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Machiventa; Elyon; Lester - Group Service - Jul 24, 2005 - North Idaho


North Idaho Teaching Mission Group Topics:

Teachers: Machiventa, Elyon, Lester

Group and Individual Service, Spiritual Cycles, Unseen Beings Celebrate with You.

July 24, 2005


* Machiventa (Mark TR): I would accept your invitation and welcome the opportunity to take a seat at your table, as you have said. This is Machiventa, and I do in fact find great joy in witnessing your observations and your comments as you are interpreting the many spiritual aspects you encounter day by day in your seeking. I would recognize the truths of some of your statements. I would recognize as you would the value of coming together, even in forming a working group bound by your faith as you have so devotedly done to this hour. If you reflect back on your history of coming together and the examples you have to cherish in your memories of the times of working together for a higher cause, for Michael's cause, you will see the pattern which has become so obvious from our perspective. This is the pattern of service and dedication of those willing individuals such as yourselves who are eager to respond to the call from on high to do what is necessary in this material plane to function in unison of purpose. Truly it is magnificent to witness your extensions of faith to such a great degree. We have many times observed your desire for service rise to the surface and seek satisfaction in its materialization on this earthly plane.

Although you have come to this point of service not realizing what exactly has been asked of you, nevertheless you each one have boldly stepped forward to accept the direction that this call to service and this answer on your part would take. You are aware from your text that groups of individuals are formed to work together for common causes, and I submit to you this day that I address such a group and that the formation of this group has been your own doing, a contribution of your own desires which added together have formed a magnificent reservoir of your talents and your desires. This reservoir of your strengths and your desires and your talents may be used by those of us on my side of the curtain to draw from as they are needed. This wellspring that you provide will in fact be of great nourishment to a great many as we together work towards the implementation of this divine plan. Even on the mortal plane it must be recognizable to you individual members that there is an overall umbrella of support that you work under, and this pattern that you form during these times of assembly is sanctioned from on high and recognized as a valuable asset in the implementation of greater cosmic awareness. This does not detract from the individual impact that any single member of such a working group has over their particular sphere of influence but acknowledges the power inherent in the combined influences of such spiritually charged individuals.

True it is in universe reality that the sum of the parts is vastly greater when combined than the individual totals may seem to appear. It is a joy to work with such a group, as I am proud to call myself a member, and equally it is thrilling to witness your individual contributions to the group and your individual directions of influence that you all enjoy as well. There is room for great service in all of these directions and wherever you may find yourself, either the lone soldier or one attached to a unit. You may be assured that there will be provided options for service to suit any circumstance.

Thank you for your motion to include us in your plans and conversations as well as your movement towards defining more clearly the relationship that we share. There are many layers to be uncovered in this exercise and, as your discussion earlier noted, just when you think you may have some established pattern figured out, there is a new layer to peel away and another brilliant layer underneath to be exposed. This is the universal mechanism of discovery, and you all are becoming familiar, even eager, to peel away the next layer and uncover the greater truths. I welcome your efforts and assure you that your desires to be of service will most certainly be fruitful, and you may be assured of the success you desire because of your willingness to reach for it and your desire to attain it. These factors kindle your action and motivate your movements so as to constantly bring you that which you seek. Those are my words for today. I withdraw and allow for others but remain in attendance as well.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. I thank Machiventa for his offering to you today. He is our inspiration, our motivator, in our efforts to take the message of Michael to Urantia and to the other worlds who are emerging from the effects of your system's rebellion. It is rewarding to work with such a ministering spirit, a Son of great magnitude. However I must also state that it is also deeply rewarding to work with you, you who tread the soil of Urantia. As beautiful as a field of flowers it is to me to see you all open to the light of Michael, to bask in the warmth of his love, to glisten yourselves as he bestows this light and love upon you. The sweet nectar of divinity emerges from you, and your angels, myself, and many spirits are drawn to you to touch you at your soul level to bring a communion, a connection deeper than mind, that you know at your core your direct connection to God and that all about you are assisted, supported, nourished, and uplifted by many beings visible and invisible. In the bliss of communion, in the joy of fellowship, just as a flower you are invisibly, imperceptibly, developing new potentials, spirit capacity.

While you enjoy the exuberance, the lightness of being, deep within substantial developments are transpiring which is the seed for the birth of a new cycle of unfoldment. You all have undergone numerous cycles and have come to recognize that there is always a period wherein you feel turned under, buried under disappointment, anxiety, work load, a multitude of burdens. But your experience has taught you that it is in these trying hours that you are born again, stronger and more vigorous. Each time you have developed a determination to break through into the light to receive divine ministry to assist you in the new growth.

It is of great value that you associate one to another, for you stand strong among each other. The winds of change have little effect when you are collected. Each single fragile trait of any individual is supported by the strength of a friend. Where one lacks, another has. In wholeness you are complete as one family. With such support from one another and the sustenance of spirit you all grow, you all reach a greater height of spirit contact, of association with the divine. Each contact is an upliftment, an upgrade. After each cycle you grow that much taller, that much stronger.

During your episodes of life often are you caught up in each particular cycle. You see the rise or you experience the fall, but in a moment of reflection you will notice how much greater, how much more important, this cycle is to the last, each one building, each one creating the possibility for the next to be greater. As you finish the mansion worlds you will have completed the cycle of human life, eight worlds to complete human life. So enjoy the many rounds you will pass through, each hour, each day, each year, and each world. At the end of the cycle of human life you will understand the beauty of the design that God has made for terrestrial beings. Your insight will itself be a joy, and in its completion will you be thrilled at the prospect of the cycles of morontia. These cycles have begun to overlap as you complete your human cycle. In that infancy you will begin to crave the challenges which at this hour you have not the ability to perceive. These are challenges of great excitement. Many speak to your world to give a foretaste of that which comes, and you too reach to your fellows, having tasted of spirit, that others may partake of the sweetness. You each benefit from the attainment of the other. I am thankful to be in this community of loving souls. Thank you for receiving my words.

* Lester (Ginny): Hello, this is Lester. As you all well know I was very much a part of your celebration, especially the most recent one. I congratulate you for being so bold as to allow your joy to be felt, for this indeed is a result of truly understanding the design of spirit, the design of self that you all possess. God's love is joyous. When you gather to celebrate you indeed express to the utmost this fullness of divinity. Your light was so bright that it has attracted many beings to your part of the globe. There were many celebrating unseen beings celebrating with you, joining in the realization that God's love is indeed light and bright. Continue to revel and enjoy and continue to allow it to expand and radiate to those with whom you live. It is indeed much needed on your planet right now, since so many are fearful and unsure of themselves and possessing the ability and the talent to completely obliterate the fear by filling their souls with God's love and God's light. I bless you all and I join in your time of celebration, for that is truly the epitome of love. I wish all of you much joy. Thank you.