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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


The Perfection of Unification,

Jesus and Stillness,

Addressing Depression.

Teachers: Lantarnek

March 20, 2005

* Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. I am continually thrilled by your progress. You are all so naturally inclined to seek spiritual attainment. It is encouraging to witness your steadfast orientation. Naturally arising in your effort is the ongoing pursuit of higher attainments, be it spirit fruit, be it broader comprehension, the understanding of truth; be it the peaceful coordination of activities with others. You have found over your years of spiritual discipline great rewards in acquiring the life style of high spirit living. The phrase "to hunger for perfection" describes this tendency to seek more deeply, to reach more heavenward. But there is a second phase, perhaps more accurately, a concomitant phase, which is the perfection of unification. When Michael dwelt upon our world he engaged ordinary folk to be his apostles. He did not seek out the theologians of his time nor professors. While those very people did comprehend many truths that Jesus taught, his purpose was to encourage all people, no matter their talent. To grow spiritually one does acquire through insight and through experience, but one also integrates, learns to apply, to adjust, to coordinate attainments into a harmonious system within one's being. You are endowed with many gifts from God. You have the fundamentals already as a given, as the components of your being. It is the purposeful arrangement of your skills and talents that expresses the beauty of these divine gifts that you are. All stations along the ascension path will have certain acquirements and certainly much to be acquired. Even at the doorstep of Paradise you will note that which you have yet to attain. Therefore any position along the way your best application is to coordinate and integrate your current abilities to unify them that they work in harmony together. Each one of Jesus' apostles undertook their mission with him doing just this very thing, working with what they have already. Such artistry in the arrangement of yourself reveals to others the beauty of spiritual attainment. The race to acquire becomes free of the guilt of lack, of the shortcomings, and instead is transformed into the composition of your present unity. Michael said when on your world that no one is benefited by placing a lamp under a bushel, but rather to place it where it may shed light that it may provide the means that others can see. This light emanates from a lamp which is the unification of many parts. To merely place in proximity the components that make up a lamp does not create luminosity. To add to that collection more parts again does not generate light. It is in the arrangement, it is in the constructive orientation, that a lamp emerges from which light emits. No matter your level of growth, you can always arrange yourself to shine the light. It is as much of an opportunity while you await the arrival of higher levels of spirit being. Thank you for receiving my words. I remain in attendance.

Tom: When Michael was on this world he taught the gospel, but did he teach the stillness to the masses?

* Lantarnek: In the times and the culture in which Jesus dwelt there was great emphasis placed upon method, upon proper procedure, ritual, and requirements. He observed that, while many souls sincerely sought God, far too often they were distracted by the mechanism of the religion. So, he endeavored to spark the courage of personal relationship. This is why he resisted teaching a formulaic prayer to his apostles when they requested it. Likewise he sought stillness, private time with Father and taught it by example. When he went to be alone others were made aware that that was his undertaking; it was not secret. By so doing he was endeavoring to encourage others to seek their own privacy and solitude with Father. Should he have taught procedure, it would have been swallowed right up into the approach common at the time and become standardized and regulated. I hope this addresses your question.

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Evelyn: In this and recent lessons I notice that in perfecting ourselves we're letting our light shine for others. Our growth is for our benefit and for the benefit of others as well. Which makes sense.

* Lantarnek: Indeed the two go hand in hand for while I have emphasized today developing unity within oneself, the universe goal is unity among the body of all beings throughout the universe. Just as the mind assists the body and the body assists the mind, so does every creature assist each other, that they go hand in hand, the growth of self and the service of fellows.

Ginny: Do you have any advice on how to speak to people who are deeply depressed and on the brink of harming themselves?

* Lantarnek: When you encounter such a condition in one of your fellows you may take the example Jesus used when two brothers are in conflict. He said go to the other in private to remedy the conflict. If this fails, bring an associate, even the congregation. This was for the resolution of a problem between two. You speak of a conflict within an individual. When you encounter such a situation you have already undertaken the step of brother to brother. This individual needs the congregation. Your best assistance is to provide an avenue wherein other fellow human beings who are trained to minister to one such a crisis may do so. As my lesson entailed, each individual only has so much skill in their possession. With your current skill you have the means whereby you can orchestrate assisting another who is highly accomplished to aid your friend in need. The state of despair you speak of has many causes that contribute to the condition. You can be cheerful to encourage a cheerful spirit, but if the body is out of sorts it will squelch such an uplifting energy. One who has an off day is more easily uplifted than one who needs the assistance of a trained professional. Discern the best you can the critical aspect of that individual's condition and, if it is on the brink of dangerous, offer to make the connection with those who can help greatly and quickly. Be the connecting link. I hope this addresses your dilemma.

Ginny: Yes, thank you. I understand that problems need to be solved in the same level as they are happening. In other words, if someone is depressed because of lack of finances or a breakup or whatever, that need is what is causing the condition. It's not always helpful to give them spiritual advice at that time. When Jesus addressed the lad in the hills he encouraged him to use his natural talents to get himself into a better place.

* Lantarnek: Your insight is good for addressing that the root need advances to the solution; while, as you have illustrated, a breakup or finances can trouble the soul, offering helpful advice in an unrelated category brings no assistance. I had said that the body may cause depression requiring medication to assist recovery, but within the cause there can be underlying factors, perhaps the inability of an individual to accept themselves standing alone as themselves without defining their value due to another's approval and acceptance. There you may offer some guidance. In the case of finances, there may be the mistaken notion that well-being, that good standing, is had through wealth, or that being one without a good flow of income means the individual is an unworthy individual. One can assist in the reorientation of self esteem. But the condition, the entire condition not the contributing factors, will be solved by addressing all the elements, especially in the case of one who has, as you would say, reached the end of their rope. The time is shorter within which to assist than with another who is more mildly affected. I have enjoyed our engagement today, and I will depart at this time. Thank you all. Be the love and the light that you are for all to see.