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Nebadonia022805MarinTM_I AmInThe RealmOfPureSpontaneity

Nebadonia 2.28.05

I Am In the Realm Of Pure Spontaneity

Marin TM Group

[Transcriber’s Notes: Dear Folks, It seems Mother wants to "get down" ever further into how to practically realize the process of stillness, even to the point of contacting your own celestial teacher - as well as Her and Michael. These were the steps I took myself before I could transmit Them. I had months of, I guess you could call it training, with Welmek and a friendly seraphim (is there any other kind?) before I felt the possibility tease my curiosity, and nerve. Now I'm so glad it happened. Enjoy, and take care. Jerry ]

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Welcome. We open our hearts - our feelings, and our minds to welcome You. We thank You for these insightful lessons - Your encouragement, and the way how to renew ourselves and our relationships. For this is the key how to love and appreciate both ourselves and the others we meet. This is truly beginning to be quite an adventure, like we were made for it! Amen.

Nebadonia: Good evening, My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. I feel your heartfelt greetings and I assure you I feel welcome indeed to be here with you. Just relax and let My presence swell in your minds. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Remember I am all around you - spatially. You can best feel Me by relaxing your attention and letting it turn everywhere outward. This kind of tingling, cushion-soft pressure, just this fundamental consciousness of being consciousness and alive? - this is Me. I am with you - right in your bodies and permeating all this inner space you feel as your mind. So relax any effort. If you find yourself doing anything, shall we say, trying to anticipate what I will say, or if you catch yourself trying to concentrate or focus to a point within yourself, just let it relax.

You will find that as you approach stillness, your mind, being intrinsically, delightfully curious, will try all kinds of things to get a hold on Me. But I am a bit more subtle than that. I cannot be held as you might hold a concept; much less, I cannot be anticipated. I exist in a realm you can only think of as – pure spontaneity. I am nowhere near as bound, My children, as you are by various physical and mental antecedents. For this very reason - let Me offer the insight - this is how I can be most valuable to you. As you relax various concepts and ideas as they occur to you, you are just clearing the way for My presence – My essence - to swell, to increase within your inner awareness. As you become more adept at this, you will notice that your thought processes just generally tend to slow of themselves as you realize deeper and deeper there is nothing to apprehend, there is nothing to grasp hold of as you are normally doing all your waking moments.

During normal wakeful consciousness, your mind acts like a small hand successively grasping concepts and ideas your personality is creating so you can keep yourself company, you can talk to yourself, you can figure things out, you can analyze any number of projects or past events. As I mentioned to V several weeks ago, this is a wonderful ability, this linear, sequential, one-at-a-time kind of mentality you use as a tool to get through your busy days, constantly analyzing what you are doing and creating what to do next. But for the very reason that this process is designed to create a linear continuity to tie what has just happened to you, right through the present moment into what to do next, and especially since you modern folks
so thoroughly enjoy being busy; this process becomes so unconscious, so culturally conditioned that many of you know no other form of consciousness. In fact, if most people are awakened from sleep, whether dreaming or not, they will simply tell you what they were thinking while they were sleeping.

It is this kind of mentality, this type of mental activity associated with a sequential process, that We invite you to take a break from, as often as it occurs to you. This can be just a sitting down and closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and heaving a little sigh, and saying, " Hello. Here I am again, Mother, checking in, welcoming You, inviting myself to feel Your presence, " - if only for a few moments. Obviously if you are driving your car, this is just a mental greeting - perhaps a looking around and saying, " Thank You, God, for this life I ’ m living. " A little moment of worship, for you and Us.

But by doing so you are taking a break from this linear continuity, this focused attention, to unfocus for a moment, to relax and let that which cannot be anticipated - the larger realm of spirit personalities - impinge upon your mind. Don ’ t forget too, My children, a great part of this spiritual awareness and presence is a dimension of your own personality. This is part of who you are. This is your own creative ability, your ability to escape, if you will, a binding causality by bringing something new into time and space. And how else can you exercise this ability, not only as it relates strictly to some problem-solving, but as an invitation to open to that which you cannot anticipate? For within this real possibility is where you contact not only your own creativity, your own spirit, but where you can contact Us, your celestial family.

You have an immediate spirit Mother and Father, and you share with Us the Universal Father of all creation, a fragment of whose Being lives in your mind and writes the experiences of your personality as your soul. You have a Guardian Angel, an experienced seraphim who has volunteered and gone through a rigorous training to accompany you through life and to create and maintain an epiphany of this life you are living. And now, since the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion and the lifting of the spiritual quarantine that Urantia has been cocooned in for some two hundred thousand years, now, My children, you also have access to volunteer celestial beings - ascendant mortals and other seraphim who have volunteered to come to Urantia expressly to share their lives with you, and with whom you can share your life. Because none of Us of your celestial family will initiate this contact and intrude upon your life – more than these invitations - you have to initiate the contact. You have to welcome Us into your life so this contact can be conscious to you.

Just as your most profound and heartfelt worship is a way of thanking our Universal Father for His creation of all that exists, so too your prayers, My children, are a heartfelt and sincere asking for help. Articulate with as much detail that satisfies your desires, what you want of Us. Use Us. We belong to you. We are here for you, and so We ask of you, share your life with Us.

What you are experiencing day to day is unique in all creation. Share it with Us. Offer Us your prayers. Don ’ t be shy to ask for help. Otherwise We cannot help you in quite this way. If you do not ask for help, My children, We must assume you wish to try this particular part of your adventure by yourself. This is your life and We will not intrude upon it. So ask Us for help, especially for those of your fellows whom you know need it most desperately. It is hard to explain and so it requires a measure of faith on your part - to believe when We assure you - that your prayers for another do not in any way intrude upon their freedom. But this is truly a way you can actually help another person. So formulate your prayers, your
conversations with Us, as best you can. But then take a break from even this and be open to Our reply.

Here it helps to have a paper and pencil handy to jot down what you hear within you. Our personal spirits are very subtle, My children, and as strange as this may seem at first, you have to give Us reality – for yourself. You have to acknowledge Us as real. And it helps to do so to by writing down these impressions you receive. This process can be continued, as many of you are finding out, into a prolonged contact with a spiritual teacher, sometimes an ascendant mortal - and here I ’ ll mention your friend Welmek, with whom many of you have had contact - or often a seraphim who has come to Urantia to participate in the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission of the planet.

In this regard, I invite you to realize that almost any human being is capable of contacting and enjoying a celestial teacher. I say almost only because you first have to have the faith that this is possible, then the determination to try, the openness to receive this contact, and the willingness to give it reality by writing down this conversation as it appears in your mind. Imagine a world in which most of the citizens are in tune and conversing with a spiritual teacher. Because - I will remind you from your text - from a human standpoint all spiritual personalities are perfectly coordinated. This has no parallel in human reality: where you have complete individualization of unique beings in perfect spiritual accord. But this is what is possible and available to the human race through this contact. And this is just another way that, person by person, the human race will come into spiritual accord.

So you see, My children, this stillness We invite you to experience is a door to your own creativity, and contact with your celestial Family - a way of making this Family real for you. This is a way of enjoying experiences which not only add to your soul, but give you a means of accessing its spiritual reality too. Again, as Michael invited you to do last week, I too invite you to read and reread these lessons over and over to inspire your imagination. Use your own curiosity as a bridge until you get to the reality of this experience. At some point, contact with Us - especially with your own personal friend and teacher, will be unmistakably someone other than you. You will probably not know at first whether or not this is just your own imagination - your own creativity, or memories, but after awhile it will be unmistakable, and you will have found a friend like no other. It will, as you say, blow your mind. That ’ s the idea! Let your mind expand until, as I suggested once before, you realize that - in here - there is no top or bottom, there are no sides. You are floating in Me. And then, beyond Me, you are held in the loving grasp of the Infinite Spirit on Paradise. Your immediate father, Michael, is always beside you and in your heart, and the Universal Father of all creation is right within your mind. You are never alone, My children, and I would love to have you realize this. Will you give it a try?

If you have any questions or comments this evening, I would be glad to hear them.

Student: Mother Nebadonia, thank You for your information. You ’ ve answered most of the questions I had, and have given me inspiration to reach further. I like the idea of having a celestial family and being able to contact them - a feeling of … a journey, a feeling of reaching out. I appreciate all You do or us, and all my teacher does for me, patiently waiting until I get through all the stuff in my head so I can contact him; and it is always valuable when I do. I thank You.

Mother: Well, C, you are most welcome. I enjoyed the discussion all of you had before I joined you, for you were all very much on the right track of
realizing stillness can often be just taking it easy for awhile and following your feelings - often just wondering what your feelings are, and then being open to following them. This is what I meant by thinking of stillness in less and less formal terms of a precise meditation, but just relaxing. Challenge yourself, though this may sound ironic, challenge yourself to see if you can feel Michael ’ s peace. It is there in your heart – your feelings – ever so deep and restful. So just relax and let it swell forth. Often you will feel a little ripple go through your body and sometimes even the physical space around you as you relax. Give Us your trust that this is the best way, the most creative, the most fulfilling way to enjoy your life. And to be lovingly open, non-judgmental; and not anticipating what these other beings, these other human beings around you, are. And be in My love.

Student: Thank you Mother.

Student: Yes, Mother. You mentioned that You want us to use You – You and Michael – but how do we do that? How do You want to be used? How do we pray? Sometimes I have a difficulty in putting things into words. Did You hear my prayer last night before I went to bed – my tearful prayer before I went to bed?

Mother: Yes, My son. As you Mother, as your connection with your life, I experience everything you experience. This is Who and What I was created to be by the Infinite Spirit. As you live within Me, it is with the dimensions of My mind, My intelligence that you perceive and think, while within your own essential reality - your unique personality, you yourself have spirit and an ability to create. Now, within this life we share together, you as a personality, in asking for help of greater spirit personalities, need - for yourself, in order to realize what you want, what you feel you need - you need to articulate this to yourself. This is essentially what prayer is. Michael and I, and God himself realize before you do what you need and, consistent with Our own universal law, We provide this. And We appreciate your heartfelt worship of thankfulness for all the conditions of your life We support.

Now when you, with the power of your own creativity, think of a deep need that you personally feel, and express this in a prayer, then you are more capable of joining in a partnership with Us to fulfill this need. This is where, this evening, I reminded you that before, and all during, but especially right after you express this petition for help, you need to listen, for as much as you are open to a genuine answer which you yourself cannot create or anticipate, to this very degree We are able to answer you. This points directly to the sincerity of prayer. This determines how far a prayer can reach within your life. For example, if you know you are already discounting the answer, as in your mock-humorous song recently of, " Lord, won ’ t You buy me a Mercedes-Benz? " – obviously nothing will happen. But if, say, you are praying for guidance, it helps for you to think to yourself what you feel you cannot achieve on your own, for in doing so you are making the fullest use of you own creativity – just to do this. Also it puts you in a humble attitude of realizing your own limitations, and being open to what can follow, almost instantly, your petition. Here I must caution you that in a heartfelt prayer for guidance for what to do next, sometimes the answer can come so quickly, so instantaneously, you miss it . It can suddenly just pop into your mind. So if you do not write this down, or if you do not credit your own request and really want an answer - by being willing to give it a try - which takes yet another kind of courage, it is often lost.

This is how We help you, My son. We are constrained only by your ability to receive Us. We cannot, because We will not force anything upon you. The fragment of our Universal Father who inhabits your mind can offer you visions of what to do, but even these are couched in such a way that you can refuse them, otherwise you would have no real freedom. These are all facets under the general heading: openness. Living open. So this is not something you accomplish in one step, but simply initiate over and over as often as it occurs to you. Relax. Feel the deep peace of Michael ’ s presence in your feelings. And truly - wonder! Is this helping, My son?

Student: A lot of food for thought. You brought up the idea of constraint. What if I pray for this constraint to lessen, to soften, to relax, so I am more readily open to Thy – to Your perceptions … and insights … and guidance?

Mother: Ahhh! – now you have it! (Group laughs) Bingo! Exactly. This is why We have suggested that humility, the feeling of something enormous all around you, is actually a wonderful thing.

Student: In my prayer last night, the idea … I felt so trapped in my work, and in my relationships, and in my debt, that I just didn ’ t know what to do – my soul felt so unfulfilled. And the more I let myself feel this trapped-ness, and the tears were flowing … I felt that humility, that humbleness … and: I can ’ t do any more! There ’ s a limit to what I can do! And even though nothing was articulated - and I think I prayed to every celestial being known to man – but ultimately to God - there was a sense of peace that came over me. And so I went to bed with love in my heart, and peace in my soul. And I will pray that this constraint that I have within me will be softened, that I have a clearer picture of how to resolve certain issues. Mother: Yes, My son. I ask you to read and reread again what I ’ ve said this evening, and feel again what you ’ ve experienced. This will help you realize that this Spirit you wish to contact is enormous, even gigantic - beyond any grasping or containing. Spiritual beings can only communicate to you just … slightly more than you are capable of receiving. This is why I said: Exactly – pray your own abilities are stretched. Beyond this the path is one of continuing to express to yourself what you are going through, i.e. – think about your life - what you are trying, what you are discovering that works, and doesn ’ t work; slowly growing the faith in yourself that you will need to step out on a new way. For within your very necessary evaluation of what is possible, you will only be open to what you can imagine you can do. It does no good for Us to suggest what you are determined you are incapable of doing. But as you get greater confidence and faith in yourself, you will be more and more open to ever more profound changes which We can suggest. So this is a real dimension in which you can grow. This is a great faith you have, My son - in Us! - that in a very humble way supercedes even your faith in yourself. So let us grow together – in both ways that can be taken. Let us each grow side by side, and let us grow towards each other in this contact between us, ever more consciously One. And be in My love.

(Long pause) Isn ’ t this wonderful, My children? (Group murmurs agreement) This is the peace which allows you to rest and put an end to it all. Give yourself over to our Father for the night, totally trusting Him to keep it all together, and then put you together again tomorrow.

I would appreciate it so much if all of you who will read My words of tonight would imagine a world where everyone who wants one has their own personal celestial teacher, where everyone is able to tune in to a dear friend as close to them as their own mind, beaming in on My carrier wave, always there and providing a contact with a dimension of reality – a whole spiritual family - who are already fully coordinating this planet along with – millions! – of others.

This is just beginning, My children. And here it comes. Reach out for it – for Us. And stay in My love … Good evening.