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Cheshire, UK, March 22, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Sphere Of Creation."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: "In the beginning of time was explosion. Time had no meaning before this point. Yet time is a phenomenon only experienced by certain classes of creation. So what then of the rest of creation at that point of explosion? You may see this explosion as a rippling out of creation, and from within Divine point, much as was discussed with the Rainbow in a previous lesson.

"Imagine a sphere, perfect, everything emanating from one point, all equi-distant from the center of this point. This perfect sphere is then used as a football, is used to play tennis, and is batted around, thrown into different circumstances.

"Soon each point of the sphere becomes to look different. Some will be pitted where small amounts of material have been removed. Others will be grown upon as it collects from the environment. Some may be dirty, some may be clean, but each point starts to gain character, which makes it unique, so that you can orientate the sphere and recognise one side or another, whereas previously, however you held this ball it would all look identical.

"This sphere, or rather the surface of this sphere, is that which you experience, is that which was created from the explosion of time. You, as humans, live upon the surface of this sphere, exploring how the outer reaches of Divine light, and the Divine spark, can experience creation through the separation of All That Is into Every-Thing.

"Consider though the surface of the sphere in not All that Is. Inside that sphere there is also matter—matter that is protected from its direct conjunction with the environment by the surface. As the surface gets colored in different paints it collects mud and it gets worn away, and the interior of the sphere remains as perfect as always before. This is where Spirit is located—the non-ascendant aspects of God’s creation.

"You can see now, too, how disruptions within the world of man may manifest throughout spirituality, that of All Spirit, for if the wearing on the surface of the sphere becomes extreme then cracks may be created, material which was not at surface becomes at surface, and how, if there is deep gouging into this ball, then that removes part of the volume within. Thus events such as the Rebellion can send ripples throughout all of God’s creation.

"There is re-generation available, and without the aspect of time, although these ripples are felt, they do not form deep and lasting impact. This may only be seen from your perspective, for from the eyes of Spirit, the ball is ever perfect, and also ever flawed. Spirit sees the ball as a pristine, new, virgin sphere, and it knows all on that sphere, whether on the surface or whether in the interior as perfection of the Divine made manifest.

"It also sees, too, the knocks and bumps, but watches the journey of the ball as it is played with, as it is explored, and as it explores what its own potentials are. So it sees the conjunction of the two.

"And know that mountains and hills, valleys, troughs, scarring on the surface of the ball are not considered within negativity by Celestial Beings, but as a wonderful explosion of the possibilities that are inherent when the Divine Spark splits itself through explosion, and allows itself to forget who it truly is.

"I ask you to ponder this concept for a while, and consider how it fits with the previous teachings, especially that of the rainbow of Light of previous transmissions concerning the nature of time, and of resonance. And so you may come to a better understanding of how these concepts allow you, as humanity, to be so weak within your powerfulness, and so powerful within your weakness, and also why we hold you so very dearly within our hands.

"I leave you now. I AM Yours, all of yours. The Scribe."

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