willing to the extent that they are active in promoting their beliefs, their philosophies, and religions. Many are convinced that their orientations are correct and to be promoted. These are good responses to convictions and to devotions. But what has yet to truly function freely is the childlike turning of the ear to God, to spirit guidance, to set aside the often conceit-filled sense of correctness, to return in humility, to divine guidance, to be born anew in the willingness to learn anew to change thought, to adjust behavior, regardless of teachings, of standards, of mores. You are examples of ones who are willing to take to your knees and learn from spirit. Many on your globe do, but far too many take it upon themselves to be the directors, to be the creators, of the planet's destiny ignoring the greater oversight of celestial guidance. When this transition occurs there will be the speeding up of progress on this world and the joining in alliance of the many of you terrestrials and the many of us celestials. I hope this addresses your questions.

Ginny: Yes, it has. Is this a result of ignorance on our parts, or is there a deliberate effort on this planet to keep this from happening?

* Lantarnek: It is largely the false confidence of pride. Many in positions of power, institutions or governments or businesses, were first inspired, early on received a realization of what could be but failed to continually receive guidance, closed the ears, and took it upon themselves to take up the problems, ran off on their own without having developed greater insight and deeper wisdom. It is pride that closed the ears and dampened the interest for further revelation, for greater training. So the efforts made are born from incompleteness, and that incompleteness does reveal itself to those who do perceive as a form of ignorance, but it is of origin in the pride that says, "I see, I'll do it myself", failing to develop a teamwork with higher beings, failing to continue the development of the perception of higher truth.

Ginny: We each have our pride to deal with, but it sounds like you described the US government! Working with ourselves can help build the critical mass that we need to give more strength to spirit reality.

* Jessona: I am Jessona, and I will take up, as Lantarnek has had to tend to another assignment. Yes, you are correct. We master seraphim are directly engaged with human beings like yourselves who are willing to actively serve for the administration of this planet. It is your cooperation with us that allows the administrators of this world to make adjustments in all arenas of human life, the home, the church, your governments, your businesses.

So you do bring us great joy to have you so willing to transform yourselves that you may be a beacon of light that others may see and take up the same purpose to help promote truth, to be goodness, and to foster beauty.

The larger bodies of power on your world that are far too complex for one individual to have much impact upon are in the hands of the Magisterial Mission. These ministers under Monjoronson are working with group impinging upon group of human beings, not just the individuals, but the entire corporate assemblies. There is in a sense an ascension of experience available to mankind in this large assembly of peoples. These bodies of power must also grow from children to adults, must pass through many phases similar to a single human being. While you will have some, though limited, impact, trust the Magisterial Mission to have an overarching impact. It will take much time, for these assemblies grow more slowly and are transformed over greater periods of time than can an individual soul which may awaken overnight.

Evelyn: I appreciate in Lantarnek's message that what we each can do is be compassionate, receptive, and accepting. Just listening, being a sounding board, letting someone talk and make their own discoveries by expressing themselves and our being there to express to, being encouraging; that is very individual. That is something we all can do in all walks of life at any age. I didn't quite understand being a microphone for God. I understand the sounding board aspect.

* Jessona: His use of the metaphor of the microphone is quite similar to your metaphor of a sounding board. The difference is that a sounding board is reflective where the individual recognizes that you are listening, that it is touching you, and you are giving feedback that you are receiving. A microphone passes through you and on to Father. While the individual may not consciously be aware that Father is listening, that sense of passage is sensed deeper than they recognize, and they receive the feeling that the prayer, their expression to you in words, is reaching spirit, that it is being validated and recognized, that you are the means whereby another may trust that their inner longings are being truly heard, not by simply a brother or sister, but also by the Divine Parent. If you listen with this in your mind you are assisted in spirit and you more consciously cooperate with spirit's engagement with that other individual. This metaphor is simply to underline the partnership you have with spirit when you are tending to the needs of a fellow.

Evelyn: That's very clarifying, thank you.