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Cheshire, UK, March 22, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Ask for Assistance." [Part Transmission Only]

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: "At the end of the day you are only that which you allow yourself to be.

"Then ask assistance of your Guides, Spirits, Teachers, and God, to show you how this can be so. To become at one with God you must become at one with God’s creation, and to do this requires honesty, requires and amount of hard and strenuous labour, and requires you to look deeply within yourself to find those areas with which you are not yet at peace.

"There is beauty in you all, each and every one. You are all unique, you are all beautiful, and you all have the ability to soar in the sky with Spirit. I wish you blessings, and hold you all dear in my heart, for I Am You, and You Are Me. The Scribe."

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Nottingham, UK, May 24, 2005.
The Scribe.
Subject: "The Strength of Humanity."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: "Stand tall within yourself, stride out with purpose, and allow the force of light to shine forth from within your soul.

"The strength of humanity comes from its ability and willingness to fight the fight, to speak the truth, and to hold fast against undeniable odds. That was the strength of Amadon, and that is the strength you, too, hold within your very essence.

"When you lose sight of hope, when you allow despair to overshadow the desire to find your way back into the (knowledge of being within the) bosom of Michael and Mother, then you lose the impulse to live, to grow, and to evolve your race through your own evolution.

"There are many challenges to being human, and those are not the least of them, you dear souls who have chosen to inhabit such a realm as Earth despite its chequered history. It is you who fight to bring the balance back to your world, to erase the painful legacies and to revert onto the true line of spiritual growth under the auspices of Divine Will.

"There is an honor to this work, as there is honor to those who choose to work in painful and challenging jobs upon your plane, assisting in rebuilding the lives of those hurt by abuse, trauma, war and disease, regardless of whether they, too, have experienced such horrors.

"The ‘dirty’ work often holds within it the greatest light, because only by shining the lights of wisdom and compassion upon a ‘dirty’ situation can that pain be transmuted to joy, the despair transmuted to hope, and the disease transmuted to health. Such are the tasks of those that work for the forces of good upon your planet.

Within your armory you have the protection of angels, you have the weapons of truth and love, and you have the strength of numbers, both seen and unseen. So as you go on your way, facing your challenges, eroding the illusions of the chosen past of history on Earth, then remember the strength and joy of standing together and know you are just one of a massive army, no longer content to allow fear and pain to dominate your situations.

"From the depths of my heart I wish you all the courage to stand true to yourself, the wisdom to discern, and the humility to ask for guidance and to let go of that which has been held dear, yet no longer serves.

"Your reality is created and destroyed as a wind blows and abates, but beyond all is the steady calm of truth. Hold that as your beacon and you cannot step wrong. We are truly Brothers and Sisters, all who stand together in service of the Divine.

"I Am the Scribe."

Receivers Note:

Christ Michael appears at the end and makes it known that He counts Himself amongst the Brothers and Sisters.

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