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How Do I Serve Once Prepared?


Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we seek your embrace. We long to be close to you and feel your presence in our lives, this day, this hour and always. Help us to position ourselves so as to be ready and willing to accept your embrace. Help us to do those things in our lives which are conducive to spirit awareness and motion of spiritual values. We would do this work, we would engage in this process even though many times we are uncertain what that might mean. Help us to gain the awareness and the wisdom as to the roles we are to play. We remain eager students and would await instruction from on high. We will remain eternally grateful for all that we have been given, thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. Thank you for maintaining our regularly scheduled appointment. I have been observing your discussion and your divine petition and I would discuss with you the implications to the questions you hold in your heart and the desires of your soul. For those of you who have been faithful students of these spiritual classrooms it is only natural and normal to be in a state of wonder, a state even of awe as to what all this means to you in your lives.

You have been told for years now that you are in preparation and it is normal for you to entertain the curiosity in preparation for what?... and while it is true that you are preparing yourselves, in the process of undergoing these preparations you are simultaneously acquiring great personal growth and individual spiritual identity. If that were the extent of all that you are working for then that would be a worthy cause and you would be deemed successful in that most important and primary mission that you have. It is your inherent desire for service to provide for those around you, to benefit those outside, that you are grappling with the do I serve? I will point out that you have to this time served your divine parents unerringly when you have made such personal spiritual progress as the gain in your awareness of your spiritual identity and your connection to your divine family. Your parents have no greater delight than to see their children grow up to be strong and secure individuals in their universal relationship. To see them grow aware and in certainty of their cosmic citizenship and develop a deeper relationship with their divine parents.

This you all are doing quite well and this most important job is being accomplished day by day, hour by hour as you proceed down the path of your choosing in partnership with your divine parents. If you each were to graduate this day, your personal missions would be considered quite successful and you would be embraced on the other side by your divine parents who would recognize the advancements you have made in your spiritual career and would accommodate your advancements by your subsequent placement in the appropriate mansion world arenas for your level of spiritual education.

But oftentimes for individuals such as yourselves, these personal and private pursuits of spiritual growth are not enough to satisfy the longings of your hearts to be of service and to affect change in those around you as you feel led and directed to do. In your spiritual growth you have seen the relationship between receiving and the giving, the providing of service, and your soul desires to fulfill itself by manifesting that giving part of your nature. It is ever true to those who much have been given, much is expected, and you all feel this call because you recognize the many blessings that you have had bestowed upon you in your lives.

These blessings, while they were there for the taking, were only made real by your actions, by your choices and by your embrace of these spiritual realities. nevertheless they do trigger your desire to then should I serve? What then should I do to make myself worthy of these great gifts from on high? I would say to you that as children of God, you are entitled to these gifts as this is the desire of your divine parents. Even without the added dimension of service, I encourage you to embrace all that you have worked for and earned through your spiritual pursuits.

Likewise I relate to your desire to be of service as I am even to you in this hour because likewise I have been graced with the glory and grace of spiritual achievement and likewise am I motivated to put my talents to work for the purpose of service, to help in the unfoldment of this grand plan of which we both are a part. I would offer words of encouragement to not let these motivations you harbor act as oppressive elements in your lives in so far as they become attached to any feelings of inadequacy or guilt or shortcomings when the realm of service is considered.

Service is strictly a volunteer effort. No more is asked or required of you than at any time you are willing to freely give. Do not consider you fall short of some external measurement of your performance for that is simply not so. The only one you can disappoint in regards to your level of performance in service is yourself. You may impose certain expectations and subsequent requirements upon yourselves and then later notice that you fell short of your desired attainments and to the extent that this causes you a feeling of inadequacy or un-fulfillment, this has not served you. It has not served the cause of service.

Free yourselves from the burdens of expectations met and unmet. Open yourselves to the possibilities that service may not be in the form of your instant recognition or in your desired time frame or with the tangible results that you also desire. Service should be given freely and openly with no expectations as to their results and with such lightheartedness that there be no associated harbored feelings of shortcomings or of guilt for not having done more.

The divine plan of spiritual growth and its subsequent outworking of service is full and replete insofar as it is activated. Your Divine Parents do not see unused potential as mistakes or as the fault of those who would not avail themselves of these potentials, rather is the scope of our Divine Parents so broad that there are countless opportunities for us to engage in service on all fronts and in many dimensions so that whenever we are inspired, motivated and willing we will find the next opportunity right around the corner.

Trust that your training so far has been primarily on yourselves, and in that you have been largely successful. Have faith that as a result of your efforts, opportunities will come your way wherein you may avail your hearts desire to be of service and that when you engage in such opportunities, that these are good and proper and right activities. Avoid the temptation to feel as though you missed a chance or failed in your desire to do more as these are stumbling blocks while you are grappling with them, you are missing the next opportunity.

Indeed, use these "missed opportunities" to heighten your awareness of the next opportunity coming at you right around the corner. Do not harbor feelings of inadequacy towards any opportunity presented to you because you are in the realization that the Father will present you no opportunity nor ask any service of you that you are not prepared for and ready to provide. Assume that when you are alerted for an opportunity for service that you are prepared, that you are positioned properly, that this opportunity and your awareness of it have been provided by those forces of the universe which are there awaiting.

Therefor can we look at service opportunities through new eyes. Can we see these opportunities that come before us as a welcome challenge and not a test of whether or not we may succeed or fail as perceived by our limited vision. Trust that all of the service activities in which we engage are a success, are a building block for our souls, a stepping stone for those around us, the liberation of truth, beauty and goodness to our world and the opportunity for personal growth to us each individually. It is a win/win situation. There are no failures, no shortcomings when seen from the universal perspective. I know you all harbor natural curiosities as to the future, what it holds, and how it will impact you in your roles to play. Trust that in time all these things will become apparent to you and that your certainty of cosmic citizenship will be strengthened throughout the process and your willingness to be of service will be granted its petition.

As we have repeated so often, it is your positioning of spirit that allows you to gain the wisdom and insight necessary for you to feel more comfortable as you act, and through your stillness and your worship and your petition to be of service, you will be granted a greater awareness, a broader perspective of your position and role to play so as to make you more comfortable and older in your motivation to act. So fear not that there are any shortcomings in anything you may perceive along your spiritual trail, but rather see your career as unfolding in a good and proper manner as your personal growth and development are receiving their due attention, so then will your opportunities for service arise.

The single most important task we all face in our ascension career is the development of our spiritual growth and this we are engaged in constantly. With or without its component of service, this is our task at hand. We often feel as though we are incomplete without this component of service but the job of attention to our own personal growth is paramount and as a natural result of our efforts in that arena, service opportunities are awarded as our desires for such opportunities arise.

The measure of our perceived success with our service opportunities is [such?] a separate and distinct issue to the real goal at hand which is our personal spiritual attainments. But to the extent that we may reach out and be of assistance to others in their personal spiritual attainment, then we enjoy what is the icing on the cake. That is my lesson for today however I would receive any questions or comments if there are any....pause....

There was no engagement, I would release you from this format today bidding that you know of a certainty in your hearts that you are being successful day by day as you build your spiritual empire knowing that this is the important task at hand and while involved in such a grand pursuit it is admirable that you still have an eye to helping those of your neighbors build theirs as well. I applaud your desires and efforts and wish that you be at peace with your position in regards to both of these tasks. Be lighthearted and joyous as this makes the task much more enjoyable. I bid you farewell.