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Beloved One - A Leson on Service - Mar 01, 2005 - ProgressGroup, AU

Tuesday, March 1, 2005.
The Beloved One (A Thought Adjuster).
Subject: "A Lesson On Service."

Contributing Receiver.

The Beloved One: "It would be good to explain more clearly why service is so important on this planet where volunteerism could very much be improved upon. True service is soul satisfying, as the real value of service is done without a thought of recompense, and where service is rendered, selflessly and willingly, without attached hidden agendas. This is the most sublime form of service.

"I desire to recognize all those on the planet who work so diligently, all shining their bright lights of knowing where they can make the greatest difference to help uplift this planet to a higher and more truthful state of being.

"Collectively, mankind is on the march towards an unknown but glorious destiny—that of Light and Life. However, many negatives need to be overcome for people to realize that they were all born to be Lightworkers, meaning each one that lives and works is meant to leave this world a better place.

"All are stones in a giant mosaic of life, and even the tiniest stone is needed to bring this mosaic to completion. Every human assists in this enormous effort. Some are more colorful then others, but every shade is needed and each has its own place in the overall effect this planet is going to have on its sister planets in the Creator’s universe. It ought to be a known fact that the universe is a friendly place, and that the Creator would never limit Himself, or be satisfied with, only one planet in His enormous cosmos. The relationship with each other that you have here energetically affects the other planets, and the more advanced ones look with pity upon this planet, where the warlike tendencies of a few are able to instigate so much fear among the honest-of-heart.

"This is a great disservice, and not just to the people, but also to this planet and to the neighboring planets to go into space, as the fearful warmongers now propose the spending of billions on weapons in space, which are totally unnecessary and will only poison the atmosphere, like a malignant virus does to the human body.

"Don’t let this cancer be developed any further. Stop this insanity right now! This so-called projection of danger from outer space is totally misplaced. In fact, your space brethren are simply waiting for a friendly and welcoming attitude to be developed among the peoples of this planet, so greater progress can be made when this contact finally happens. Let all fearless, honest and forward thinking people rise up, and unite under the banner of peace.

"This is the greatest service you can give to your precious but beleaguered planet. Many are the atrocities, which are now being heaped upon her innocent head. She is being robbed of her trees, which are oxygen providers for the planet, and which help regulate the atmosphere. Her lands and oceans are being poisoned.

"Be thoughtful, and discover where you can make a difference, so as not to leave an almost uninhabitable planet for your grandchildren, who will be left to clean up the mess, which their elders have created by using well-intentioned inventions for negative purposes rather then positive advancements.

"Evolution is meant to be for positive creativity, so one generation can build upon the wealth of achievements of the previous one, and so society gets propelled forward toward that glorious destiny.

"To this effect, Jesus came to show you, in a most beautiful and simple way, how to honor the Creator and each other through loving concern for the well being of each other. He was, and is, the world’s greatest Volunteer to ever live on this planet. His is the most sublime example I can offer for you to follow."

Receiver’s note: I kept asking, silently: "Do You really want this?" All I heard was: "Keep writing."

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