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Urantia Planetary Supreme - Q&A - Jul 05, 2005 - Matthew Barrett, Oregon

Q & A

The URANTIA Planetary Supreme


Interview dated July 05, 2005

Transmitter/Receiver MWB


URANTIA: [To the Questioner] I am grateful for your loving words and I am happy that you are full of enthusiasm and anticipation at the prospect of working together personally, and I too look forward to such . . . expectation of the inevitable.

MWB: Do you address Nebadonia and Michael as Mother and Father?

URANTIA: Yes. I also call them Mother Nebadonia and Father Michael, or Nebadonia and Michael. When speaking to them, I address them as Mother and Father.

I, like the majority of His children, call our Universal Father [the] First Source and Center. We are all, as his children, brothers and sisters. We all worship and love Him, or pray to Him, directly or indirectly.

Question: To which of the grand divisions of the divine family of living beings do you and your sister Planetary Supremes belong?

URANTIA: Dual Origin Beings, the Descending Orders, Unrevealed Sons of God. My siblings, as such, consist of Planetary Supremes (she/her), Local Universe Supremes (he/him), and Superuniverse Supremes (she/her). We find our origin in both the Supreme Being and our First Source and Center.

Question: [A]s the living building blocks of the completed Supreme of God the Sevenfold, are you Planetary Supremes part of a completely different list of beings and personalities unrelated to the orders of personalities that we know about through [the] UB?


MWB: Are Michael and Nebadonia more like your brother and sister, and if so, why do you call them Father and Mother when speaking to them?

URANTIA: They are. I speak to them in this manner as an expression of affection. I indwell the presence of Michael and Nebadonia, just as you. They are like adopted parents, without the need to give up or leave the presence of birth parents.

MWB: Is there a contradiction in what you have revealed as your origin and the description of the origins of the Dual-Origin beings in the UB?

URANTIA: No. The Urantia Book is a partial revelation, and as such, can only be as thorough as mandates allow. Conditions and context of revelation never froze in time, but continued evolving and expanding. The Urantia Book is a limited, but useful, snapshot of then. That is history; now is when revelation occurs, and reality is most directly experienced.

Question: I am, generally speaking: a personality imprinted on the Seventh Master Spirit, an Orvontonian, Nebadonian, an ascending daughter, an Adjuster-bestowed mortal, a Urantian . . . , an Oregonian, a two-brained human, a daughter-parent-spouse, and co-creator of the Evolving Supreme. You are: __________________ (generally speaking?)

URANTIA: Beyond what I have described above, and overlapping your next question: I have an individual personality of Paradise origin. I am composed of Spirit, and spiritual, morontial, and physical energy-matter. I reside within the mind-circuits of Nebadonia, but also have my own mindal qualities.

Question: Is GAIA the name we call your physical planetary forces and sustaining processes, and URANTIA the name we call you in your personal, mindal, social, and spiritual face?

URANTIA: What is the difference between your physical and morontial bodies and your triune-minded self? There is never actually a separation. When you address one another, do you speak to the body or the personality? Do you call these by different names? I want you to call me what you are most comfortable with.

Question: I have read a short reference to the fact that seraphic guardians on the planet do not contact you directly but instead by way of mortals’ Though Adjusters. Why this route to you a long way around? Do the Ministering Spirits of the universe contribute differently to evolutionary of the Supreme than ascending mortals?

URANTIA: All beings who originate in Paradise, or have [been] indwelt by a prepersonal fragment of one of the Persons of the Trinity, experience me directly now, when as they seek to. After the first stages of Planetary Light and Life, all other beings of Local Universe origin can experience me directly.

Question: Have you been always sentient, aware of yourself, aware of the evolutionary developments here? Are there "stages" of you, like the Creative Mother Spirit stages of development? If so, what stage are you, and is it usual at this stage to reveal yourself to us? Do un-quarantined, ordinarily progressing, planetary mortal communicate with their Planetary Supreme at some stage?

URANTIA: To the first question: YES. To the second question: There are "stages" to every experiential being, including myself. To the third question: My "stages" are not related to my directly interacting with you. I have interacted with individual mortals, who did not know who I was, since the Planetary Prince, Caligastia, arrived. It would be normal for me to reveal myself during the "Postbestowal" age, but conditions on this planet caused by the Rebellion constrained me from being open. The adjudication and opening of the Universe Circuits have cleared the way for me to do so. To the last question: YES. [always sentient]

Question: How did the planetary epochs (arrival of the Life Carriers, registry of an inhabited [planet] by will creatures Andon and Fonta, arrivals of the Planetary Prince, Adam and Eve, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Michael on his seventh bestowal mission, and the planetary singularities (the Lucifer Rebellion), the rebellion of some of the Council of 100, and Adam and Eve’s default) appear to you?

URANTIA: I cam to this planet at the same time the Life Carriers arrived. this alone was exciting for me, left alone, I then was able to facilitate the Life Carriers [work]. My registry as an inhabited planet allowed me more leeway in my ministry, as I took over where the Life Carriers could not tread. I had Adjuster-indwelt mortals to nurture. This I would call fun. The arrival of the Planetary Prince, Caligastia, expanded my range of ministry even more. There became more variety in needs and greater ranges of value-identification. The Lucifer Rebellion, and Caligastia’s complicity in such, to me, was an invigorating challenge. It is very rare for my kind to get the opportunity to directly experience, and participate in, the ultimate gain to be made through adjustment to such evolutionary possibilities. We do not, however anticipate such, nor hope for rebellion. The arrival of Adam and Eve was a "breath of fresh air." Their default was not unforeseeable, given the circumstances. The arrival of Machiventa was well timed, and I was and am appreciative of his service to me and all who indwell me. For the second, and only other time, I was excited at the arrival of Michael on his bestowal mission. Since the Spirit of Truth was bestowed upon all within me, my ability to minister has steadily and exponentially increased, due to the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters. The beginning of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and all of its programs, was great sign of how close the adjudication of the Rebellion was.

Question: Is being a decimal planet fun and exciting, or is their more paperwork and strange stuff in the planetary refrigerator and oven than you had planned on?

URANTIA: When one is aware of the reality of our First Source and Center, and can experience that reality for themselves (as you can, and I have), one is inspired to superlative heights of personality unification and action in the face of such challenges. Decimal planets receive Planetary Supremes who are, for Planetary Supremes, eccentric in nature. We are loved equally, but we are a little more "energetic."

Question: Are you an Agondonter Planetary Supreme, or does that term apply or exist for your Order of being?

URANTIA: You are agondonters, . . . meaning evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolate, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone. I do not use the universe broadcast circuits, normally. I have never lost my ability to communicate with my own kind, the Supreme Being, Michael or Nebadonia, or any of the other beings I am able to communicate with. There are circuits not affected by rebellion.

Question: When this chunk of rock and all arrangements on it have finally entered into the final stages of Time in Space, Light and Life, will you be released to progress elsewhere -OR- Are Planetary Supremes permanent citizens of their planet?

URANTIA: When Nebadon attains Light and Life, I will have the option to leave this planet to the Local Universe Supreme, or remain here. Either way, I must go to Paradise to register with the Paradise Corp of Finality, and then either return to this planet ‘till the actualization of the Supreme Being, or take up duties from the Supreme Being ‘till his actualization.

Question: Do you want to guide us through this new avenue of conversation into better physical (energy/power, water, land sustainability, etc.) choices, or do we have to continue banging and muddling around until we improve conditions through economic and political market "hidden hands?"

URANTIA: I do want to communicate with each of you individually, without intermediary; just as soon as you dedicate yourself unreservedly to this, I will be able to guide, heal, and help you to the greatest measure possible to you as a person, in the manner best able to facilitate the Light and Life of myself and all within me. Your interest, passions, and concerns will determine to a degree where we will focus together, with your Adjuster.

MWB: What is an effective method any one can apply to establish, maintain, and enhance communication and communion with you?

URANTIA: At the same time one does one’s worship, prayer, stillness, etc., one should do the following:

Visualize me (with your eyes closed) in front of you, in your mind. I have a white-light form . . . . You step up to me, and hug me, while I hug you. (Note: When you are doing this, your hands are under your armpits, arms crossed over your chest, as if you were keeping your hands warm). As we hug, you turn your head to the left (45 degrees). Say, "I give to you, and I accept you." then make yourself receptive, releasing all things that come into your mind to me and your Adjuster and Michael and Nebadonia. After a few minutes, switch to the right and repeat. After finishing, you may say, "I thank you for this opportunity to give to you and accept you. I thank you and love you." [MWB: I have found this to be the most effective method for quicker results.]


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