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Tallahassee, FL, USA

Teaching Mission meeting

Teachers: Machiventa, Will

Topics: Daily Opportunities; Living in the Now

May 19, 1996


Greetings, children it is I Machiventa. This dear student and I have been having an on-going conversation. She has in fact caused herself to become anxious fearing that my message tonight was going to be one of great import, and such is not the case. I had considered asking if another here present would like the opportunity of transmitting my words, but decided that would be putting you on the spot so to speak. And so if you will bear with us we will carry on.

My words to you last week indicated a movement in this mission as indeed there is much afoot; the winds of destiny have begun to blow across this world and you dear students are the catalysts that cause those winds to pick up. Your teacher has given you some homework, asking you to reacquaint yourselves once again with the lessons that have been given to you over these past years. It is our hope that once you reacquaint yourself with these lessons they will instill within you once again a renewed vigor to be about the Father’s business. Each of you have opportunities daily to serve the Father through your siblings and each of you do so when once you recognize the opportunity given. We’ve asked in the past and I reiterate once again, encouragement to more actively, consciously seek these opportunities. Begin to listen on all the levels of your being that you are aware of. Look at the body language of those you come in contact with, for quite often this will be a key indicator that all is not right that there is pain or distress and a kind word spoken at the right time can do wonders to life their spirits. We ask that you be individual beacons of light through the love that you extend to others. You will be recognized for what you are by the words that you speak, and your very actions. Become more cognizant of the internal activity that has begun to be more evident to you, ofttimes you recognize the message or a pull in a given direction, yet you override it. We encourage you to pay more attention to these nudgings and be more willing to follow them. Have the courage to put your faith in the Father’s hands. Recognize how surrounded you each are with numerous helpers on your daily path. You may become involved in a situation moving in one direction that now because of incoming information, needs to be changed to a new direction. This takes courage to change directions in mid-stream so to speak. Turning your life and direction over to the charge of your indwelling Father Fragment is not an easy task, yet it is what we are encouraging you to do. This has been the purpose of the lessons your teacher has given you. You are Apostles at large for the Father and yet still you are in training, on the job training, if you will.

As your beloved Urantia Book becomes more and more out in the public eye, as more become aware of its significance you will be called upon increasingly to explain this book, it would serve you well to become a bit versed, not pat, simply knowledgable about the answers you will give. There is much work ahead of us but we know you are up to it. We have faith in your abilities and in your commitment. Know always that you are children united by your faith in the universal Father. Give the gift of love through your open heart to all of His children, regardless of their station in life, or their level of spiritual development, or intellectual ability, none of these things is important for within each of them lives a fragment of the living God. The same fragment that lives within each of you. Know always how loved and appreciated you are, each of you, for you are so unique and so blessed. I will return of that you can be sure. I leave you with my blessing and the Father’s love. Shalom.


The love of God surrounds us, nurtures us, and supports us. The light of God fills our minds and hearts, inspiring us on our path toward perfection. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

In your conversation tonight you mentioned growth and lessons learned, past achievements, and future potentials, yet it was also mentioned that in the now moment is the moment of creativity, and is the moment of your connection with the Father. We encourage you to endeavor to stay in the now moment as much as is possible. Begin to recognize when you have moved beyond the now moment for during those times you will feel discontent, and disharmony. When you live in the moment, filled with your faith and connected to the Father’s love it is a joyous moment!

So when you feel no joy in your heart, you can be pretty well assured that you have strayed beyond the moment, into the fringes of yesterday or looking forward to the future. This moment right now carrys no baggage with it, nor expectations, it is now, this moment. Feel this moment, each of you within your minds and hearts, feel the peace, the love that permeates your being; let it surround you and fill you with peace. Remember as you go about your busy week to not only become more aware of those times when you move beyond the moment, but when you have and are feeling the stress or pain, remember that you have but to move back to your connection with the Father, feel His peace and allow His love to surround you. Stress, when living in the moment becomes a thing of yesterday and will no more plague the contentment of your days. We are happy to see and we are encouraged by your willingness to go back over the past lessons and pull out those exercises we have given you. I think this is enough of a task, and will give no more exercises until you have accomplished this one. Know beloveds how appreciated you are, both for your achievements and for the help that you give to each of us who work with you, for indeed is this a two-way street. I would like to encourage before I take my leave, a continued willingness to connect with your personal teachers, for this has been a gift of the Father to each of you, and not only will you learn much from these enlightened ones, but will your faith itself become increased through this practice of opening yourself to those that you cannot see. So much is happening on this beloved sphere. I would give much could I give you my perspective for but one day, you would be set on fire I’m certain! A fire of energy and enthusiasum. But alas, I can only tell you that much, much is in store for this planet and you, in the days to come.

Go into your week beloveds taking the Father’s light into each of your individual arenas and my love with you until next week. Shalom.

[Will 343]