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Cheshire, UK, March 22, 2005.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Timings of Spirit."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Thought Adjuster: "When you feel the call of spirit, there is a knowing within your heart, the drive and urgency, and the unsettled feeling where you know there is something to grasp which is yet eluding you.

"In these moments it is imperative to stop and find stillness. Where you stop may be unexpected. You should take that time wherever you can; in the bathroom, in a parking grounds, or by just excusing yourself from the company of friends for a few minutes to walk to the kitchen, and to find there your peace and knowledge.

"At times, it may seem that these prompts of spirit come randomly, and without rhyme or reason. Know however that this is not true. The timings are always perfect, although from your perspective it may be difficult to understand how this could be so.

"It may be from the configuration of your own thoughts of that day, from the emotional situation you find yourself feeling, or from the circumstances around. It may be to do with world events, planetary energies, and how the emotion of humanity and the thoughts of humanity are being driven at that point in time. It may also have to do with the company you hold—those individuals which will resonate something inside yourself to make it the right time for the picking of a new piece of knowledge.

"Variables are wide, and to attempt to understand them is to remove the purpose. Better to accept that it is, and, when called, to flow in movement with spirit for those minutes. Your state of willingness and readiness to be quiet, to sit in stillness, and to allow greater knowledge to move into your sphere of understanding is the most important thing.

"These prompts, these stirrings, may happen more frequently when you are in positive energetic state, but they may also happen most profoundly when you are in a place of much doubt, of anguish and of pain. Each method has its reasons, and the lessons learnt will be different on each occasion. By being, by allowing, by listening, and by handing yourself to spirit when called, then it becomes easier for you to walk within grace, and to follow the Divine Will of God.

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