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Black Brook Group Brazil - The Key To Change Is In The Mind - Jul 03, 2005 - Msgs 8 thru 12- Sao Paulo, Brazil



BlackBrookGroupBrazil,070305,Message VIIITheKeyToChangeIsInTheMind

Riberao Preto, Sao Paulo

Session of 3 July 2005

Message VIII – The Key to Change is in The Mind

Teacher: Star Archangel/Bright Evening Star

T/R: Marcelo Crosio

Children of my soul,

The universe has so long awaited this moment! The small Urantia, that you call Earth and has so many names, this small dot in the vast universe, has never been forgotten. Beings of great love and light have been sent to support you in the accidents of this way. The penance was hard and the damages great, but the lesson and the learning were infinite and inestimable for the beings who lived through this adventure.

It is with my heart full and overflowing with love that I approach this place in the universe. I come upon request from the Father-Mother of all of us. It is with an immense love that we travelled and came to support you all in these moments of transformation, revelation and liberation. We know how difficult is this moment of (our) eternal journey. For this reason we are here to help you, to hold your hands and open your eyes. We desire so much that you find happiness, but we know how much it is necessary to transform, so that you may reach the so desired peace. Much is to come and to happen, much is expected and little is believed.

The great key to change is in the mind. If the latter transforms itself, reality, that is plastic and follows the mind structures, transforms itself as well. So, dear children, we came to pour the water of re-structuration. Do not fear if the most solid things fall down, it is all part of the process and I assure you that the new Garden is even more beautiful, more solid and truthful. The fruits are tastier, the seeds more fertile and the ways more straight.

So, dear children, I ask you to accept our help and our love. Open up and look at us, but do not lose sight of your way in the flesh. It is with an immense love that I bid you farewell and leave this message for you to meditate on the new wind now blowing. Know that we are supporting you and that you are extremely loved!

Star Archangel/Bright Evening Star

Head of the angelic hosts for this system and planet

Translated by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 6 July 2005




Riberao Preto, Sao Paulo

Session of 3 July 2005.

Message IX – The Redemption and Re-qualification of Human Beings

Teacher: Sondjac, Trinity Teacher Son

T/R: Silvana de Almeida

I present myself to you, brave warriors of light. I am Sondjac. I come to present myself as a Trinity Teacher Son for the Correcting Time. All of us, with our efforts combined, will see this beautiful and splendorous planet – Urantia – take off in its ascension flight to new spheres of Truth and Light.

The conception you have of reality today will be affronted by the "Living Truth", which will require your faith and the abdication of heavy and obscure concepts, of idealisms and structures shaken by exaggeration and by the use of the sacred in infamous ways. Your minds must ally with your hearts and allow to inhabit in them the force and the lightness now being dispensed to those who are already on this way with no return, toward the redemption and re-qualification of human beings.

You must not wait. Expectations preclude your recognizing of the new and the sacred. You will be graced with celestial help. Prepare for the arrival of Archangels with their new and unprecedented ways to make things happen in the physical plan; to manifest the light emanating from the Father’s abode. Blissful will be those who keep attentive and pure-hearted, for they will see the light signaling the entrance to a new time. Blissful are we for being permitted to make this loving contact that brings growth to all.

In the expression of the Greater Love I greet you.

Translated by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 6 July 2005 .




Session of 3 July 2005

Message X – Dialogue With All Is Essential

Teacher: Hanah

T/R: Marcelo Crosio

We have many things to say, many teachings to pass on. We refer as teachings to all doubts to be cleared, all questionings to be answered. We request patience, calm and perseverance. Everything has its time and you will little by little, as you are seeing already, you will be finding out, understanding and building all the knowledge necessary to the Mission.

The foundation was built a long time ago. The soil is sowed and seeds are sprouting. Now care, dedicate yourselves to studying and talking. Dialogue with all and on all corners of the world is essential for the unfolding of the Mission. Do not stop before details and doubts, just trust and go ahead. This work is fundamental for the boat to navigate in deeper waters.

We ask you to begin disseminating, to those responsible, the relevant texts, the existence of the Urantia Book and the need for all those involved to keep their feet on the ground, feeling the pulse of this planet. The Mission envisions the planet and the races of the Earth, not Paradise among the stars.

We are charging the energy-dispersing centers and structures to begin the dispersion of the contents accumulated by channeling (T/Ring). This will not be done in one day, but in years.

The job is not immediate. We are still sowing infinitely more than we harvest. So get organized, all of you, have your minds organized and focused. Do not spend time with many romanced ideas and escapist fantasies. There is, yes, a divine job being carried out. There are many, incalculable arms coming out of the same body, with a view to reaching in several ways into all this multiplicity of consciences and belief systems that you have built.

Start by being aware that you are already "rescued", as you say, you are part of the body of light and love. You are now serving those who served you, learning and accumulating an infinite treasure inside your hearts. We ask you to keep together and to pass ahead what you have received. Channeling will become more complex with time and more fluent with the development and adjustment of the energies of the participating channels (T/Rs) and of those still to join you. So keep up the work, look ahead!

Thus I bid you farewell, in the light of those who love you


(He drew, below his signature, a six-tipped star)

Translated by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 6 July 2005



BlackBrookGroupBrazil,070305,Message XI-LifeIsASoulMatter

Riberao Preto, Sao Paulo

Session of 3 July 2005

Message XI – Life is a Soul Matter

Teacher: Raziel

Greetings in the light.

Do not try to guess if it is right or wrong. Do not try to know, to foresee what is to come. Live. Feel. Do not forget you are under the yoke of the flesh and have your experiences to live. Do not flee from life, do not deliver yourselves to anxiety or to ill-calculated hopes that you will benefit from being volunteers. You are blessed, not beneficiaries.

Your life is a soul matter and must be explored and lived in full. Clean your hearts, free your minds of the limitations imposed by men. You must experience all that is yours. Do not flee, do not fear; you are protected, you are supported and loved. No evil may affect you or disturb the thread of your lives. Being in the flesh, live your pains, your fears and challenges and protect your hearts and souls in the temple of Love and Redemption of the Father’s house; know you are protected, loved and totally accepted as you are. There is nothing that you can do that will take you out of the safe and loving haven where you are.

Yes, do not incur in error, the abode of your souls is filled with light and visited by beings endowed with love impossible to measure. Be yourselves and stay with us. Improve your minds and do not keep attached to useless criticism that fills the place of knowledge and evolution. Disconnect from what you call mistakes; live them, learn and let them go, keeping for yourselves only the learning. Be happy and exercise love.

With you all,


Translated by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 6 July 2005



BlackBrookGroupBrazil,070305-Msg-XII-TransmitOurMessageOf CareAndRespect

Riberao Preto, Sao Paulo

Session of 3 July 2005

Message XII – Transmit our Message of Care and Respect

Teacher: Hanah

T/R: Silvana Goncalves.

Human beings live under physical laws. One of them refers to action and reaction. While keeping this human perspective, we advise you to concentrate on action. Acting with love, respect, pleasure, joy and positive acceptance, you will have as a reaction an equal force. As human beings, show in your actions what you have learned in our contacts. Enthuse other human beings. Tell us, with your acts, what you desire, what you expect from us.

Transmit our message of care and respect to all the children of the Son on this orb. Do it with your actions and await the reply; it will come, even if you do not recognize it. The important thing is that the message be transmitted. Prepare you hearts, filling them with joy and love.

Thus it will be easy to recognize our approaching.

I am Hanah

Translated by Frederico Galvao in Brasilia, 6 July 2005