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Cheshire, UK, January 24, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: "Still In The Storm."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: "Still your mind and allow peace within your heart.

"There is much to speak of today; the wheel turns ever faster, spinning the Earth on its axis faster, so that this is even noted within your physical reality. The movement of such Earth-bound forces manifest themselves in many ways within your collective consciousness, or the subconscious psyche of all humanity.

"By being at peace, by holding yourself within a point of stillness, it is possible to weather these storms with grace and calm. The motions brought about cause a similar movement within your own energetic systems, and within your own thoughts and perceptions of the world of reality.

"As we shift across into higher dimensional realities, and into a reality which is closer to the truth, and of less illusion, then there will be fits and starts as the veil ruptures, and then reforms. Currently there are pockets, which are located fully within the entirety of reality as will be known within the new world. However, these are pockets, often temporary pockets, as well as within fixed location.

"However, from these seeds there will be ripples, as the underlying energetic forces of your current realities are no longer able to be sustained upon this Earth. Within your heart you are already at the higher reality levels, and indeed higher than where it is going to be shifted to within the current changes. It is therefore this place from within by which you are able to weather the storm.

"Hold true the light within your heart. Feel it being steady, and know all else to be mere disturbances, static and noise, around the point of real truth, and of real beauty. Soon the point of ‘now’ will be upon you. You will no longer be caught up in the dramas of the world, of changing events, but you will be able to reside fully within your own peace, and find the constancy, which is to walk with your Master within."

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