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Tallahassee, Florida


Knowing Your Weaknesses

May 22, 2005

Greetings children, I am Ham and I am grateful to enjoy this opportunity speaking to you, my friends.

Let us discuss the shedding of the old and embracing the new. Each one of you is experiencing constant spiritual transition. You each must release those patterns and tendencies that belong to the old life for your lives are undergoing a transformation from one stage to another. The old patterns don’t fit anymore, but releasing these old patterns requires consciousness of them. You must see these unconscious patterns in order to release them.

Human beings usually do not wish to see behavior that is less than ideal and usually these things are concealed from the conscious mind until they are discovered and consciously put aside. It is therefore important to be vigilant and aware of these underground compulsions. It is important to make every effort to know yourselves and to be aware of your weaknesses as much as your strength.

Do not be hesitant about leaving your garden; do not ignore the signals that the Thought Adjuster gives you highlighting some thought, attitude or behavior that needs to be examined consciously. The guiding Thought Adjuster will keep pointing out the problem with ever increasing intensity until you understand the lesson, until you understand that you must look at yourself and release the old thought or behavior pattern that no longer serve you.

No one develops character without admitting mistakes, failures, errors or sins. You cannot pretend they are not there and move forward. You must first admit there is a problem before you can fix it. Letting go of the old must be a conscious choice before you can receive what is new. The new does not come in until a place is made. You cannot move forward in the spirit without consciously deciding direction, which means you must know what you are leaving before the new arrives.

The Father requires that you be open to what he brings you. You cannot simply choose one part of it. You must accept it fully then the new step will come. It is something like saying "Father, I don’t know what you will bring me, but it is my will to receive it. I don’t know what will replace the things that I am letting go but I trust in your goodness, I trust that what you are bringing me is better."

Each spiritual step is one of faith and trust. Faith would not be necessary if you knew in advance what was coming. Trust my friends and be glad, let the unknowing part be the thrill of the ride. Fear not and do not try to understand the end from the beginning. Trust in your teachers but above all trust in the Master and his goodness. Let not your hearts be troubled and neither let them be afraid. This journey is a short walk from here to there, for this life is short even though it is intense.

The next life will be much easier as you will enjoy a much closer conscious company with your indwelling spirit. Already you are trusting in him even though his voice is faint, you trust that voice will grow stronger and so it will. Trust my children, you are doing very well.

Q: Ham, I think I recognized one of my old bad habit recently reflected in my behavior with a house guest. Is it true that sometimes our awareness of these habits is brought to our attention by a friend or someone?

H: Yes. It is difficult, even quite impossible to see yourself as others see you until you see yourself in another. This mirroring is important for without it you would have much less self awareness and much less ability for self awareness as well. Often times these revelations are initially quite painful but over time as you incorporate the lesson and release the old, you find that that early pain was your greatest blessing. All human beings go through this. It is part of your growth and training.

Q: Rebecca?

H: Yes my daughter, you are doing well. Continue in this work putting one foot before the other and moving forward without pause. This training is very valuable and as you gain confidence you are gaining the respect of many others who will be influential in your future. Take willingly from the Master’s hand. Step gratefully upon the stones he is placing before you within the still waters of truth.

Q: Jarad?

H: My son, Jarad, you are doing well. You are learning the meaning of humility and of gratitude. Those two steps are crucial for your future as well. Soon you will understand true worship and this will be a great and profound gift for you. The flowing of the spiritual circuit within you is being cleared, the old is passing away and the new is just beginning.

Q: Message:

H: Yes, my daughter, of course. You are doing very well. The difficulties and trouble you experience is what comes from following the Master’s leading. All who follow him are led into troubles. Dealing with these troubles is his training for you. Be prayerful and mindful of his presence and his words. Let him comfort your heart as he reveals step by step the path ahead. Don’t worry my daughter; your angels will protect you.

I have a message for Zura. My dear, have no fear at this time. Let the troubles of the day be sufficient to the day. Do not worry about the future simply work your daily tasks and let the future take care of itself. You cannot know what will happen tomorrow. Release your anxieties. That is all.

Q: Anything for Frankie?

H: My son, you do well. Your recovery is coming along and this is good. Do not worry about moving forward too quickly do only what you can and don’t push too hard but continue your exercise every day.

Very well then my children cleave closely to the Master’s spirit; serve him by serving your fellows. All is well my children until next week my love and my prayers are with you. Farewell.