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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: HaReel, Alphonso, Ambrose

Topic: Joyfulness; Sharing Father’s Light

October 6, 1996

T/R #1


The word joy is key here because it is so important in your contact with others that your message be filled with joy as well as love. Sonship and brotherhood are joyful. I feel certain that you in this group will never forget the joyfulness in your message or the love behind it. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R #2


Group: Shalom.

T/R #3


Then we will proceed.


The Love of the Father filters down upon this world and all who are open will recognize Him. The Grace of the Father changes those who receive Him. The power of the Father moves as a mighty wave sweeping aside all resistance to His Love, for His Love indeed, manifests in mighty ways. Wherever his children gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

We have had, here with us this evening, many visitors. This child has been feeling the energy surges since the meditation began and wondered why it was so strong. There are those here who will be instrumental in days to come in implementing a new order of receivership. That is all I may say, yet I would encourage you to spend time daily, when your schedule allows and open yourselves to receiving the help they have been cleared to bestow. I leave you now beloveds with my love, know that I am with you throughout the week. Call on me dear ones; I would speak with you, if it is your desire as well. Stay in His Light and share His Light with all that you may, for this world does indeed stand on the precipice of grand and sweeping changes. Shalom.

[Will 358]


Greetings students, friends, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. Your conversation this evening was a delight to us as it always is. And yet it was especially so this evening, as we share in your understanding of what this mission is about, of the roles that each of you play within your individual lives and the different ways you share the Father’s Light. In studying the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, you came to understand that as He passed by He shared Himself with his fellows, recognizing the Light that shown from within each as a part of the Father. Opening His heart to each of them and allowing them to share their pain, their bewilderment, their despair. For in allowing them these releases He did give them a gift, that of being received by a stranger from whom it was perceived, there was much love moving toward them. This you do my friends equally well, when you open your hearts as you pass by. The lessons that you have had in the recent past that focused on living in the moment, I would bring once again to your attention. For when you open yourselves to your brothers and sisters and allow them to share with you their pain, they are able to perceive your love for them only when you hear them, when you are there for them in that moment. Too often we busy ourselves in our mind with composing our answers even before the stories have been heard in full. And when we do this we do both ourselves and out brother a disservice, for we short circuit the Father’s circuit that you as a conduit have committed to facilitating. Remember this dear ones as you go about your work, it is of utmost importance that you stay in the moment and when possible, that you allow your brothers and sisters to share with you what is in their heart. It is not important that you teach them what you hold within your heart of the lessons you’ve learned, or that you lead them to our text, your beloved Urantia Book. It is only important that you open the channel, the conduit and allow the Father’s Light and His Love to reach out through you to them. He will make the changes as the openings become available, but He can only do this when you work with Him as a partner. It was discussed this evening and was given in last week’s lesson, that the Father uses every available opening and so it is. Across this world, people are beginning to vibrate to a higher frequency. You, beloved students are vibrating to a higher frequency. One day the Light will shine so bright, the music of the spheres will be heard by many and they will turn toward the Light and you will be there for them, having been raised already to a much higher level, one more able to both perceive and withstand the energy influx that will soon be felt by the masses. Do not worry yourselves over timing. You have long since learned that your time and our time varies greatly, and it is not possible, nor would we, if we could, to predict a given hour, a given day, or even in your time, a given year. But the hope is high among many that it will indeed be soon, your time, not ours. Many across this world are beginning to pick up on this higher frequency, are connecting with teachers on differing levels of service that are being rendered to this planet. Not all are involved with this teaching mission as you understand it, but all are a part of the Father’s plan to bring this planet once again into it’s rightful place within the universe scheme of things. So keep your hearts open and your ears tuned, and your eyes ever watchful, be sensitive to changes in both your inner world and your outer world. For as it has been said before in this group much is changing and you are being prepared to receive higher universe understanding and truth. I would step back now, as your beloved teacher would like to say a word or two and the hour does grow late. The question has been asked if there are any present who would be willing to receive he words rather than this student? Editor: Long pause.
Indeed. The joyfulness and loving attitude of your message is by far the most attractive communication you may give. For those who are seeking enlightenment will be mightily impressed that your spiritual path is one that provides the faith that dispels all fear. We are not here to scare people into a spiritual attitude but to transform them with the happy message of the Father’s love for each of them. If you do not have a joyful countenance then perhaps you should reflect again upon the Master’s message. He was not about a concern for His standing with God. Indeed, He accepted the fact that the Father was fully supportive of His activities and that the universe was friendly to Him despite outward appearances to the contrary. This faith will allow you to meet adversity without fear, knowing that outward appearances are not always real. As love pours from you and you are able to reach out to your brothers and sisters your joyful countenance will be evidence of fruits of the spirit. Fear not, you are all doing well and are where you are supposed to be at this time. Do not despair, do not grow impatient, but take each day and enjoy it, and count your blessings for they are many. And if you do this with a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your face, then you will be about the Father’s business. I am Alphonso and I wish you a joyful day. Shalom.
Greetings dear friends, this is HaReel. Your discussion tonight has been most enjoyable to us here with you, particularly when you speak of your efforts to enlighten others to the simple joys of the brotherhood of man and the understanding of the Fatherhood of God.