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Rocky Mountain TeaM, #1

Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Rayson Intro.

Zarath (TR, Jerry)


  1. Revelatory Commission Preparation
  2. Zarath Background and Original Home
  3. Conflict Resolution more

Q & A:

  1. Students' Teachers Names
  2. Zarath Progression
  3. Guidance on Revelatory Questions & Personal Agenda
  4. Where Are You, Zarath?
  5. Tsunami Assistance
  6. Awakening and Contacts
  7. Fusion on Another Planet
  8. In Teaching, Emulate Jesus

January 13, 2005

Rayson: This is Rayson. I'm really happy to be here with this newly formed group and to introduce your teacher, Zarath, who will next speak.

Zarath: This is Zarath. I welcome you, friends of Jerry. I am most happy to be here to proceed with this experimental lesson. I have spent some time in preparing it, and I hope that it will have meaning for you. We have spoken much about the expansion of the teaching mission and the new revelation by the Revelatory Commission that is being developed and prepared, and the preparations that we are requesting each of you to consider and to make your efforts in if you desire.

It is really exciting to be looking forward to the new questions that will appear from you who have had a chance to review the Urantia Papers and who are at the point of recognizing the gaps. So much more wealth can be provided in terms of understanding and spiritual development. The efforts of the Commission are such that without you this information could not be imparted. Unless you ask the questions, we cannot respond and offer thoughts that are not evident to you. But your questions open up a discussion in a very meaningful way and lead to more and more revelation that will really benefit the world.

The physical tsunami and earthquakes and weather disturbances are all part of the essence of the physical universe, just part of the obstacles that are placed before you to be overcome and learned from. We see the outpouring of your desire to help, which raises the consciousness of those individuals involved. Even the debacles of the war in Iraq have beneficial results as hard as it is to perhaps appreciate. We hope that you will have questions that can be brought to this forum. If I am not able to answer them I have friends that surely can. It is our most urgent desire to help you meet your most positive intentions. That is all I have prepared to say. So I will open the floor for questions if you have any and I will do my best to respond.

Student: Zarath, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Zarath: I would be happy to. I hale from a planet somewhat different from this one, and much farther along in light and life. The beauty of it would seem like heaven to you. The cities such as you have do not exist on my planet. The housing areas are spread across the face of the planet in little tiny gathering places surrounded by beautiful trees and flowered areas.

The means of transportation are such that we can communicate so readily with each other that there is no need to be personally present, however we do have antigravity belts which we wear when we want to be transported or transport ourselves to any place on the planet for the personal experience thereof, and (it) provides an effective shield so that the speed of transit does not disrupt us.

There is much joy and laughter, much to learn. We have been exposed much more than you to the cosmological associations of which we are a part, and we have interaction with some of the nearby-inhabited planets. I had a family. I have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl, so I know what family life is like and the lessons that you can learn from that experience. My professional career was as an herbalist, and I was very successful. One person that I described this to asked if any of the plants I was familiar with, were here on this planet, and I can tell them that, yes, this being an experimental planet, I recognized many here. He offered that I might be of assistance to those in his field at some future date. Does that suffice for that?

Student: Yes. Thank you.

Student: Do you have quite specific means of resolving conflicts like divorce or wars or serious conflagrations on your planet?

Zarath: Yes, indeed, conflicts never result in the physical. The essence of our relation with our friends is that we have too much respect for each other and each other's opinions, even when they differed, differed radically in some cases, yet we each sat down and described the reasons. As we got into more detail we became more knowledgeable of the other point of view as well as our own, and as well as some deficiencies in our own understanding. These can be resolved in most cases to form an even better view of the original problem and provide better solutions. This sometimes took time and patience, but it was so much more enjoyable than what you observe on your planet. I was most surprised when I first arrived here, with not a lot of preparation for what was really taking place on your planet. This made me even more excited that I was chosen to participate, to be helpful at changing that situation. Does that satisfy you?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Student: Zarath, are there other teaching missions or things like this going on with other rebellious planets?

Zarath: Yes, this is a program initiated by Michael for all the planets involved in the rebellion, and I might suggest that this is one of the most difficult. Consciousness levels do vary among the different planets to a considerable degree even though they were part of the rebellion. Experimental planets, of which there are several, are most difficult. This one, and one other with similar defaults, with not only their Planetary Prince but also with Adam and Eve, these two need by far the most attention as required by their exceptional difficulties.

Student: Do you have any special words for my wife and me in dealing with our children: given the situations with our son.

Zarath: It is sad to say that a closed mind is very difficult to interact with, and sometimes only time and experience can open the door. So again, patience, love, and your prayers, which are effective, can result in a change in consciousness. I don't have much more to say on that.

Student: Thank You. I want to thank you, everyone involved, for thoughts and prayers in helping us with our new business. You can pass that on.

[TR: I hear laughter in the background, enjoyment and Thank You.]

Student: We certainly felt your interventions, and just so much appreciated it, and knew we are on the right path with all the validation that we got. Do you know our teachers, neither of which we have been able to communicate with? I've even forgotten my teacher's name. Do you know your teacher's name? (Directed to Student #1) Reply, JarEl.

Zarath: You are fortunate to have JarEl for a teacher, as he is one of the more experienced teachers in the circuit.

Student: Eleron is my teacher. Yeah, do you know Eleron?

Zarath: I do not know Eleron.

Student: My question, and something that has always puzzled me is, when, or at what point in our journey do we have an opportunity to do what you are doing? At what point can you come back and actually assist?

Zarath: In my case I was just a little past Mansion Worlds and perhaps I was too junior, almost too junior to bring to the planet. So I was very excited when I was told that because of the necessity for enlisting teachers, I was to be given the opportunity as well. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes. What I was trying to do was harmonize the teachings with the UB. I wish the UB readers could accept it more widely. It states in the U. Papers that we don't come back to our planet of origin. I have never heard a teacher who has actually lived on Urantia. And is this part of your progression? Do you go on from here then after a certain amount of time?

Zarath: Yes, we have a lot of time and the time necessary for us to be involved in this mission. What ever it is, it is still just a blink in the eye of all the different opportunities of future experiences that we will have ahead of us.

Student: I take it that this is optional but encouraged--your teaching mission?

Zarath: You mean in terms of the teachers or do you mean your own activity?

Student: I mean in terms of teachers.

Zarath: Yes, it is always an opportunity that's presented that you choose to take or not take. Some may have a different direction that they desire at that point in time and those are decisions that each has to make based on where they think they can accomplish the greatest good.

Student: Give us some clues or some direction as to the kind of questions we can ask (from your perspective). It's such a big subject; I am at a loss to know where to even begin. SR had some helpful suggestions as to how helpful it would be to have a little clearer idea of our Mansion World experience. That was wonderful to hear about that. Do you have any other guidance?

Zarath: Each of you has an agenda: Each of you has decisions to make that are unique to your own personal growth. These show as areas of interest that strike you as you read the UB sections that are meaningful to you. These are the areas to delve into more and look for extensions with the guidance you have. This involves trying to keep a common theme that builds on its self, maybe 2 or 3 themes rather than random questions taken from here and there. In this manner the questions when they appear can be better organized and presented as a whole, and each of the people preparing them is gathering more experience in their search that is beneficial to themselves. Does that help?

Student: Yes, it does.

Student: I have a question. At our last study group while reading papers about what earnest fathers desire for their children, I thought a bit about whether it might be appropriate or advisable to share some of this information with another family member for whom we have great concern regarding his children. In some ways it seems like a good idea, and other times it seems like a put - off. Do you have any suggestion regarding this?

Zarath: Could you restate that as a question?

Student: Is it advisable for us to try to share some information about what it is that a good father wants for his children?

Zarath: Yes, the advice can be helpful to one who is ready to accept it and is desirous of learning. If you do not know if they are open or not, perhaps you can query them more about those desires until you know they are interested. Then assuredly it would be of value. Does that help?

Student: Yes, but at this point I perceive that it would be difficult to even ask about that. I guess that answers my question.

Zarath: Very well. Perhaps with thought you will find a better way, a way to intrigue them, to teach them, perhaps to show them the benefit of the experience of someone else that they can recognize.

Student: Thank you.

Zarath: You're welcome.

Student: When you're here, where are you? (A burst of laughter.)

Zarath: I am here.

Student: Do you sleep? Do you eat? Do you have a house? Do you fraternize with other teachers?

Student: Are you on this planet with us?

Zarath: Yes, I am, as are many of my companions.

Student: Do you have nice accommodations?

Zarath: The best! We don't think much in those terms. We are so interested in what is going on here. Yes, we do have a place for repose or some quiet time, and then time to work on our lessons and our studies and our objectives.

Student: Are you just in another dimension? Are we stepping on you? Are you stepping on us? Are we in the same room? Obviously we're in the same
room, but does your body occupy a space that you would have to dodge something or us?

Zarath: No, I do not have to dodge you. I am like an energy vortex that is able to move in and around physical objects that I see and through them at will. They are material but not of the same frequency. In that sense you might say it is a different dimension and yet close enough that we can have this interaction.

Student: So you can perceive the things that we perceive?

Zarath: Yes, I do.

Student: That must be hard sometimes.

Zarath: As I mentioned earlier, it was quite a shock and yet we deal with it.

Student: Are you teachers in masse assisting the tsunami victims? It is kind of hard to imagine all those angels grabbing up all the deceased souls. There were so many at once, it must have been chaos for the angels and the transport angels.

Zarath: There is an angel for every soul.

Student: I know, but --

Zarath: Every soul that needs to be transported. Some angels have responsibility for more than one depending on their development. Michael is bringing legions of angels to support this effort, in addition to increasing the spiritual pressure upon the planet. Spiritual pressure is all that is needed on many of the planets. Now many special corps are just inundating this planet, for it has serious need, and no resources have been spared.

Student: We are so discouraged as you know with the current administration and our place in the world politically. So please forgive our somewhat negative perspective right now. I can see the long haul but it looks a little futile right now. Can you comment?

Zarath: It is a long haul and it is not futile. The changes that are required often do not develop until the strength of the motives of those with higher consciousness result in sufficient action to change the physical world, but it is not futile. There is good progress being made one at a time and you will see more of the evidence of it if you are patient.

Student: Can you comment on our development and our relationship that we
might have with the awakening from the Dispensatory Resurrection? As those people awaken from a Resurrection will we be available, will we be helping them, or is this something done by the angels?

Zarath: When you are in morontia form as you progress from one mansion world to the next, part of your training is to teach what you have been taught to those behind you. That is part of the joy of the whole training program. You get to learn, and experience the joy of that, and you get to teach and feel the immense pleasure of that. The program is such that when those people from perhaps an age past come that love you, and are identified with you, they will make contact. And you will make contact with them from whatever stage you are in. You will feel the joy of that moment of remembrance of love. It is a wonderful universe the Father has created and a wonderful training program of such flexibility and joy.

Student: Do you get to enjoy your children and your wife?

Zarath: Yes, I keep in close touch with them and all their progress.

Student: We worry about that; worry is not the right word. We ruminate over who is going to go first and who will be left, and how much separation we are going to have. It is all very exciting though.

Zarath: Indeed, it must be.

Student: But scary.

Zarath: (Chuckle) It need not be.

Student: Just the dying part, that's all.

Student: It is not the death that scares us; it's the getting there.

Student: And it's how you look. (Much laughter.)

Zarath: (Big chuckle) That got a lot of hoots on this side.

Student: I've seen a lot of people die as a nurse. Some of them are quite beautiful, but you don't want to have everybody coming around looking at you. I was just making a joke.

Student: I have a question, Zarath, if it isn't too personal. Wondering, it sounds as if you have progressed through the mansion worlds and somewhat beyond. I'm wondering if you have had the fusion experience yet? Could you share anything about that?

Zarath: I have not yet, but I am so anxious to progress to that point. This service is just one of the steps that I need to take to bring me closer to that level of perfection.

Student: But you get to talk to your guardian angels?

Zarath: Oh Yes! They are closest friends!

Student: Do you have many people on your world fusing?

Zarath: Not many. My world was not that far into Light and Life. But there were occasional fusions.

Student: Do teachers or friends anticipate when someone is about to fuse?

Zarath: It is a well-publicized event and the preparation is like a major holiday. The excitement is palpable. And the event itself is indescribable! It is joyous to be present and it encourages one at the same time.

Student: So in the enhancement to the Urantia Papers can you say how can we help? We can ask questions. We can document the answers and is that the focus?

Zarath: Yes, that is part of my mission. The earlier answer that I gave should suffice. In a sense you are like the early forum members with a much broader base to work with, and a change in civilization that allows for a much greater step forward in the new revelation. This is a very unusual opportunity. When that is understood, it will be really invigorating for you in your search and the answers you will obtain.

Student: How do we best deal with our fellow Urantia Book readers who are so close and such good friends who we know don't want to participate in the Teaching Mission, don't want to discuss it. Should we be more forthcoming and not worry so much about whether we are going to alienate them, or should we remain more clandestine as we have been?

Zarath: Those who are open you can fairly readily identify. A closed mind remains a closed mind until some of it's own experience causes it to open. Your choice is one of the decisions and growth experiences that you must make. And we are told not to have fear. (Too faint) The Urantia teaching will resolve. Temper that with respect for the other person's current beliefs. That is the best I can offer.

Student: I think I have learned that it's better to emulate Jesus' method and offer questions rather than suggestions or advice, and try to develop skill in asking questions that lead the other to think through their situation. Am I on the right track?

Zarath: To emulate the master is hard to beat.

Student: I am trying to reach out and am feeling like that's the direction I'm trying to move.

Zarath: To encourage you, we are taught that it is our intent that is most important. It carries with it a power of consciousness. You may try and then find that you must try again with different forms, but when the intent is pure there will be a result, a positive result.

Student: There are a thousand questions that I would like to ask, but I'm not prepared to ask them anymore tonight. Thank you for your efforts and patience.

Zarath: Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.

Students: Thank you very much. This has been a lot of help.

Zarath: That is my main mission. So if there are no other questions at this point I will close for this evening. I appreciate your coming this evening and sharing your thoughts and sharing mine. I close with much love for each of you. Michael and Nebadonia give you their love as well. Rayson who is present says congratulations for this first effort. Thank you and good night.

Students: (more thank you expressions.)

Student: Could you really hear them laughing? (More laughter by the group.)

T/R: Yes, I could.