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Scribe (aka Sananda) - You Hold This Truth Til Journeys End - Jul 14, 2005 - Illawarra, AU

Urantia, July 14, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Forever You Shall Hold This Truth, Until Your Journey’s End."

Received by Annuncia.

The Scribe: "It is I, the Scribe."


Annuncia: "You seemed to have arrived even before I was ready to speak!"

The Scribe: "I am here to enlighten you with Love."

Annuncia: "I must be so lacking in myself and God, that I require so many lessons."

The Scribe: "Child, you are the lesson. We all are the lesson. Do we not learn from each other? Are we not all in this together? Love, dear child, is the only lesson, so be assured that you will learn this lesson of love.

"It will be given to you as it needs to be experienced by you, and it will be as if the opposite must first occur, like a reflection mirrored back in your eyes to behold. Love will often seem as if it has ended, only to bloom once again.

"Take heed, dear child, some lessons are not made to be easy, but you will learn. We all need a place where we can find pure love. This love is only to be found in God, and when you place your trust in God, and only God, then will you truly understand this lesson. This is the beginning of your spiritual journey, and yet, love may come at a price if you are not willing to learn your lessons. Love in God will conquer all, for there is no other way. You need to be ready to experience a great deal of love to even come close to imagining the love of God.

"God loves you, child. You are so very loved, so rejoice in the love of God, and open your love channel to God. Let every day at every moment be filled with God’s love, and all shall be slowly presented, so you may learn each lesson well. Each lesson will be brought to you in the light of God, so that you may understand fully and completely what is being asked of you, and then you will have seen the lesson before you, and allow God to work through you.

"This is the only way, for love is what encompasses the earth, and all God’s children must learn this lesson. It is the time. It is of the "now." Let us awaken the spirit of oneself that love is the way. Can it be that some day all of God’s children can be as one for this cause? Disaster can illuminate when love cannot heal anymore. Share your brotherly love, as we share with you, and as we share with God.

"It is I, the Scribe, coming to you from far away, and yet so very close in spirit. I shall enlighten you, child, and forever you shall hold this truth, until your journey’s end."

Receiver’s notes: I did feel like a child in this Spirit’s presence. The way I recorded and acted during these moments reminded me of being a teenager with not a care in the world. I felt like jumping up and down on my bed, but I didn’t.

I keep getting a blue spark appearing in front of me, I also see it out of the corners of my eyes. It seems that when I get the urge to write, or hear the words, is when I see this spark most often. I now know that this is my Thought Adjuster "stepping aside" to allow me to transmit the messages.

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