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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: Ambrose, HaReel, Alphonso, Will

Topic: Energetic Awareness; Art of Listening; Healing Arts

January 12, 1997

T/R # 1


Greetings students, guests, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. I would like to take a moment and extend my welcome to our guests this evening, you honor us with your presence.

I have no prepared lesson for this evening, as you teacher Will, fully intends to give the lesson she held from last week. Yet I would like to chat a moment about connections between us; about connections between you and your brothers and sisters. Most, if not all of you, have recognized that the circuits of which we speak have now become something with which you are directly familiar. You become aware within the framework of your own life, the different times that you access these circuits. When you think of a friend and suddenly they call, or they’re thinking of you, and suddenly you call. You recognize perhaps times when you become aware of a loved ones distress and even sometimes a strangers distress. You are becoming more able to pick up on the energetics of the individuals with whom you interact. We would encourage you to work with this, consciously open yourselves each and every time that you communicate with others. Do it with your family, do it with your friends, your coworkers, the strangers at the grocers. Become aware of what you feel regarding that person. Begin to utilize these expanded senses that are now yours to utilize, if you are but willing to stretch and exercise. Liken this ability to your becoming acquainted with any new endeavor, whether it be learning to play the piano or taking a new class, it matters not, there are skills that must be developed. You have now the raw material with which to develop these skills that you are being asked to utilize in your ministry in these coming days. You are all up to the task; you have been well trained. Those of you coming in who are not familiar with the lessons from the past, should you decide to remain a part of this group, these lessons are available to you, and we would encourage that you begin to read through them and familiarize yourselves with what has come before.

I wish to extend my thanks to each of you for your committed focus to Michael’s mission to your world, to your loyalty to this group and to one another, for within the bonds that you develop here in this group, much growth is facilitated. Growth that you begin to access now in the present, and growth that will be on-going into your future. A firm foundation, as you well know, is imperitative for any house to stand, and you beloved students have been tried and found not wanting. For each and every time of testing, you have come through with flying colors.

Take my love and appreciation with you through this coming week and call on me, I am available. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 2


Good evening dear friends, this is HaReel. I would like to take a moment to readdress the early lesson that was covered this evening, that stressed the importance of listening. There are many levels of listening, as you all know, and we often request that you listen to your Inner Guide. Still yourselves, your thoughts, and your words and let your Father speak, while you just listen. And on another plane, as the lesson mentioned, in conversation with another when you wait to form your response until the other person has stopped speaking this also serves to direct your attention away from yourself. This is what helps you to understand more than just the words you are hearing. This brings a fuller measure of understanding to the conversation. Do not fear that your response will not be adequate, it will indeed be much improved. It has been my pleasure to be here this evening. Shalom.

T/R # 3


Greetings to all of you, this is Alphonso and I would like to speak with you regarding the healing arts. Many of you understand that the upliftment that is in progress is not limited to any group, denomination, race, or creed. It is a world-wide activity and each is reached in the most effective manner, however, you will also notice that those engaged in the healing arts, especially those that are open to what you term holistic healing, are on the cusp more quickly than others in your society. They feel the surge in energy and are responding in kind. There is an excitement among those with interests and talents in the healing arena. This is due to several factors. First, they are open and willing to entertain many concepts that those in your more established medical fields re not yet willing to accept. Secondly, because of the great needs of the people on this planet the healing arts have been given particularized attention in this spiritual renaissance. Many of the people on this planet, before they will be open to their own spiritual path will need to be healed, not just physically, but in all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. When they are so ministered to, you will see that they are better able to embark on their own growth unencumbered by some of their past pains and baggage. And so it is no coincidence that sitting with us tonight are many who are talented in this area. We encourage you all to minister to those who you find on your path, for although many of you are untrained, you know that much of the healing is done not by your own talents, but by your abilities to be conduits for the healing powers and energies that flow from the Father himself. And so despite your lack of formal training, when you get a chance to comfort another, don’t shrink back from the opportunity, but stop, say a prayer, ask for help, and do as you feel led to do in the situation that is presented.

You’ll be surprised at the results, and many times you won’t be aware till later that you even imparted anything other than your concern. Such is the way of the universe, but believe me, no act of kindness goes unnoticed. Thank you for your attention tonight. I bid you farewell. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 1


The love of the Father filters down from on high touching the hearts of all of His children of time who do not resist His rain of Love. The Light of the Father lives within the heart of all mankind, awaiting the day of recognition. The Power of the Father upholds us all, is available to be drawn upon in times of need. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

Welcome newcomers, to our midst. It fills our hearts with gladness to see the size of this enlarging group and the love that so completely fills the space within which we sit. I wish to thank Natalya and HaReel for starting my lesson for me this evening. For this indeed is the lesson I held from last week. So satisfying for any teacher, that attempts to open the door of her students mind and is accepted. Little Light that burns so bright!

Your conversation this evening, as always, was one that we much enjoyed. We love to see the way you stretch and grow.

The lesson that I would like to address is the role that each of you play in this ministry of which we are about, as listeners, for no one can minister that does not listen. Listening is indeed the greatest component with which you will carry forth your ministry. In your past you listened on perhaps only one level. While the person was speaking to you, you listened with one ear and began comprising your response to them with another part of your mind, and so you were not fully attuned to that person and their needs. And this is what we encourage, for now and the future. You’ve all become quite adept at opening your heart, so our suggestion along these lines of listening, would be to listen first with your ears, and then with your heart. Open yourselves as completely as you can and listen. Look at the person with whom you are interacting, look in their eyes, watch their body, don’t interrupt, allow them to share with you on the deepest level that they can. Michael was very able to do this, for when Michael listened, He listened on every level available to Him, He listened with His ears, He listened through all of His senses, indeed, He allowed His body to become a part of that listening apparatus as He opened and attuned Himself completely to the person with whom He ministered. You too have this ability, and yet it is an ability that must be learned, practiced, for it is not one come by easily, not on a planet such as this with so much chaos and distraction within your own minds. This is where the Stillness begins to show forth its fruits, for in this kind of listening, you indeed access the Stillness. You are wholly open to those you minister to and when they are finished, you allow your connection with your Father within to begin the flow of words. This also will not be easily come by; it will take a great deal of practice and perseverance and commitment, for again, the distractions that are so much a part of life on this planet and the chatter within your own minds that so easily become stirred up when you attempt the Stillness, all of these must be overcome. And yet, we know, your Father knows, that you are well up to the task.

Someone mentioned recently that this student likes automobile analogies and I must tell you that it is not she, but I that like automobile analogies. And so we will once again use the analogy of the automobile filled with gas, the key in the ignition...if you do not turn the key, you will go nowhere, and if you do not put forth the effort, the single pointed focus of being the conduits and the ministers for your Father in this time of spiritual uplift on your world, then naught can happen through you.

You have each grown so much since first this mission began in earnest on this planet. You can each look back at your own pasts and see for yourself the growth you’ve achieved. And yet I tell you there is so much more that you have achieved of which you are not aware. Go into this week with a happy heart, knowing how loved and blessed you each are, and how appreciated by your parents who do so love you. Take my love with you and know that I am ever near, call on me, call on all of us, we are here and available to you. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

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