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Cheshire, UK, January 24, 2005.
Midwayer Zeen through Lanart.
Subject: "Divine Laws."

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Zeen: "It is important that you relinquish all preconceived ideas of the nature of what is, and what is not. There are fundamental truths, which remain constant. Many of these are high universal laws, which bind all beings; the laws of will, the laws of love, alongside energetic laws; the laws of attraction, the laws of destruction, of growth, creation and evolution.

"By slowly examining your thought processes, it is possible to whittle away the excess structure which is created by human law alone. To find the truth within each thing, it is necessary to look with honesty and candor as to what has arisen within yourself as a product of your society, of your own fear, of ego-based desire, and of expectation.

"Once these steps are performed, with an openness and with a willingness to let-go of those structures which once supported you, then you will move more freely into the universal stream of consciousness, flowing with the water, rather than fighting against the tides.

"Each of the true laws is simple within the extreme. There is nothing complex of that which comes truly and directly from the Divine. Complexity is born of misunderstanding, from a need to fit each aspect into what is perceived as a place of truth, but that is not the essence of truth. To find truth is to distil each experience to its core, to find the points of light and the points of guidance within that, and to know, within every cell of your being, that this manifestation is unchangeable and cannot be other than obeyed.

"It requires fortitude, and courage to search in this way, to remove the dross from your mind, spirit and emotion. But the rewards are indeed great, and when the structures have been removed, then truly in that openness there is real freedom.

"Thank you for this opportunity to speak again tonight, through a new interpreter. I am ever and humbly yours, Zeen."

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