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Boulder Teaching Mission Group, #2
Boulder, Colorado
Teacher: Zarath

TR: Jerry Evans


  1. Evolutionary Progress
  2. Actions Without Love Are Meaningless

Q & A:

  1. Following the Will of the Father
  2. The Removal of Saddam Hussein
  3. Absolute Control Prevents Resolution
  4. Democracy in the Middle East
  5. Home Front Defense
  6. Resolving Personal Conflicts
  7. Effect of Spiritual Pressure on Rigid Belief Systems

May 1, 2005

Jerry: Heavenly Father, we come to Thee, so appreciative of your presence in us and with us in all we do. Know how much the love you give us to share means to us, and how much we love Thee.

ZARATH: Good afternoon. This is Zarath. (Group welcome.) I am so pleased to be here, to see many of you who have come to enjoy our efforts. There has been much progress in the Teaching Mission and I am happy to express the satisfaction we have in your own efforts each day, to present this to your fellows, either directly or indirectly, by your expression of love, support and help.

Jesus has taught us the value and strength of love of the Father and how it is essential for us to use that in every action and intention that we pursue. Actions without love are meaningless. In the overall, those actions, including love, are worthwhile means of progress in this universe. There is no ambiguity when one asks, "Am I doing the will of the Father?" for, if the actions and emotions and interactions have love as their source and reason, that is the will of the Father.

The Teaching Mission on a broader level is experiencing the progress that we have hoped for and continue to work for. Particularly in the regions of the Middle East and the activities associated with Darfur in Africa. In the latter cases it is the broader recognition and acceptance of responsibility that more nations and individuals are experiencing and accepting. The progress of course is evolutionary and seldom fast enough for mortals observing these things, but be assured, there is definite and increasing progress in these areas. One must accept the setbacks that come in the process, but never lose sight of the goal.

Are there any questions?

Student: Zarath, concerning your statement about following the will of the Father, I agree it is becoming easier for me to tell when I am doing the right thing, but the part I am having trouble with is sometimes failing to act when the Father wants me to. Do you have any suggestions?

ZARATH: This is a normal "problem," if you will, for the mortal situation. One can be assured that if you miss an opportunity, another will be presented. One can be certain that the love of the Father is in no way, diminished. Your actions, your choices will eventually bring you to the perfection that he has designed for you. If you recognize a past event that you missed, that is part of the learning process. It helps you to be more alert with the next. And depending upon your energy and acceptance at the time, you will be able to meet it and enjoy it, if you pass on the love that goes with it. So be of good heart—your intent is what is so loved by the Father. (Student: Thank you, Zarath. That is helpful.)

Are there any more questions?

Student: Yes, I have one. Since you brought up the subject of the Middle East, perhaps because we were just talking about it, and you made reference to evolution there proceeding—I am not sure I’m reciting exactly, but something to the effect that the evolution was preceding at an acceptable pace. Should I, or can I, infer from that statement that the removal of Saddam Hussein was part of the plan of the Most Highs?

ZARATH: A major development of that sort can certainly be traced to the Most Highs’ involvement. The removal of a dictator is the trigger for the opening of many possibilities in that area. The resulting turmoil is expected and is necessary to gather the consciousness of the larger masses of the people, to correct territorial ambitions associated with power and sect and religious differences. They are now given the opportunity to resolve many of these differences, which have kept them from their rightful place in developing a civilization of a higher order. They have reason for much hope. You can see what difficulties they are standing up in front of, to accomplish this. It will make them stronger, until they become a major leader in that area. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, although it prompts a follow-up question. With someone like Saddam Hussein, being in power, keeping an iron thumb on the activities in the country, it seems to me to be similar to when Tito had control over Yugoslavia. I gather from your answer that, in circumstances like that, differences which of course, never go away, also never get resolved, until that iron thumb is removed. Is that somewhat accurate?

ZARATH: It would seem so. (Student: I appreciate that.) You are welcome.

Student: With the establishment of a democracy in Iraq, will other countries nearby follow suit?

ZARATH: The example will be a major factor in encouraging the spread of freedom in the other nearby countries, and we can see evidence of that already—though their form of democracy will certainly not reflect yours. Their cultures must find their own answers to the expression of freedom, the acceptance of others and respect for others in their different varietal expressions of religion and commerce and society. This is well and good. Diversity is a key part of the Father’s plan that we all appreciate. We just do not expect each of them to be the same, except in the basics of love and respect, and a sense of helpfulness and community. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes. Then on the home front, can we prepare our defense systems adequately in trying to stave off attacks on our own soil? Or what must we do?

ZARATH: Much, of course, is being done. Much more needs to be done at great expense to the population. However, there is no practical way that one can avoid a concerted or determined attack upon our soil in the United States. The source has to be addressed; the source of the conflict must be given real recognition and definite steps by the international community must be taken in order to address this basic problem of poverty and subjugation, which exists in these countries all over the world, countries that have not achieved a more caring leadership approach, which we call "democracy," but which it is not necessarily needed to be called by that name. Did I give you a sufficient answer? (Yes.)

Student: I have a question, regarding some conflict that is going on within our own Urantia community. I am wondering if—I think someplace in the Jesus teachings—or maybe it’s from the Bible—people in conflict are encouraged or advised to have a third person who is a friend, and objective observer, to sit down with the parties involved and try to come to some understanding or forgiveness, something that is an amenable situation for both parties. I wonder if you could give us any further advice or suggestions regarding resolving such a conflict between people.

ZARATH: Parties that disagree must first look to their own selves to determine where their love is to reside and in what way can they meet the other person with that love and respect, allowing for the differences and looking for a common ground. The introduction of a third party with an objective point of view can sometimes be helpful, if they are unsuccessful in their own attempts. But in this they need to have decided that such an approach is necessary on their own part, by their own free will, to accept such aid for their problem resolution. Responsibility remains with the individuals, to first decide if they want to take a positive, loving approach to resolving the problem. That is all I can offer on this. (Thank you.)

Student: May I ask another question? (Certainly.) We are experiencing in this country a faction of people who are mixing religion and politics in a way that is not exactly healthy for either. What, perhaps, would be the best thing for us when we pray for them, to pray for?

ZARATH: There are those who are misguided in their beliefs and have drawn away from the clear and beautiful and timeless teachings of our Master. As he has guided us, those who are closed in their minds cannot be reached by words or laws. They can only be reached by true expressions of love. They must draw closer to their source, to be imbued for pure love and intent, for them to experience change or openness. Father desires that all of us be "one," that all be respected and admired in diversity together and seek for their common place, their common duties, their own personal duty in contribution, without disallowing the other, without trying to disadvantage the other. It is not an easy answer, for it takes sometimes, cataclysmic happenings to shake the foundations of such solid and misguided beliefs. We will have to wait and see, but things will surely be resolved in the Father’s time.

Student: I’d like to ask a follow-up question. As the opening of the circuits to our planet since the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, in playing a role or having an effect, such that those who have a rigid belief system, is that causing them to be kind of even more rigid, as the circuits are no doubt stimulating them toward greater spiritual awareness? Is their becoming more entrenched in their belief system, the only response they know as a result of that increasing spiritual force?

ZARATH: It is evident that the increased spiritual pressure being applied is having a marked effect on the increase in spiritual desire and searching, and as you are contemplating, those who are fixed in their beliefs and structures, will in fact be energized to be more effective and as we are seeing, more proactive in pushing that philosophy, until greater wisdom comes from their experience, their joint experiences, or the disasters that can be created by following that course.

On the other hand, the many that are more open and are receiving more guidance and help from this mission, can be the brighter lights, can one at a time achieve much in changing the societal response to bad actions of the government structures, as well as the various church structures. Structures have their place in fixing for a time certain resolutions, certain ideas to carry forward in society and civilization. These structures must be broken down periodically to allow growth. This is the range of activity that the Most Highs can be relied upon, while we do our best on an individual basis. This is all I can say about this. (Student: That’s quite enough.)

If there are no further questions, I will close this session with my love and appreciation for our being together and sharing. Thank you so much, and Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia give you their whole-hearted love and peace. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, please join us anew, give us your counsel and wisdom and help us to make contact with our teachers today. Amen