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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Landscape of the Mind,

Landscape of Your Life.

Teachers: Elyon, Michael.

March 6, 2005

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again we gather to share our common love for God and our equally common love for each other, knowing full well that as a family we will continue to support and encourage each other throughout eternity. The love established today is the foundation for the long stretch of time wherein experience after experience will be shaped and supported by each other. When you came into function as a human being on your world you came with a mind. This mind was clear; it was a field of consciousness upon which you had all the freedom to landscape. As your life unfolded you began to place in the landscape of your mind many objects. These were arranged by you as you grew, as you became exposed to and familiar with living as a human being.

In this landscape you have been growing the trees of knowledge, the trees of understanding. As they have grown you have drawn from your memory and insight your experience of the past, your projections to the future, to fertilize and to prune these trees. This is an important dimension or function in this landscape, for sometimes knowledge accumulates so quickly that it becomes an overbearing limb that is weak in its gangliness and either needs support until it becomes strong or pruning that it may grow at a rate at which you can accommodate.

Another element in your landscape is the presence of what we could call spreading vegetation such as your common lawns. One would be desire. While a lawn is good, it can spread beyond where you wish it to be. A desire may start out as a simple want for comfort and grow to lust, a simple want for possession and spread to greed.

So, the disciplined soul knows where to place borders in the landscape of the mind to restrain, to qualify such natural tendencies. Also as knowledge and understanding grow over time what has been useful becomes outdated, and these trees shed their leaves so that new knowledge and understanding may develop.

A wise soul may gather these leaves and mulch them in the mind that they may reemerge as new life and not let them sit and smother other aspects of your mind. Such smothering is reflected in superstition, in reluctance, in fear. Also the mind is capable of developing patterns of action, of thinking, of habits. These become pathways across the landscape. Some pathways become so established that you choose to pave them. These pathways may be thought of as goals and as habits.

You may notice some paths are habits you wish not to tread any longer. So you place a boulder or a shrub in its way; a rule of conduct, a decision of discipline, to prevent you from further treading on that path that you no longer desire to go down. The mind is so flexible; it is a realm wherein great beauty may be crafted by an intentional personality. The application of art in consciousness works with indigenous mental presences, some provided by your genetics, some provided by your culture.

These things are arranged by you by choice. You can also transplant foreign materials; you may learn a second language; you may adopt cultural behaviors from lands far away. You may even plant the will of the Father in your mind. As you have developed this landscape you become desirous of sharing the beauty with others. You open the gate to your mind and allow it to intermingle with your fellows, to share deeply of one's being, to trade what has been done in the mind of one across to the mind of another. You spread your seeds. Stillness is like the early morning calm wherein the dew of the Father's love may refresh, where you become prepared for the winds of the day which may bring doubt, which may bring confusion, also where you may become receptive to the sunlight of truth, to the energizing of the presence of spirit. The field of your consciousness is flexible and powerful, and with your deliberate landscaping, you will develop a wonderful work of art that displays the beauty of the Infinite Spirit in your own being.

This is one of the many reasons I so enjoy being with you to share as you each cultivate and develop your being. Thank you for your attention. I remain with you.

* Michael (Mark): I would greet you now as a direct result of your efforts to establish communication and to hear my words. This is your brother, your father, and your master gardener at your service. I come to you today to build upon the lessons of your faithful servant Elyon, and mine, and play with the imagery of the landscape of your lives. I say that I am the master gardener because I am an expert at knowing how to arrange a proper landscape and how to most beneficially prune the trees and fertilize the young growth to maximize these fruits of the spirit. When you are uncertain as to how to properly arrange or care for elements of your landscape I bid you come to me, and I will advise you in the stillness about the most effective means to manipulate your individual landscape into gardens of great beauty. I am ever willing to assist you in the design, in the layout, even in the working of the fertile soil that is your life. I am no stranger to rolling up my sleeves and becoming involved in the very lowest and dirtiest levels that are required in order to secure such glorious spiritual fruits as you all are fostering. In fact I relish this invitation to work with you in your individual gardens, to be invited by you down your garden paths, through your garden gate, that I may witness, behold, and share with you the glory and the beauty that you are creating. You will witness that I send you many assistants to help you in staying on track with the best use of your efforts. When you avail yourself of the volunteer effort of those who would assist you, you bring in elements of the divine with each act of participation you allow. Not only am I a willing and capable assistant who pledges his support to you, but I am as well your seed catalog who may bring the aspects of the Father's glory available to those who are willing and ready to be transplanted within your landscape to bring the goodness and the beauty that the Father would have into your very midst. All this I can do for you and with you if you but simply invite me in. You will see I am a tireless worker in your field, in your garden. I care deeply about every aspect of your development and am ever willing to make suggestions and even uproot unnecessary distractions to your overall landscape. All this I gladly, willingly, would do for you if you but make me an associate, a partner, in the design, the layout, the pruning, and the nurturing of all that is good and beautiful in your individual gardens. In fact nothing brings me greater joy than to work with you as we fine tune the glory and the beauty that the Father makes possible and that we make real in your lives. I recognize that you are the owners and that you call all the shots regarding your personal landscapes. Therefore do I respect all of your decisions and choices. But I would simply offer to help, and you could simply offer to allow me. It is that simple. My dear ones, I see you work diligently in your gardens tending your landscapes with love and care and affection. I would work with you to help you to unfold all that will spring to life and bring such beauty into your lives and into the lives of all those who drive by and witness the glory that you have built through your life's endeavor. This is one of our gifts to the Father, to beautify, to maintain, to uphold, to promote the growth of those things that are beautiful, truthful, and spiritually real. I look forward to working with each of you. I will bring my gloves and together we will work side by side utilizing the soil of the material to grow the fruit of the eternal, and together we will stand back and behold that which our efforts have brought into reality. Even now I behold your landscapes and very much is beautiful and right and good. I only offer my services to you to further the projects that you all have begun, to make grand the landscapes that we may all behold. Seek me as your assistant in all these matters and I pledge you my support. As well I pledge you my enduring love and my overall peace and will leave you with that at this time.

Evelyn: I am hearing a lot of similarities to last week's truth, beauty, and goodness as methods for recognizing and doing God's will. I also want to point out -- I imagine Tom noticed this - a triangle of I think it was perceive, promote, and preserve associated with truth, beauty, and goodness.

* Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon back in the lawn chair. Yes, you have discerned an overall lesson, one that we teachers with our master teacher Michael are presenting that cannot be offered in one sitting. The wonderful aspects of spiritual power are the tools you learn to use, many of which serve multiple functions. These patterns, the triads and the metaphors, may apply in manifold ways in your lives. They will arise repeatedly to serve you in the development of wisdom and the assuredness of progress. Thank you for attention to the content of our presentations.

Jonathan: Reflecting on this, another element of the landscape is the aphids of worry that suck your energy, the nematodes of cynicism that cut the roots of aspiration. We could go on and on.

Tom: The knapweed of anger. Perceive, promote, and preserve is another way of saying knowledge is safeguarded by sharing.