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The Importance of Being a Balanced Personality



January 27, 2005

Lantarnek: Greetings to you, this is Lantarnek, one Melchizedek. I am always delighted to address my fellow ascenders, you who have the most spectacular course of self unfoldment that can be offered any creature in time and space. We Melchizedeks are assigned to many peoples throughout Nebadon and train orders of beings for function in Michael's kingdom. All of our students are eager but we do enjoy engaging with our brothers and sisters who reside in physical form. For though many others are morontia in nature, though we do offer our services to beings of spirit status, it is you my young ones who engage our curiosity, who demonstrate the miracle of God creating on all levels of universe reality.

I hope tonight to encourage you in your ongoing process of personal symmetry. Picture yourself, your personality, your I Am, and visualize above you the resident spirit of your Father from heaven. Below you is extended your physical form, ahead of you your future, behind you your past. To your left, your logical mind, to your right your intuitive center.

Over the years I observe you each have made great progress in the many elements of your personality makeup. The symmetrical personality is one who observes and adjusts and develops each element of your being. If one aspect becomes overly developed, or another aspect altogether ignored, symmetry is not capable of development, then one may find oneself highly emotional per chance and overly concerned with the past, or so focused on spirit presence and obsessed with future ascension as to lose touch with body and to lose touch with reason.

For you to function as a healthy personality, and as one enlisted with the Melchizedeks under Michael for the correcting time, symmetry of your being becomes your greatest asset. By drawing to your center in the retreat, in stillness, you gain the observation orientation whereby you may assess the departments of self. It is in reflection, in combination with spiritual worship, that you are illumined to the need, to the lack, and to the acquirement of yourself. One who is alive with the energy of faith, grows spiritually, and in this spiritual growth, there is revealed the equal importance of mental, emotional and physical well being and enhancement for the sake of the fulfillment of God's will in your life and dimension.

The spark of spirit, the pure quality of God resident within you, is your ally and will guide you ever and always in attaining symmetry. By acquiring such balance you are capable of rolling through your life as does a ball in perfect balance, unhindered by your own makeup. You know all too well how often the events of your life [moving about?] cause you to roll in directions unforseen. Needless to say you do not need the internal imbalances that will cause a wobble and even will cause you to stall heavy side down.

The more tuned you are in all elements of yourself, the more smoothly you will pass through this life, the more ably you will ascend your future morontia levels. Insight, compassion, wisdom, love, forgiveness, hope, dedication, resolve, these are qualities that balance you. Faith applied will witness greater efficiency in the development of personality symmetry. Thank you for your attention. I will open this collective focus to dialogue. You may ask questions, you may comment.

Q: Can you offer any instruction on how to improve my stillness practice please?

Lantarnek: There is an aspect to stillness that may be likened to appetite. One may consume food, hungry or not, and one may avoid such consumption, full or starving. Stillness is of great value when hungry. When you are
filled with the fullness of God, stillness is simply another activity, like any other activity. It is the time of need, of spiritual nourishment that you are best fed by divine presence. You know that regular meals are best for your physical well being and likewise stillness.

To gorge oneself in hours of meditation is to over saturate yourself and to lose the value of the experience. Stillness, like eating, is to be regarded both as necessary and as a delight. If you are satisfied in your bond with God, you may not feel the need for stillness, but likewise if you are disconnected and ignoring the Father's presence, you may not sense that need.

I encourage you to observe which state you are in, for a state of fulfillment is the goal of stillness. It is the point of everyday, anywhen, where you are in communion with God. That is the stillness as a state of being rather than a function or a process for attainment. A meal can be boring without its adornment. Develop for yourself techniques, situations, and even fellows that will heighten the experience and draw you back willingly to receive and absorb more of that connection with God. I hope this contributes to you pursuit of this holy experience.

Q: Yes thank you so much. If there are no other questions I would appreciate it if you would lead us in a prayer for the Father and bring this evening to an end.

Lantarnek: Holy and High One who abides in the Isle of Paradise beyond time, even out of the reach of eternity, it is with open heart and focused mind that we receive and acknowledge the miracle of your presence indwelling. That while you with absolute quality transcend the condition of any creature and likewise are capable and have fulfilled the condition of indwelling, of reaching into time across eternity, to every soul, we accept your presence and we pledge to follow the advice of our Creator Son to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, to do your will, sincerely, and in full faith, that your love is upon us and will guide us. Take us to you in time and eternity, so be it. Q: Amen..Beautiful, thank you so much.

Lantarnek: You are welcome.