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Illinois, US of A, April 12, 2005
Unknown Teachers.

(A group of Teachers discerned by the receiver).
Subject: "Accept Where You Are At."

Received by Melissa.

Teachers: "You, child of Light, have now become more aware of your psychic abilities. Perhaps not yet are you completely aware of your potential, or even how to harness this talent in any useful or lasting way, but you are slowly opening up to the vast knowledge and love that is available to you, and flowing through you. For this we congratulate you. Recognizing what exists beyond your original five senses is quite an accomplishment while residing in human form.

"However, with greater awareness comes greater responsibility. Tonight we shall discuss some of these responsibilities.

"There are truly no limits on how far you decide to advance your experiences and abilities, but you shall always be held responsible and accountable for what you know. The gifts of the Creator are spread out equally among all, and there is not one human more coded for greatness than another. For that is impossible. Tonight my dear one, we will begin to explore the very tip of this iceberg, so to speak.

"When higher frequencies are ‘unleashed’ into your reality, there is a layer of human emotions and belief systems that it needs to burn through before the light is able to manifest in full power in your consciousness. Too often, when humans get a taste of any type of psychic ability, they end up trying to shut it off, or to use it before allowing that part of their mind to fully open and mature.

"Many of you children develop extreme fear. Others try to use it solely for ego gratification, which is still a form of fear. Many even use their abilities to further the belief in separation, claiming that they are ‘different’ from others, have powers over others, are more than, less than others, and so on. At this stage of the game, this is simply the period in which the Higher Frequencies are burning through the fog of human emotions.

"At a human level, this can be perceived as a very chaotic and messy period, with much confusion and doubt, but I promise you that this is all unfolding in perfect order. Your responsibility at this point is to accept where you are at, and to not get too tangled up in your emotions, whatever they may be.

"When enough of this Higher Energy is accepted within your own individual human energetic field, you will then begin finding yourself drawn to two or more particular outlets in which you are meant to develop in greater depth. This will happen naturally, and as development progresses, you may even begin getting ideas or visions of how you will be able to use these abilities to contribute to the advancement of enlightenment on this planet.

"At this stage, there is much work being done on higher planes where we are helping to prepare you. Therefore, your present responsibility deals with the making of a conscious choice not to interfere with these preparations, by drawing in lower energies through negative or limiting self-talk and thinking. You may be shown visions of yourself performing work that you have never seen or considered before in your dreams and meditations, just accept what you see.

"The most important thing at this point is for you not to entertain those thoughts which tell you that what you are being shown is impossible, or too advanced for you to ever be able to do, or have manifest in your experience. At the same time, do not assume anything. Just because you may have had a glimpse of the type of work you will be doing, does not mean that you should make any hasty changes in your current life.

"You are still in preparation, and where you are now is exactly where you are supposed to be. When it is time to begin your new work for this planet, you will be doing it. In truth, you are all already doing it, and being it, you just are not aware of this yet. It’s as simple as that. A common mistake that is made at this point is for people to try and make something happen before they are fully prepared. Feelings of impatience and unease are signs that you are not yet ready.

"Again dear child, this will all unfold naturally, like the petals of a rose. A rose does not worry about whether or not it will bloom. The same is true for you, your soul, your piece of the whole, does not worry that you will not become what you are meant to become. It will all happen when it is supposed to happen. This idea cannot be stressed enough. Your responsibility now is to simply relax.

"I know my dear child that you have many more questions, but we shall end here for now. We love you very much, and give thanks for this time together.

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