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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: Will, Machiventa

Topic: Connect with Adjusters

July 14, 1996

T/R # 1


Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I will not give my lesson this evening as you have had a most successful practice session, and I thank each of you for your participation. Machiventa is here with us this evening and would like to briefly address you if it is your wish.

Group: It is. Please.


Greetings children. What a pleasure it is to stand amongst you once again. We have been watching this little group, as well as participating, though you knew it not for the most part.

We are indeed moving forward in our Mission goals. Your participation is appreciated as well as counted on. We bless you for accepting your roles as Ambassadors of Christ Michael. 

Carry His banner within your hearts children and recognize how deeply needed your loving participation is, for this mission is nothing without you, without all of its members. The umbrella is held up by each arm. I encourage you each, as have your esteemed teachers, to strive daily to increase your recognition of the connection you have with your beloved Adjusters. This connection through your own wills, will be more readily recognizable, but it is a conscious choice as you well know. Thank you for listening this evening to all of your teachers so attentively. Remember to make an effort to connect with your teachers, for the assistance we know you have committed to give, can only be given through your conscious choice to listen with an open heart. Go now dear children knowing how loved and blessed you are and take my love with you this week and always. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Helen: Machiventa?

Machiventa: Yes child?

Helen: I have a question, and I hoped you will allow me.....

The movie Independence Day, is that a significant work or just fluff and will we be called on in any way to respond to the impact if there is one?

Machiventa: I regret to tell you that I am not familiar with your movie.

Helen: That’s very good news Machiventa! (Laughing) Because I didn’t think it was a significant movie...thank you.

Machiventa: You’re quite welcome.

Vincent: Machiventa?

Machiventa: Yes, Vincent?

Vincent: We ran into Pam this week; I wonder if you could give us some insight into that synchronisity?

Machiventa: I have a feeling Vincent, that you are fully aware of the synchronisity. You in fact disclosed it here this evening. Were you asking for confirmation?

Vincent: I ‘m really asking more about the significance of our contact.

Machiventa: It is hoped to save the child from becoming embroiled in what can only be a heartbreak. You were instrumental and we thank you. This child as well will be instrumental.

As will you all. Take her in with open hearts and receive her as your own, for indeed, she is.

We suffer heartbreak when we see so many who are drawn into the web of one such as, dare I say Gabriel of Sedona, and yet we also understand that in the Father’s good time, these beloved ones too will have found safe harbor. Does that answer?

Vincent: Yes, thank you.

Machiventa: You’re welcome.

Ruth: Machiventa?

Machiventa: Yes child?

Ruth: I’d like to know my teachers name.

Machiventa: Sharim.

Ruth: Thank you.

Machiventa: You caught me off guard child; I do not ordinarily give out names and yet did I understand, in your heart, the need for one, and so you’re quite welcome. If there are no other questions I will close this meeting, biding you all a most hearty and loving adieu.

All: Shalom

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