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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: LinEl, Alphonso, Will

Topic: Living the Lessons, Love Energy

June 2, 1996

T/R #1


Greetings students, it is I, LinEL. I often visit your classroom, yet because of my students reticence, I am not often invited to speak. I do much appreciate her willingness to step forward this evening. Your conversation was one that filled each of us here present with excitement. For to see our students begin to recognize their own growth is a milestone in the lives of your teachers as well as within your own lives. We have indeed been grooming you to become more cognizant of your indwelling Adjusters presence. We are overjoyed to discover that we have succeeded, yet the real success becomes your own, as you live these teachings within the fabric of your individual lives. It is true that there is much activity going on across this planet. If I were to tell you that the helpers, Michael’s army of helpers were coming here now in droves, it would be an understatement. The energy that is beginning to make inroads within the emotional and mental structures on your world is in process of increasing the individual members across the face of this globe, that begin to step out and live these early days of Light and Life on your planet. Much pressure is being applied through the network that now exists, as well as through the circuitry of you who hold the Father’s hand and reach out to one another, for indeed does this circuitry also increase the energy that all works toward the manifestation and culmination of Michael’s plan to bring this entire globe to its rightful place within His universe. Each of you are blessed and deeply appreciated, for it could not happen without your willing participation. Continue as you have to work with the lessons your beloved Will has given you. Reacquaint yourselves; I am certain you will discover much more within these lessons than you had previously recognized. It was told to you early on that you would do the lessons, you would read them, hear them and take within your hearts those things that you were able and willing to in those early days. And yet you were also told that the truths you were given would continue to build and grow within you, and your understanding of those lessons would also increase. I believe you will discover on re-reading, that this has indeed, been the case. One among you has already discovered this, and I thank you Vincent for your diligence; for your willingness to follow through with direction from your teacher. Each of you are becoming in your own right, such beautiful lights; each working within your own individual sphere of activity, touching the lives of so many that even you who are beginning to be more cognizant of your role, do not even yet recognize. I thank you for your attention and will visit again in days to come, of that you can be certain. Go now with a light heart, and keep the Father’s Light bright within your heart.


All: Shalom.

T/R #2


Good evening to this small group of sincere seekers of light. This is Alphonso and I would like to address you tonight. Your discussion tonight was of great interest to us as it touched on many points that we ourselves have discussed among ourselves, including particularly, the number of enlightened persons and their effect on the population at large. For many years we have worked with each of you and many others like you throughout this world. You would be surprised at the number and diversity of persons with whom we have had contact. And each of them has been tutored in their own way, using their highest ideals as a starting point. Irrespective of the prior religious, spiritual and secular background of each of our students and despite the variety of perspectives from which they came, we have uniformly emphasized the power of love. Many experiences have been provided for each of these students to demonstrate the truth in the maxim that love conquers all. Until now, we have a core of people who are secure in their belief that their mission is to spread love wherever they go. Oh there have been doubts within our groups of the ability of such a small cadre of individuals to have any real effect, an yet even those doubts are beginning to disperse as suddenly, each of these groups and each of our students is more easily capable of perceiving around them others on a like path, and others who have been influenced by these light workers. As LinEL has mentioned there is presently a tremendous influx of assistance pouring into this planet, preparing each person on this planet for a shift in perception that will provide the tinder for the spark that will light the hearts and open the eyes of the people of this planet. We count you as the forward scouts, those who have been conscious of our efforts from an early date. This is both a joy and a responsibility for each of you, but we see that you are not only up to it, but you are eager to become more active in pursuing the Father’s will for you. And as you’ve been taught, where there is a desire to be about the Father’s will, opportunities will be presented. We ask that each of you, having expressed this desire, to be prepared as the opportunities shall become more and more frequent. We know you’re up to it; you have done so well to date. And as the Mission unfolds, we are sure that you will continue along this path. It is such a joy. It is such a pleasure. It is such an opportunity to be in a position to be a conduit for the Father’s love on a planet such as this. You are so blessed; if you could only know! I will leave you now with my love and the love of the Universal Father. You who are soldiers and light workers in Michael’s mission for the reclamation of His bestowal planet, go forth with joy and light and expect that others will be drawn to you as they are, pass along the Father’s love. I leave you now. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

T/R #1


The love of the Father rains down upon this world infusing within the lives of each child a desire to know Him, a desire to look within and discover their connection. The Light of the Father indeed is upon this world, filling the hearts of all who seek Him and moving out to touch the hearts of those who begin to wake. The blessings of the Father fill each of your lives, surrounding you, nurturing you, holding you fast to your purpose. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I will, your teacher who loves you.

I am so filled this evening with love and pride for each of you. I told you I would give you no further lessons or rather exercises, and I will stay true to my word, yet I could not pass by the opportunity of letting you know how much your efforts are appreciated. It is pleasant for any teacher to bask in the reflected light of their students. And I am no different. You are each so much more than you dream, and you fill my heart to overflowing with love and pride in each of your accomplishments. The love within this room, both from among you seated here present and from among those watching and participating as observers is almost palpable. Allow this loving energy to fill you; drink it deep beloveds; hold it within your hearts and allow it to permeate your entire being. Use this energy, for it is living energy to carry you forward as the catalysts of change that you are indeed becoming. Let it move out into your workweek, remember to keep yourselves actively connected to this energy and much more change will be accomplished through you. It was stated this evening that one must actively seek to do the Father’s will progressively, consistently, and that is indeed the case. The more often you consciously connect to the energy that surrounds you, that is in fact emanating -from- you, the greater the change within your own person and the greater the Father will be able to manifest change through you.

That is all I have to say this evening. I will leave you now with the Father’s blessing on each of you and my love as always. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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