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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Teacher: Lantarnek

Topics: Spiritual Skill, Religious Tools

May 15, 2005

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. Once again we assemble and honor Michael with our dedication to his mission. It is his purpose to help all who seek truth; it is your purpose, it is my purpose. We are united. There is in every individual the ability to adopt the traits of Michael and Mother Spirit, for you each are created in their image and have inherent and latent within you these abilities, these manners. As you grow in spirit they emerge; they become recognized to you and by others as your spirituality. Your faith, your love, your gentleness, your trust, these and more have resided within you always as a bestowal of our Creator Parents. With their spirit bestowals you are more easily able to find these traits, these spiritual skills, and act upon them, or rather through them, that they manifest in your life, bringing you harmony and helping your fellows. While one grows spiritually there likewise develops a parallel unfoldment which is known to you as religion. Religion becomes a form of tools through which you apply your spiritual skills. There are two methods whereby you acquire these tools.

One is that you may make them yourself to enable you to engage your skills in the tasks desired. The other method is to acquire these tools ready-made from others. Many individuals pursue this second method, trusting that the tools that were developed would be sound, have guarantees, be proven to work, and constructed such that many including oneself would be capable of learning how to use them and to use them with good result. There are a few though who, in their pursuit of the highest of spirit they can attain, seek tools unavailable on the market, so to speak.

They forge their own chisels, spin their own drill bits, in order to accomplish the task of growth that is before them, that is in their vision. This often is quite successful, for some attainments are impossible through ordinary means. However there are some who grow frustrated, for the handmade tool fails or must be continually adjusted, slowing the progress desired. In this course one personality may be that much more pursuant and invent a different religion, alter that tool.

Another will discard that adventure of developing a personal religion and return to the manufactured, popular religion. There is no fault with either course, for these religious forms are only tools, and every craftsman is free to choose the tool that is desired to accomplish the task. What is of great importance is the development of your spiritual skills, your ability to put your religion to work as spirituality, to live your faith, to love your fellows, to learn truth, to act in the stead of Michael and Mother Spirit, though in reality you are never alone. But you are a physical manifestation point. It is a distraction to spend time requiring others to acquire the same religious tools and fail to foster the development of spiritual skills. Some are even baffled by one who can easily switch from one tool box to another. But you who have undergone much growth realize that your skills transfer. No matter what tool you use your skills will apply and bring you greater growth. Hold primary in your minds the benefit to be derived from the development of your spiritual skills and be ever adaptable to religious tools, be it yours or others, that may help you to attain your highest ideals of spirit. I have finished my presentation, and I open to you for comment or question.

Evelyn: I know I still fall into the tendency to promote The Urantia Book because it has meant so much to me. I need to resist the temptation to bring it up. It's really no different than Bible thumping or any other form of foisting your own tool on someone else.

* Lantarnek: Such enthusiasm is good, for it honors those who have developed such, in this case, training manuals. Dedication and sincerity are often the motivators for those who have expressed those teachings for others to grow from. I recognize in your comment that, while that tool in particular is one of your favorites, you know that another may find that their work to do requires the application of a different tool. This is wisdom. Many who acquire a new tool are often enthusiastic and would like to share that with others, for the newfound applications from that tool are deemed to be of value to another as well. I recognize that you also have learned, have gained the skills, from using this tool that can be taught to another such that they may better use their own equipment. Were one to use a drill press, an electric hand drill, or a manual drill, the skill to bore a hole straight and of appropriate size is the important element. Some tools facilitate the task; some tools require greater skill. Some religions foster love; some people must love more to infuse that love into their religion.

Evelyn: I'm hearing you say that if you feel there's a tool that would develop your skill, if you recognize it in even a prefab religion, to go to that religion and acquire that tool.

* Lantarnek: Yes. It would serve no purpose to have a skill that you cannot apply because of the refusal to use a tool that is appropriate for the task. Let not religious barriers prevent you from the manifestation of spirit, either the avoidance of or the sole strict adherence to any particular religion or religion in general. We could broaden the area to incorporate many other systems of thought, ways of behaving. My prime point is to emphasize the importance of your spiritual skills and their development for your advancement and growth. Thank you for residing with me today, for your attention to the important dimension of your life, your growth in spirit. I am pledged to assist you. As you receive I am ever more encouraged to provide. We teachers give what is desired but only if it is appropriate to your well-being and in alignment with Michael's mandates for ministry to his children. By seeking our words we acknowledge your gratitude, but we transfer your appreciation to Michael who is our master. I now withdraw, farewell.